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NextBox 3.0 won't stop rebooting

I'm Here A Lot

OK so I have multiple nextboxes in my house.  I do not have "whole home" set up and I do not want to set it up.  In one of the bedrooms the NB3 has been freezing and I have had to reboot it several times to be able to watch a show.  I didn't really care because it was in the bedroom and I usually fall alseep anyways.  It has been going on for about a month.


This morning the NB3 in my living room has gone insane.  It has been rebooting since 6:30 this morning.  It "blows up" then it counts from "-01-", "-02-", etc... up to "-05-". Then I see "loAd" next comes "boot" and finally I get the time back on the front of the box.  As long as the box is left off it is fine but as soon as I turn it on the screen freezes within 2 minutes and I am going through this whole process again.  


Any suggestions?  Rogers is useless!! They send a tech guy out he says its a signal problem.  He puts a boaster on my line.  A week later a new guy comes out and he takes it off and says the line is fine and that it should have never been put there in the first place.  And so on and so forth.  I am to the point that I refuse to let the cable guy in the house becasue it is clear to me that the do not know what they are talking about.  If I could switch to Bell I would be gone in an instant but I rent and my housing provider will not allow the dishes to be installed on the buildings so I am stuck.  


Any help would be awesome....




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Re: NextBox 3.0 won't stop rebooting

I've Been Here Awhile

As I mentioned same issue persist with old and new drive installed. I chose purple drive just because a lot of writing/erasing and reliability.


So, this "Er:51" Error 51 came out of nowhere with original Seagate 1Tb drive a few months ago and it persist with a replacement WD purple drive. Replacing the drive is pretty straight forward with secure torx bits use and some dozen screws to take off and screw them back on. It's not the hard drive issue.


I understand that the 9865 is more signal sensitive PVR but still can't go any further boot and error 51.


Same error with no hard drive installed, Er:51er 51 no hdd.jpg

Re: NextBox 3.0 won't stop rebooting

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I looked around at a few forums and found the following directions which may help. Not sure which of these will work best in your case.  Nothing to lose I guess:


Make sure your remote is in cable mode, press pause on the remote and hold it until you see an envelope flashing on the stb display,when you see the envelope press page- ,then press list 3 times. PVR should reboot and format hdd.  You may need to turn the box off to start the format, or not.  Instructions have varied.


1. On Rogers remote, hold PAUSE until the mail icon is flashing.
2. Once it's on, release PAUSE, press LIST, PGDN, PGDN, PGDN
3. Display will say hdd3, and will reboot. 


Re: NextBoxbooting 3.0

I've Been Around

Whats happening when booting stops at 05, what can I do?

Re: NextBoxbooting 3.0

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

It's likely that the signal to your box, or home, or neighbourhood is not good. See the following post on the topic:


Call Rogers and have them check the signal at your box/home/neighbourhood, or check it yourself per the link above.

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