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NextBox 4K - Enhancements

I Plan to Stick Around

Is a future release of the device planned which supports Google assistant in order to select channels and to record or playback recorded shows?

Will the future release support apps (using an apps button on the remote) in the same fashion that Bell's 4K converter does?

Will this release offer commercial skip both when watching live TV similar to how TIVO does this?


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Re: NextBox 4K - Enhancements



Hello, @MyAxman


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for interest in the features enhancements of the Nextbox 4K box. I appreciate your ideas and the anticipation of the features. At this moment, we are unable to comment on the products/features which have not announced yet. Please stay tuned, we will update the Community as the information becomes available. 

Re: NextBox 4K - Enhancements

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the quick feedback

I owned a TIVO about 20 years ago that I used with Rogers cable which was equipped with commercial skip. So its not a technical issue as it is so much from your advertisers lobby.

Also Rogers promotes the Google assistant. Its odd that this device works with a smart TV and OTA but not the NextBox.

Lets leak some info

Re: NextBox 4K - Enhancements

I'm a Senior Advisor

This is just supposition on my part, but I don't expect any changes in Nextbox models as they are committed to moving to IPTV on Comcast.


Comcast includes a voice control in the remote, so technically can be done.


Your comment on Tivo is relevant to the discussion though - in my review of Comcast and other products, TIVO actually holds most patents to things like IPG design, whole home type models, to use Google would require licensing from Google, manage PVR is TIVO patent, and remotely controlling your PVR is also a TIVO patent.  Companies can attempt to design a completely different code base as a feature is actually not the patent, it is the code structure and model of code structure that is the patent (think back to Apple trying to sue Microsoft for copying their graphic interface and courts said you can't patent the ability to do input/output operations, or look and feel of the use of mouse, keyboard, memory access, disk access and interface with the display screen, but you could patent the code and design models, but not the functions).


So many of these patents and suggestions you are suggestion are not marketing, they are a cost benefit marketing decision on how much patent cost can a company absorb and how much to pass on to the consumer.


But good ideas - you will have to wait for the Comcast rollout later this year - I am personally hoping that they keep the old QAM broadband model of cable Nextbox in place as long as possible - I own my boxes and I want to maximize my investment in those boxes as long as I can.  There is nothing offered in the IPTV model that has any interest to me, but I am many will love the features.