New to Hitron 2.4G/5G router (CGN-3)

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New to Hitron 2.4G/5G router (CGN-3)

Good advice for all devices. Do not see that IPV6 will be used in my lifetime.
In the CGN3, I reserved the Nest I/P address to preclude it being reassigned if the Nest fails to renew its lease. So far so good.
There is also a prolonged discussion on a Nest forum on the issue of the Nest dropping "out"

Sorry reposted on correct Nest forum.
I've Been Around
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Re: New to Hitron 2.4G/5G router (CGN-3)

Hello Datalink,


I came across your post and i would appreciate your feedback.


you mentioned that the USB key provided by rogers does create a ghost SSID. would that be usually the one called Guest?


what i did from my side, I disable the guest network through the USB key. in addition, i used my MacBook and the network diagnostics scanner and i monitored if there was a an access with similar mac address and i did not find any.


do you still believe there might be one absolutely hidden ?



let me know your thoughs?





Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: New to Hitron 2.4G/5G router (CGN-3)

What we ended up seeing in some cases was the user network, a guest network and a third network which did not have an SSID.  This appeared to be a home monitoring network that was triggered for some reason and the solution was to call tech support and have the CSR turn that network off.  It should not have been present for individuals who don't have that service, and for those that do, I think the vast majority have Netgear routers installed to support the service.  I suspect that that USB setup application has been around for a while, and is not necessarily designed to work with the Hitron modems, although the stick does work with the modem.  I ended up bricking a serviceable CGN3 with it by running the application to test out the functions.  The stick sets parameters which cannot be cleared by a factory reset so there is no way to bring the modem back to square one.  My conclusion, throw the stick out and don't use it.  The CSR that I was chatting with at that time said the exact same thing.   If you really need a guest account capability for wifi, buy a good third party router that will give you that, and more, and go a much better job at everything.