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Nextbox 2.0 scheduled recordings disappearing

I'm Here A Lot

Most of my scheduled recordings are no longer visible in the "by date" panel.  However, they are still visible in the "by series" panel though without much information like recording date and time.


Has anyone else experienced this?  I unplugged the PVR for a couple of minutes earlier this evening hoping a reboot would fix this issue but it hasn't.





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Re: Nextbox 2.0 scheduled recordings disappearing

I'm a Trusted Contributor
This is normal if the shows are not broadcasting for a while. Remember that most shows are done for the season. Also, check your record settings to see if you have the box set to record new episodes only or all episodes.

Re: Nextbox 2.0 scheduled recordings disappearing

As mousetamer said.. if its set to only new... most shows are on summer hiatus now, so it might not have anything to record.

Setting it to ALL rather than NEW should grab everything.


If this is not the case.. and the reboot didnt help.. my next thought would be to blow the schedule away, and try re creating it.

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