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Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I've Been Here Awhile

I recently ugraded to a Nextbox 3.0 and am having trouble with recording anything.


I get the error " ................................................. will not be able to record due to limited space available on your PVR. Please click Manage Recordings below and remove some recordings in order to ensure there is enough space for this program". How can I wipe out the PVR?


I just got the box less than a week ago (haven't used it yet) and there are no recording on/or shown when I go to the "My Recordings" place.


I spent 2 hours with Rogers online, they had no suggestions and also disconnected me. Obviously they have no idea about any of equipment.


Please help



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Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

Resident Expert
Resident Expert



The issue is not really the hardware (NB3 - 9865) it's the firmware that operates it.


The problem with setting up a series recording for say "Soccer" or "Hockey" is that most people found this a problem since they were getting too many recordings.  I'm in agreement with them and believe that a more precise programme name is better than a general one.


The lack of information depends on the programme and also on the broadcaster in some instances who may not supply that information in time for the IPG (Interactive Programme Guide). As an FYI, the IPG is not supplied by Rogers, but rather by an outside firm that gathers the information from various broadcasters and then provides the IPG to Rogers.  For more insight on the IPG, check out the following thread.  There's a lot more to it than one would think. (see second link)


It's not possible to set a VCR-like "manual recording" with Navigatr firmware, unfortunately.

Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

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Don't know whether people have said this before, but what would new users of Navigtr do without you and a few others.


At least our year of suffering can provide guidance to others, and you and others can also say, I agree that it would be better that way, but it isn't, and it is very unlikely that anything will change.


As always, thanks so much @57  I defer to you to have all the best links.



Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I've Been Here Awhile

Nextbox3 (9685HD) problem recording All Episodes in the record series option


I just got a Nextbox 3 and I'm trying to set up all my recordings but am having an issue with the "Record all episodes" option (not "record new eps") for a given series.


No matter what I do (tried factory reset, unplug etc.), it will always show 1 or 2 of the next shows under "Scheduled Recordings" instead of listing all of them that I can see in the guide.  I tried setting it to "record all episodes" "any day" "any timeslot" and it will still only do 1 or 2 of the following shows.  If I navigate through the guide I can see the other shows on each of the next days, but they don't have the red dot to show they're going to be recorded and they aren't on the scheduled list.


Again - I am NOT using "record new episodes", this is a completely open "all eps, any timeslot, any day" setting.


I've only had the box for a day, so I don't know if the scheduled list will populate over time or should it just populate the scheduled recordings list right away.   Normally I'd just leave it for a week to test, but I'm setting this up for my parents and want to make sure its working before I go.



Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I'm a Senior Advisor

The other instances of the show you're trying to record...are they all on the same channel?


From what I can see, when you record a series, the settings only apply to THAT, for example, if you select "Big Bang Theory" on CBS east, Navigatr should find all of the episodes on CBS east, but won't find any episodes on CTV, or syndicated episodes on NBC, FOX. etc.....

Re: Nextbox 3.0 recording issue

I've Been Here Awhile

Yeah I double checked that the other airings were on the same channel too.  One thing I noticed, if there are say 6 airings of Big Bang Theory this weekend, all 6 will appear on the scheduled list.  But any of the airings after Monday aren't on the scheduled list (again same channel).