News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

I've searched, and there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of news for Android 2.0+ phones. I got the Eve on launch, and I have to admit I am absolutely enthralled by Android, but 1.5 with no update to 1.6 in sight, I'm itching to see what I can do with decent hardware. The Droid X and Galaxy look excellent.


Is anyone able to provide me with any news or rumors as to when either of these might end up for sale? I'd hate to jump ship to another carrier, I have a wicked grandfathered $25mth for 6gb plan. Don't want to give that up!




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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

The Samsung Galaxy is one the best (if not the best) smartphone available in Canada.
Rogers had announced they will sold the Samsung Galaxy S. Since an other company is already selling it I bet Rogers will be releasing their Galaxy S very soon.
If you wan't, you can checkout the amazing screen of the Galaxy S at The Source while waiting for Rogers to release it.
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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Telus shoudl be getting the HTC desire very soon ( its basically  the nexus one with a few minor changes, running HTC sense)

when this is out ill be buying it outright and unlocking it to rogers.

in the midst, we have the HTC ACE/ DESIRE HD which could have a release date in canada soon.

droid X don't hold your breath.

just like the original Droid it tooks months before it was released in canada as the milestone

what does also look good (but again so far only a US release) is the Droid 2

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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Also excited to see what new android phones will be hitting Canada/Rogers. Although it feels like the states are getting all the amazing phones, and on CDMA networks. I'd love to see the DESIRE HD here as soon as possible.
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Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Hi everyone,


RogersMiranda posted news on the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate on our RedBoard blog post called Samsung Galaxy S Captivate coming soon to Rogers



More details will be available in the coming weeks.


Please keep in mind, the forums provide a venue where customers can help each other with technical questions. We're going to be flexible with this as customers get familiar with the community guidelines.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Greetings RogersErin,


Could you direct us to the area where we would discuss things like devices we'd like to see available on the Rogers network?  Where we might discuss interesting and cool concepts like subsidized netbooks and tablets that are going to be sweeping the world over the next two quarters?  Why not a sub-forum to extol or review "apps" for the different operating systems and possibly encourage sales which would generate more revenue for the company?


A community is more then people banding together to provide technical support.  Problem solvers will generally solve their own problems so you aren't likely to see them visiting the forums.  If those people don't visit the forums then how do you expect them to help their fellows?  In conclusion I would suggest that If the problem solvers have a place to chat and discuss things of interest to them then they're more likely to be involved in providing advice to those that need it.


That aside, my question at last if you will.  Could you ask around and see if the Dell Streak could be coming to Rogers?  Understandably the company may be reluctant to speak about deals being brokered before they are finalized but I desperately would like one.  I think the match perfect.  With Bell's network being incompatible with the device it would effectively be a Rogers exclusive without having to extend concessions!

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Retired Moderator
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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Hi MyLiege,


The section you are looking for is the Community Feedback. You have some great suggestions that have been touched upon by other users. For the time being we are keeping the rest of the forum technical oriented but we are listening to all of your inputs as we grow so keep them coming!


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to give us a post.



Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: News and/or rumors on new Android phones?

Hi there,


No problem, check out our RedBoard blog ( and @RogersBuzz for discussions on device launches and topics like the dell streak coming to Rogers. 


As for interesting and cool concepts like subsidized netbooks and tablets that are going to be sweeping the world, please make these suggestions in our Community Feedback section.


At the moment, we're committed to listenting to the good and the bad across social media. If you follow the RedBoard blog, you'll see that we publish the vast majority of comments - even very critical ones. The exceptions are few - comments that are spammy or disrespectful to members of the community for example.


In these forums, we're taking a bit of a different approach. We're following the best practices of major brands around the world that have set up forums as a venue for customers to help each other find technical answers to questions that relate to our products and services.


To be successful, we need to keep the focus specific. There are lots of other places - in social media sites we administer and those we don't - to discuss issues like device launches. Over time, we'll be removing off topic posts. For now, we're publishing them so community members understand our community guidelines.


Feel free to drop me a note at