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New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)


Hey Community!


On July 2nd your Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app has been updated!





Over 50 new channels have been added, with the total available channels now reaching 87!


You can now wirelessly stream TV within your home to your select devices*.


Use the Search function to search the contents of the guide.

Access your IPG through your Tablet or Smartphone.

Use the On Screen Remote Control to control your TV from your Tablet/Smartphone.

Stream Live TV within your home using your home Wi-Fi connection.

Use the Remote TV Manager to search for PVR content, set/cancel recordings, view/modify scheduled recordings and delete scheduled or recorded programs.



Tell us how you best use your Anyplace TV Home Edition below.






Eligibilty & Compatibility


  • Ontario customers
  • Rogers High Speed Internet Lite/Hybrid Fibre 10 or above
  • Minimum Digital Basic TV
  • Must have one of the following digital terminals:
    • 4250HD, 8300HD, 4642HD, 8642HD, 940SD, 1840SD, 3000SD, 3100SD, 3100HD, 3200SD, 3250 HD, 3290SD, 4290SD, 8000SD, 8000HD, 8010SD and 8300 SD
    • NextBox 8642HD, NextBox 4642HD and NextBox 3.0 9865HD PVR must have the RTN Guide.
    • iPhone with iOS 4 and above
    • Android phone OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above
      • Not compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • TV and Internet services must be on the same account (with a login)
  • MyRogers Account (must be registered on
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Streaming Live TV:
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Apple iPad (all generations) with iOS 4 and above.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1/8.9 with OS 1.6 or above.
    • Other unsupported Android devices may also work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above.(Does not support Android 5.0 Lollipop)

Re: New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

You got my excited @RogersDarrell

And then I saw bottom line "Android 5.0 Lollipop" not supported. x__x oh boy.

I need to go find my old Note 2 for this lol


Very nice though! 😄

Glad to hear more improvement and support been added on for channels!

Re: New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Yes - when will Android 5.0 Lollipop be supported? This becomes especially important since there is still no word on when we will be able to control our TV and PVR via a computer through the Rogers Website - wherever it might be located!

Re: New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

I'm a Senior Advisor
For those who use BB 10 devices, the android download from playstore using SNAP or from amazon app store, the app works on BB too. And yes, I would love to see this be brought onto our computer. I am not a user of a tablet, and no matter the size of my phone, I don't like watching TV on little screens. Makes me feel like I am back in the 1960's with the portable battery operated little tv's you would see people watching tv on the beach, or at a game. Only cost was the device and batteries, or an ac plug in. For me, I watch lots of stuff on my 17" laptop, and my 23" monitor from the desktop. So let's get it on the computer too. Just a dream. Lots of programming going on around Rogers these days, new menu on our Nextbox coming, changes in billing, Rogers one number programming changes required due to changes in programming standards on all devices and browsers, new My Account, and debugging and fixing all of these as they come along. Ahh, isn't the industry of computer technology fun these days for support, users, developers and programmers alike. Hope if it is made compatable for 5.0 that it doesn't impact my Blackberry - as it emulates 4.4 quite fine and if you really know what you are doing, you can make just about any android app work quite fine. Guess for now as for computer, I will continue to plug an HDMI cable into my phone and the HD tv or my monitor.

Re: New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

I've Been Here Awhile

So what's the deal with compatibility with Android Lollipop?  Is there a target date or something that we can look forward to?  All new Androird devices come with Lollipop loaded and most existing devices have upgraded by now (since it's been out for months).  

Can someone from Rogers finally comment on this?   

Re: New features and channels have been added to Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

I'm Here A Lot

Lack of  Lollipop support is disappointing, but pathetic state of Rogers tech support is downright discusting. Here is my today's experience:

Loaded RAPTV Home edition onto Nexus 7 tablet

Got wrong user id/password error


Same error

Phoned Rogers. Took me 1.5 hours in the following sequence:


  Call back

  Internet support


  Transfered to wireless support


  Transfered to wireless texpert totally amaized as to why I was transfered to him. Based on his previous experience he said  I   should have been transfered to Anyplace TV technical support

  Waited for 30 minutes while he was searching his system for the extention number for it. Then music (no explanation)

  Hold (out of curiosity really)

  Loyalty department answered!!! Probably a good call, as I am ready to cancel my 5 (FIVE!) Rogers services.

  Immediately got Lollipop explanation (nice lady by the name Jannet told me that she knew the answer because she  handled the same problem 3 times in the last 2 days. Could not tell me why first line customer support has no explanation  of the problem in their knowledge base, and no mention in FAQ either. No availability date that she knows of.


Overall experience: FRUSTRATED


Prediction of the further developments: Lollipop support will come when the next version of Android becomes a standard for all new tablets.