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New router doesnt help(SMC)

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I have an SMC-D3GN modem from Rogers that my family bought from them. We've had consistent problems with it. mainly the wifi. The distance that the connection goes is awful. Like, the box is on one said of my house and just down the hall I get 1 bar connection. 


The modem is placed on a night stand with nothing around it. It has to go through 1 door, and down a hall about 15-20ft. At that spot, I have a 1 bar connection on my phone to the wifi. Thats simply not right and its beyond bizarre. 


I looked around on the forums here and you guys have said to buy a stand alone router and connect it through bridged-mode to the modem. So I did.


I bought the ASUS RT-N56U Gigabit router. It was just over $100, which is way too much for just a router IMO but we wanted to see if it would help, also we asked multiple workers at the store if we could return it if it didnt suit our needs and they all said yes. 


So I turned off commercial functions on the modem, turned off wifi, let it reboot itself. Waiting a couple minutes, connected the ASUS router to our SMC modem with the black ethernet cable that comes with it, and went through the setup process. Didnt change any settings after setting it up. The ASUS router is in the exact same spot where the modem was before. 


Now when I go to the same spot down the hall with my phone, I STILL only get a 1 bar connection. And its not faster internet or anything. If anything, getting the router has caused more problems than its fixed.


So I definitely do NOT reccomend getting a stand alone router if you're in my situation. It will not help you. 


I would love for someone to tell me what I am doing wrong. I want this router to work so that we dont have to return it. There has to actually be a positive difference in the connection for us to keep it, and atm there isnt.


Thanks for reading, end of rant. 



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Re: New router doesnt help(SMC)

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Hi Jizzyteacups,


If you read enough in these forums you will see that the SMC as well as most other Rogers router/gateways are well known to have terrible wireless service.   It's ok as just a router but the wireless sucks.   


I use the same router combinations by chance, including the SMC and the ASUS RT-N56U.   I bought the the ASUS on purpose a couple of years ago because it is a terrific router for wireless, great range, consistency and supports both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands so it's strange that you would have trouble with it.   If you read the market reviews on this you can confirm this.


Given the description you provided you didn't actually say that you put the SMC into bridge mode which turns off all router functions and acts only as a modem.  This is how you want it to be if you are using the ASUS as a full router.   


I assume you've tested your phone with other routers elsewhere for wireless as some phones have terrible wireless on them as well or poor software.   I ran into this with one of my old phones so sometimes it's not the router.


The other thing you can try is to use the SMC as a router, but turn off all wireless services on it.   The ASUS can be configured as a wireless access point only so it can be moved closer to where you use wireless with a cable back to the SMC router.   This is how I use mine now as I can move the ASUS wireless to the floor where I use wireless and leave the SMC in my lower level for my wired devices.


If you're in an apartment building or in a congested zone, your wireless signal can drop if there is a lot of contention with your neighbours as well.   This is unavoidable unfortunately as the router has to drop signal levels where there is congestion so that no one overrides anyone else.   As a result of this I only use the 5 Ghz band for wirelss now which is not congested at all  and much faster as a result.  This only works if your phone or other devices support that wifi band.  Most recent phones do.


Good luck.

Re: New router doesnt help(SMC)

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Resident Expert
That was along my lines of thinking.
Getting that router, in bridged, should have made a world of difference.

I would agree, that there is possibly other factors interfering.
Just the walls/local can effect it.
EG my main floor bathroom, is maybe 10 ft from my wireless access point. But I only get 1 maybe 2 bars, yet right outside the door is fine. But above and below the entrance is an I beam. Also has copper water pipes through 3 of the walls. So a lot to interfere.

The other thing would be as mentioned above, this can be especially prevalent in apartments, is overlapping wireless signals.
Many people just leave theirs on default and are all on the default channel.

A good tool to check that is inSSIDer. It will scan the local area for anything it can pick up, and show the channels. You can then choose one which is not overlapping.

One last thing as well, now that you mention its on the nightstand... Does there happen to be cordless phone base there too? One that plugs into the phone jack? Those broadcasting bases, work on the same frequencies as the wifi, and cAuse a lot of Interfearance.

Re: New router doesnt help(SMC)

OK, so could you please help me through this. I would lovelovelove to get this setup and running as it should be. I was expecting a big upgrade and I really want to see it. 


So should I go back to square 1? Reset the router, unplug it, and reset my modem? I wanna make sure I do it properly.

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