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Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I've Been Here Awhile

I recently ugraded to a Nextbox 3.0 and am having trouble with recording anything.


I get the error " ................................................. will not be able to record due to limited space available on your PVR. Please click Manage Recordings below and remove some recordings in order to ensure there is enough space for this program". How can I wipe out the PVR?


I just got the box less than a week ago (haven't used it yet) and there are no recording on/or shown when I go to the "My Recordings" place.


I spent 2 hours with Rogers online, they had no suggestions and also disconnected me. Obviously they have no idea about any of equipment.


Please help



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Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I tried bar rescue and it recorded. So must be just Bellator.

Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I've Been Here Awhile




I also make use of the Anyplace Home Edition app to schedule recordings and to check recordings.  It's sometimes easier to do using the app as it provides some additional information.

Hey thanks for the info and links!  I didn't even know about the anyplace home edition app, I installed that and have been monitoring it remotely with my phone now.  Thankfully on Monday morning I went into the scheduled recordings list and it was populated with 100's of episodes and everything is working as expected.  I think it just had to hit Monday morning or something to fill the list or something (its a new box, was only plugged in for a day).


Thanks for the help guys!