NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@Harry5 wrote:
  • we used to be able to specify new episode only now we can only record.  As a result we are getting multiple duplicates.  One Game of Thrones episode had 4 duplicates.  No wonder my PVR goes to capacity quickly.  Then you have to start figuring out which to delete (which was much easier before)
  • we used to be able to add an extra 1/2 hr or so to a sport event now it may be there somewhere but is certainly not as easy to locate

You can do both of these. You will have to get used to the new settings (under settings you can set many default recording (and other) options).  Also, you can set the options you ask for when you programme a recording - hit select in the IPG/Guide on the programme you wish to record, then select the appropriate options for new, series, or adding time, etc.


Check out the following link which highlights some of the pluses and minuses of Navigatr.


It's possible to see a list of your scheduled recordings by pressing "List" a second time.   You can also schedule and view your recordings using the AnyPlace App or web interface.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@Harry5  I am only commenting on your last stating about whether people like or dislike the new features.


No one has any data on that one they can provide, but some surveys were done way back when.


If you see the historical posts on the setbox, (there are three major posts, one in July, 2015, another in September I think, and then this one with each of the major changes.  The first one was a disaster and was stopped a few days in due to major problems, but those of us who had received it were stuck with it, problems and all.


The next build came out, fixed only a few things - there was a list of everything reported wrong and wishes, and if I recall 4 of 33 were dealt with in that one.


Then the next major build came, then some minor builds, and you now see what we have now.


Some of you like yourself got a reprieve and your boxes did not receive the upgrade (I still use that term loosely), but now it has been hoisted on you, as it was all of us.  The model we have of the software and firmware is actually a mutation of five companies with there hands in it in 2015 - Cisco, who sold everything to Technocolor (the 4k box is their box), Tecnicolor I suspect had some role, ANT which worked with Cisco which provided the guide and interface to the PVR and hardware, and then a new company Espial took over from ANT (a buyout), and proved to not be able to deliver where they and Rogers hoped it to go, and Rogers internal teams to.  All this became known as the original group who got "stuck" with the mess began exploring the Internet, financial statements, company announcements and figured out who had their fingers in this mess.


The next step was to redesign this box and move towards IPTV, and that died on rollout to the Alpha testers (staff in their homes), and next comes Comcast model to come in 2018 for IPTV, also requiring all the upgrade to the network for Internet, DOCSIS 3.1 and and all that work that is still going on.


So in the notes, and in the survey, you will hear and see that there are some who really do like the new design, but there was no shortage of people who hated it from day one, and only with a large group, including @57, and a person who bought shares and went to the general meeting and took the issue fully public, did we finally get a post here that acknowledged all our issues for the first time, what they planned to do and had done on the issues, and almost every issue was dealt with, but it still left a cobbled together model of awkward and inefficient steps to move around and set up the device, to use lists, versus management of deletion of multiple steps, and many have found Anyplace TV's interface to the PVR to be a more efficient way to work with managing and viewing the information in a list.


I was one of the early haters, still don't like lots of things, but as life goes, I learned to work around it and it became part of my muscle memory.


I had pretty much forgotten it all, and left my year and half of frustration over it all behind, then they had the nerve, for what ever reason (still haven't said why they had to roll it out - we guess, could be in preparation for something new, like running cable boxes beside IPTV Comcast system, maybe no support for SARA anymore - oh yeh, there is the other company in the mix - Cisco bought them out, could be licensing issues, who knows, but I suspect that there is no support for the old SARA model except for their internal staff, and many have suggested that it may be to reduce the amount of different support demands on the internal support teams - that ones seems to be most reasonable to me given their move to reduce the number of everything in the Rogers mix for CSR and tech support).


So, yes, I think we have all found our own ways of working around it, there are things we all like, and dislike, but like @57, I too have moved to just trying to help new users with the links.  He has much faster access to those links, and I leave it to him - he and one other developed these links with the support of many here who just wanted to move on and help others.


So, you are not alone in saying you don't like it, no matter what others may say, you as a user, don't like it, and it is not a simple, you just have to learn how to work with it - it is poorly designed, full of workarounds that we have provided in those links, and unlike the original marketing, there is nothing that any of us have found that requires less steps to get back to our "viewing pleasure".


To finish, as I said earlier, I had pretty much forgotten about this debacle, but then we watched it roll out in the East Coast with concerns about what they got, and now we watch it roll out to the remaining users like yourself who now live with changes they never wanted, and some even had lived with the known issue of being slow on anything on less than a Nextbox 3, and in some cases, the disaster of losing all recordings, and constant rebooting and other major issues that result in what was a functional box, many of which we own being completely unusable.


So do look over the links provided by @57 they will help with the learning curve, and if you run into too many issues with speed and other issues, consider contacting Rogers and discussing a free upgrade to a more current box.


Best of luck on getting "used" to it.  I feel for you.



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@Harry5  to further add to the story.


As @BS noted the initial Navigatr  roll-out was a disaster, largely because there was zero understanding of the ways people use PVRs plus the new software erased all the recordings for NB2 users. Rogers immediately stopped the roll-out,  e.g Toronto, but refused to go back to the earlier software, for us unfortunate guinea-pigs in the burbs. 


Over a considerable period of  time, 2+years, Rogers  (or maybe the actual software team) took notes of  obvious and in some cases fundamental design flaws which many users in this forum pointed out and corrected many (but not all ) of them.


e.g. One cannot simply erase  a recording while it is being played, e.g you have to stop or go to a live channel to erase that recording.

e.g. the system seems to latch onto the last live channel, and will not let you play it if you are watching a recording in picture-in-picture mode.

e.g. For those us with a Rogers home-phone, we can change to channel 975 to see your last few phone call, but you cant easily change back. 


How this was ever allowed out before any serious end-user testing/verification still amazes me.


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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Rogers, are you serious?  The new interface is a complete disaster: slow, unresponsive, and illogical. Do some testing next time. In the meantime, give us back some software that works. I'll give this a week or two more, but if it isn't fixed, I'm gonna flush this thing. 

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Rogers went from bad menu to bad menu with posters.

It is astonishing that a TECH company has no pride in what they put out.

The search is complete failure.

The guide of PVR recording do NOT record the channel that was recorded.


I have been talking to Shaw and if I could believe they are doing any better I would switch .


I have resorted to NETFLIX and Crackle for consistent dependable content. I have tried KODI but the menu there is another nightmare so sold it.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

My 8642 has really become a joke.The PVR functions like rewind ,pause can take up to a minute or so to respond.Just an absolute joke that they trashed the hardware with bad software.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

I finally broke and dumped Rogers TV & Internet and switched to Bell Fibe. I am much happier. The Bell PVR actually works the way you would expect! Response is immediate. Search works! Recorded shows are shown separately from those to be recorded, clearly. And for the first 2 years I'm also saving a bunch of money each month. I wish I had done this long ago (though Bell Fibe may only have become available in my neighbourhood recently).


I have no illusion that Bell overall is less evil than Rogers, but for my internet and TV needs the service they offer in my neighbourhood is far superior.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Have you tried re-booting your box?

I've had the Navigatr guide for almost a year now and about a week ago everything slowed to a crawl. A re-boot did speed thing up again. It's probably not as fast as the Nestbox 3, but all things considered, the response time is reasonable.
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

.Sure I CAN reboot my box ,should I have to ?No. And that would probably be a every day or 2 day event.If the software is that bad and really can't run on these boxes  it should never have been installed on them.If a reboot is necessary that often then build that into the software as an option that say after downloading the guide updates,reboot.Not to hard to figure that out is it? I had  telephone system from years ago that would  do a nightly reboot if you wanted it to , that in itself can help "cure" a lot of small problems/ bugs that can happen by simply resetting that static memory etc. But hey Rogers has already admitted defeat  and aren't we going to get the Xfinity  some day? After they ditched Shomi, their own IP version  what could possibly go wrong.My contracts are up in a month or so ,I guess it's time to make a decision.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment



It's not that difficult to reboot your box before going to bed at night, although it shouldn't be necessary every night, perhaps once a week.  Just make sure you don't typically schedule a recording for that time.


For some people the box does reboot at 2AM, however, those people complain too.  No win.  It's possible to avoid that 2AM reboot if it bothers you by scheduling a recording for that time (say one of the Stingray channels that take up almost no HDD space).


For those with an old 8642, most have been able to negotiate a 9865 free rental by contacting Rogers (via PM to mods here, etc)