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NextBox HDPVR Help

I recently upgraded my PVR's to this new Nextbox, I hooked up pne and it works fine. I installed another one and I get picture but I don't get any sound. I tried rebooting the PVR and a message pops up on the TV screen about enabling PCM which I have done on the TV but still no sound, although I get picture and I'm using an HDMI connection. I tried hooking it up with the regular RGB cables and it worked fine picture and sound. So I tried another HDMI cable but still no sound. 


I'm not the most knowledgable person with electronics, but has anyone had this issue? It seems to be the TV but it doesn't make sense that everything else worked except the HDMI...or is it? any help or info is greatly appreciated.




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Re: NextBox HDPVR Help

The HDMI does use different channels.. compared to when you did component, you did the R/L stereo audio cable, right?

You have tried multiple ports on the TV??
(this is not going through a surround sound, correct?)

Have you tried a different HDMI cable?

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Re: NextBox HDPVR Help

Bizo, I've had this happen to one of my digital boxes before as well.  I connected via hdmi, and had no audio. It turns out I had to toggle between setting my tv's audio (tv had an audio menu, which had specific hdmi settings for audio) and the audio settings on the digital box.  I was using the old SARA firmware, not the newer RTN software, which if you have a nextbox, it might be slightly different.  But go into the audio settings on the box, choose the correct output (possibly dolby digital) and then filp through the tv's audio settings to see if you get your sound back on.



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Re: NextBox HDPVR Help

defenatly your tv sound settings...