Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

Have you had a tech out to check the house?
A not great signal, while the box may function, could prevent proper communication for the download/install of it.

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

I have the .130 firmware and my box is getting stuck with DNLD on screen. If I reboot it then it works fine till I turn it off or 2 am then it gets stuck again. My 8 year old Tivo unit never gave me any problem nor did it miss any recordings. I have had this one a week and so far it is garbage. 

I think the CRTC should make cable companys use CableCARD that way we can pick what equipment we use and Rogers still makes money off the service. 

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

Sigh - the DNLD screen persisted for hours so the only recourse - AGAIN - was to manually reboot. Except this time it has stalled at the circular "cycle" LED and will not boot at all, no matter how long I leave it. I suspect that the download has been corrupted in some way.


A Rogers tech is coming in a couple of days to look at the situation. I am fully expecting that they will need to swap the box, yet again, so that one more time I lose all my PVR recordings, but maybe they will surprise me this time. I doubt it.


This NextBox 3 has been nothing but trouble for me since Day One. This is the 3rd or 4th box I have burned through. First it would not communicate with my TV on HDMI and I could only get all the functions to work if I went to Component cables.


Then one problem after another and now this.


Pretty frustrated and fed up with this.

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

I read about the NB3 nonsense in post after post after post. Can't figure out why you people put up with it.


SWITCH hardware SWITCH providers. Go to someone that can deliver what you're paying for.


It's not rocket science.If Rogers can't get the job done then move on.

Yea I know, this post is total "Hogwash"
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Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

While I agree that there is some overall issues on the box (the 5.1 thing, etc)

There has to be other factors like location, etc that must be coming into it as well. I haven't had any of the other issues reported.
But I am in an area with what seems like a rock solid infrastructure.

I do agree though, go with what works. Whatever provider that may be... If one doesn't work for you, go with another which does.
(Tried bell when I got my first house and was the worse experience of my life, but I am in an area with an awful bell infrastructure.

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

I posted this on another thread so excuse the cross-post but it seemed to apply here as well...


I have been without a bootable box since last Wednesday. This after many calls to tech support and a field technician coming out. Yes it has been explained to me that this is a BIG issue, affecting between 2,000 and 10,000 people, and they are working on it. Yep and Christmas is coming too....


Something that no one can explain to me has affected NB 3.0's is some "group" (not sure if it is strictly geography or server related or what) but it choked on the last firmware upgrade and now the box just spins its blue LED ad infinitum. Apparently the box is not even being seen by central office i.e. can't even be be authorized until they "sledgehammer" a patch through (as one TS person told me last night).


I wait, but not very patiently.

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

It is finally back up but I'm not calling in for any credit or re-imbursement until it has been stable for a couple of days. Whatever they did to push it through it now has the 4.00....130 firmware, the one that it kept choking on. So I am hoping that the problem is really solved.


Only took 6 days...

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

How you you determine the firmware level on an Nextbox 3.0 9865HD box?
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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?



Press Exit and hold until you see the power icon blinking.

Press down arrow button 2 x

Then press number 2


The diagnostic screen should show. You will see firmware as, last updated Sept 9, 2013. Tech confirmed that is the latest version.

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Re: Nextbox 3 DNLD - anybody else seeing this?

Ive been hit by this too.   Its very hard to get a coherent picture of what's happening.

Some observations / questions.


- where should I be looking for Rogers official comment on the situation?


- they are compounding peoples' fury by doing the downloads in prime time.  [Conspiracy theory - its being orchestrated by Rob Ford minions under deep cover to stop us watching City TV news.   (For the sake of clarity, that is a joke)].   Whoever left out the "update now or later?" option that is pretty standard with computer updates should be made to walk the plank


- the irony is that my box was working fine (I think*) both times so its not at all clear to me why I need this download


- it is mind-boggling that there is nothing like a firewire cable to copy programs from the old to the new box when they do the swap.


- Im sure the geeks are doing their best but whoever is in charge of the sandbox has a serious deficit in "client perspective"


- Im surprised there isnt wider comment about this ... it seems the number of people affected is in 4 digits but googling the issue hasnt brought up much.




*  I THINK my bos was working fine... I do have one issue that I think has to do with the Logitech Harmony Smart Control. 

If anyoe else has the same problem, or better yet - a solution please let me know.


The "Watch TV" activity seems to take a VERY long time (1 minute ++) before the Cisco box will respond to the remote (channel change whatever).   If you are patient, and wait, it all comes good without any intervention but wow you have to wait.   and then all is good.   If you go to the Rogers remote and do say a chanel change it works right away, and then the box will respond right away to the Harmony.   I have to contact Logitech my guess is that something ist quite right with the power on code for the Cisco box.