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Nextbox 3.0

I've Been Here Awhile

Can someone please tell me the dimensions of the Netbox 3.0 box.






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Re: NextBox 3.0

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello penaltybox

Everyone has a different view / opinion on the NextBox 3.0. I have nothing but the best view and opinion on it has i haven't had a problem since i go it. Meanwhile there are users on here that make threads about how they have problems with theirs.

What i suggest is getting the box and checking it out your self. This is the best way to see if u like it or not.

As for information on the box. You can find it all here

Re: NextBox 3.0


Out of the box, it has a 1g hard drive.. thats about 120 hours of HD storage.

Its a FAST box.. faster than both the very older rogers models and definately faster than the nextbox 2.


Other features:

It has the new HD program guide.. this is a pro or a con for some people.. depends on their preferences.



It does have a bug or two currently... still.
If you are using HDMI CEC for anything (easy switching between inputs based on whats on), its buggy with the NB3

There is also an issue with it droping 5.1 surround sound, until you reboot it.
(this would only effect you, if you are using a surround sound)