Nextbox 3 - Sound issues with some animated shows

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Nextbox 3 - Sound issues with some animated shows

For some time when I PVR a animated show such as Family guy (don't judge lol) the sound cuts out after "scene" changes for 1-3 second. This does not seem to happen when watching live, only with some animated shows.


I do not think I remember this with my Nextbox 2.


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Re: Nextbox 3 - Sound issues with some animated shows


Hello, @Dugath


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. Just to confirm, the audio is cutting out only when watching certain recorded shows? Do you have an audio system? It's possible the system is trying to switch the audio format. 


@57 - any ideas?




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Re: Nextbox 3 - Sound issues with some animated shows



1. When you say it doesn't happen live, do you mean on the same show? 


2. Is it actually at "scene" changes, or when going to commercial and/or coming back from commercial? If it's at commercials, then, as mentioned by @RogersMoin, it may be your sound system having difficulty switching between DD5.1 and DD2.0 input signals (one audio format for commercials, one for programming).  This means there's an issue with the audio system. The way around this would be to send only one format to your audio system.  Go to Settings - Audio - Other, instead of DD on the NB3.  Another option would be to perhaps change the audio decoding method in the audio system.  Many less-expensive audio systems like sound bars and HTiB systems have these sorts of issues with incoming audio format changes.


3. If this is happening when connected directly to a TV, then I have no suggestions - perhaps someone else.

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Re: Nextbox 3 - Sound issues with some animated shows

Hello @Dugath,

No judgement here - "Family Guy", "American Dad", and "The Simpsons" are my TV guilty pleasures. "Fugget About It" & "Archer" are also hilarious, but not suitable for kids!


I agree with both @RogersMoin and @57 - it sounds like you are having a problem with audio switching.  Follow 57's advice by going to Settings > Audio then setting it to "Other" (not Dolby Digital/DD).


Other questions for you:

- Are you seeing pixelation or 'stuttering'/sticking in your video?

- If you are seeing pixelation / stuttering / sticking video, is this occurring on all channels or only the channel "Family Guy" is on?