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Newfoundland TV Guide

I've Been Here Awhile



Wondering if anybody can tell me the direct setting to change the display of the NL TV Guide.  I bought a new HDTV today and Nextbox and while the picutre is great the guide is displaying too big for the screen and is getting cut off.  My other HDTV ( older by 5 Years) displays the same HD picture but the guide comes up as standard definition and I can see all of it this way fine ( no cutting off). I must of done something 5 years ago to change the settings for the display of the guide but can't figure it out again. 


Thanks for any reply and here's to hoping the new enhanced guide makes it to NL soon! 


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Re: Newfoundland TV Guide

I Plan to Stick Around

i guess there was an update recently. two things that changed that are really frustrating... 1. when selecting a current time program, it only auto changes to that channel. the menu you get is gone. you used to get the menu that shows up when selecting any future show. i used to use this to see show all program listing and jump to the hd channel, or to select record entire series etc. I do see an option to auto-tune to HD channel now in the options, but it doesnt work, just goes to current channel. 2. when holding page down or up, it used to scroll through the list fast. now pressing and holding only goes down once. so now to jump down 10 pages, i have to press 10 times. i must say the gui on these things have not changed much in 10 years. some new options, but not user friendly at all.

Re: Newfoundland TV Guide

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Though the East cost uses different guides.. that i KNOW OF, there is no way to change the guide size.

LIKELY, i would think.. that a ZOOM setting on the TV is stretching the picture past the edges?

(and then likely the TV feed also)