Next Shipment Of Iphone 4?

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Re: Next Shipment Of Iphone 4?

The way it was explained to me (And I don't know how right this version is) Is that Canada as a whole was alloted the same number of iPhones as on prev launch days.. However instead of that number going to just one carrier they now go over four bands, Bell, Telus, Virgin and Rogers/FIDO.. Based on that stock is very tight.. Again I have no idea if that's right or not

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Re: Next Shipment Of Iphone 4?

Wow - bleeped! Wasn't much of a curse there at all...
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Social Media Specialist
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Re: Next Shipment Of Iphone 4?

Hey all. We expect shipments to come in on a weekly basis and will work to get them to our retail locations as quickly as possible. Exact timing will depend on region, but we plan to post inventory updates at the bottom of this RedBoard blog post:


As per Erin's note, the goal of the forums is to provide a venue where customers can help each other with technical questions related to our products and services. We're going to be flexible with this over the first few days as customers learn the guidelines.


Thanks for your participation!!

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