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NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

I Plan to Stick Around

For the past month or so, the menu system for the NextBox has been malfunctioning. Typically, one should be able to view their list of recordings by date, title, channel, and by PVR. What has been happening is that once you have viewed a program that has been recorded, then deleted it, and return to any one of those views, the list shows broken. Recordings list with spaces, and the directional navigation does not let the remote control move through the list fully. The only remedy is to reboot the NextBox, which takes 5-10 minutes. Once done, the listing is restored until you view another program, then delete it. Then the list breaks again.


Is anyone experiencing this frustrating behaviour?


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Re: NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

I Plan to Stick Around

UPDATE - 2015-11-24


The issue has re-surfaced about 1 week later. The secondary HD machine is no longer showing PVRd content on the main NextBox located in a different room.


A call to tech support was made and the technician on the phone has stated that they could not 'see my network' when attempted, and that he would send an on-site technician again to have a look. He asked me at one point if I saw a 'house' icon on the LED display, which I did not.


However he also suspected that maybe there is a problem with the main PVR machine, since it has some responsibilities in maintaining the sync bewteeen the machine (no details were shared, so I don't know how).


Since the technician was here the last time, I had documented an additional issue of audio from only cable being out of sync. This post is located here -->


I will update after the on-site technician has visited.

Re: NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

My Nextbox PVR does not list my recorded programs "by date"??? Only by Title or By channel

Is there a way to fix this???

Re: NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

I Plan to Stick Around

KC221 - I strongly reccomend that you ask for a technician to come out on site. Also verify that if you have any other boxes in the house for other rooms that they are working normally.

Re: NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

Hello @KC221,


Welcome to the Community Forums! 


Which guide do you have on your PVR? Is it the RTN guide (Red/Black) or the Navigatr guide? If it's Navigatr, it should say on the the guide itself. 




Re: NextBox Menu system malfunctioning

I've Been Around

I've had a similar problem recently.


Each time I try to watch a recorded show (any show) in the past week, it states that the program may be deleted or there is a resource issue.   It also references PVR43.   I need to perform a hard reboot and then it seems to work.  Everything in the list is still there, I'm just not able to view it.  


I would like to know if there is a solution other than constantly rebooting  or trading in for another box, as I do have some saved programs that I'd prefer not to lose.