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Nextbox 3.0 set top box

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Im just wondering if anyone that has upgraded to 3.0 has the same problem I currently do.


When i switch my Tv off and leave it for maybe an hour, i get no output from the nextbox 3.0 when i next switch my tv back on.


I have to do a complete hard reboot of the box to get a tv signal again.


Has anyone ever had this problem and do you happen to have a solution?





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Re: Nextbox 3.0 set top box

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Interesting - now the complaints begin!

Re: Nextbox 3.0 set top box

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Hello craigmcd

Weird i have done that as well & that has not happened to me at all.

Re: Nextbox 3.0 set top box

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Yes. I do have the same problem. I had to hard roboot or unplug the HDMI cable from Nextbox 3.0 and plug it back to get the signal and pictures.

It all started from January 11th , when they changed to new Navigator guide. I have been calling Rogers tech support and no solutions so far. They say its a know issue and waiting for the patch. So far nothing happend. Very frustrated. Maybe I will disconnect the TV subscription.