NextBox Audio Drops

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NextBox Audio Drops

Back in April, I think, I upgraded one of my PVRs for a NextBox. I original had the newer firmware on the PVR and eventually just opted for a hardware upgrade so that I can have more storage.


Since I got the new box, there has been occasional dropouts while watching programming - be it live or recorded. Simply put, it is annoying, the frequency seems to increasing, and the duration of the dropouts also seem to increasing.


I've checked my connections. The optical cable isn't loose.


Any suggestions?




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Re: NextBox Audio Drops

So you had one of the older PVRs prior to the netbox?

The newer ones, are ALOT more sensitive to signal problems.. so its possible its a signal problem that this one is picking up that the old one didnt.


It doesnt cost anything to put in a tech call, and have one come out, and check signal strength, to the TV, to the house, etc... that woud be my first spot to look.. could be a bad box possibly otherwise.

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Re: NextBox Audio Drops

Went from a SA 8300 to a Nextbox 3 9865 the audio output is half the volume level. The RCA jacks are almost useless. I routed them to an audio system for entertainment in the backyard. Since my upgrade ive need to change my audio system to compensate for the lack of volume. Good solution is to use the Rogers On Demand Online website and route the audio from a computer instead of the Rogers Box. Kinda neat, didn’t know the OnDemand has so much… hope this helps

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Re: NextBox Audio Drops



You might get a bit more volume if you change the settings on the Audio menu of the unit.   There should be an option for "narrow" vs Normal, etc somewhere in there.  I found that if you want 2-channel audio out of the RCA jacks, this setting will increase the volume of the output.  I had this same problem on a 4642HD unit and this worked.   Also make sure that the analog volume level on the system is set to 'fixed' or at 100% volume if it set to variable.