Nextbox 3.0 and my Rogers Profile

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Nextbox 3.0 and my Rogers Profile

So I just got my new Nextbox 3.0.

All is working as is should. So far.


One of the items I was looking forward to was the ability to use the Rogers TV Home Edition app. Not the app that plays live TV (I am not a Rogers Internet Subscriber - Teksavvy for the win), but the app that allows me to program recordings, view the channels, as well as use my iPhone as another remote.


The app shows [unavailable] in regards to my STB. It showed this with the NB2.0 version as well, although I had the old software on it. New box doesn't show up.


If I go to the Rogers website, log-in, abd go to my products and services, there is nothing that lists specifically the STB I am using. It shows links to upgrade to 3.0, which I already now have.

If I select the link that says "Manage my recordings", it brings up the desktop version of the app on my computer, but it still lists [unavailable] for any STB. IF I go under settings for the desktop app, where it says name my STB, it says STB not available (Which is crazy, since Its working fine on my end).


Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Nextbox 3.0 and my Rogers Profile

Give it 24 hrs.   It often takes a day or two for the Home Edition app to recognize the new box.