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Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

I Plan to Stick Around


I have two Nextbox 2.0 PVR's.  This issue seems to happen on both of them or neither of them, so I assume it's a software bug that comes and goes with each load.


If I am watching a show and press the red record button on the remote to record it, the screen flashes with a black box saying "Scheduling ..." but the recording is never started.  Happening tonight on both PVR's.  I have rebooted both and no difference.  It happened a few months ago but then went away.  Both PVR's are less than 50% full each.


Anyone else having this issue?  Any workarounds you have figured out?  When it happens I create a manual recording starting in 5 minutes but that is a pain.



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Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I have an 8642HD as well and briefly experienced that issue a while ago, but I believe a reboot fixed that.


As a workaround to your issue, or as a test when the red button doesn't work, will it start recording if instead of using the red button on the remote, you press 'Info' and then 'OK' on the first menu item (single red dot)?


On the subect of weird red button recording issues..

The other day while trying to record a program I was watching, using the red record button,  I hit the button but the box was being especially slow to respond that night and I hit it again. I saw the words "Scheduling" and assumed the program was now recording. However later when I went to play it back, I saw in My Recordings that the recording length was only 1min! Fortunately I was able to record it later on a west-coast channel.


Wondering if perhaps it happened because I'd hit the red button twice, I tested my theory with the program that was currently on. Sure enough, it cancelled the now-in-progress recording.. without notification.


I just tested it now, having seen your post, and pressing the red button currently records the current program as intended, and a 2nd button press pops up a "Are you sure you want to stop recording '/program name/'?, as expected.


It's strange how glitches pop up all of a sudden sometimes isn't it?

Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

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As theClubHopper said try using the info button and select record. That is what I always use when wanting to record the show I'm watching and I have never had a problem when doing it that way.

Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

I Plan to Stick Around

No that doesn't work either.  When I have this problem, there is no way to start recording what you are watching.  I have tried all those combinations.  


The only workaround I have found is to setup a manual recording to start at the next 15 minute interval.


Sounds like I am one of the only people having this problem but it is consistent on both PVR's when it does happen (and was a problem before whole home PVR as well).  

I guess it's nice to be unique?

Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

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I had the exact same issue today. Don't know how to fix it.

Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

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Resident Expert

@WonderSuzy :  Reboot the box, either by unplugging when it's not recording, or go to "Settings - scroll up one to Troubleshooting - Reboot". Do not do a factory reset or you'll lose any existing recordings and your favourites, etc.  Wait an hour for everything to settle after the reboot, then try the record button.  No reason it shouldn't work, although the 8642 (NB2) is often quite slow to react to button presses.


Since the PVR is always recording the channel you're watching, if you missed something, you can simply hit REW to review any programming since the time you switched to that channel. I don't believe this (pause live TV), however, saves the recording for later...


Obviously you need to be on a channel that allows recording - certain channels like ROD, radio channels cannot be recorded.

Re: Nextbox 2.0 Red Record Button Doesn't Work

I've Been Around
Yes I am having the same problem
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