New customer disappointment with outdated voicemail

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New customer disappointment with outdated voicemail

Just switched form Fido and right away a HUGE bummer, what's with the 90' style voicemail???

Dial "1", enter password, going back and forth with the menu? 

Why Fido has an easy to access voice mail recordings from the same screen as the dial pad, you click on voicemail icon and you get to the list of audio recordings. Easy to see who called in one list, easy to listen, easy to call back.


I called customer support, and this is "the best voicemail we have". Am I in some sort of parallel reality ?

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Resident Expert
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Re: New customer disappointment with outdated voicemail

It would help if you mentioned WHAT phone you have?
(Guessing from your description, might be an iphone?)

Sounds like you had visual voicemail.

By default, the plans only have standard voicemail.

There IS visual voicemail available as addons, my wife as well as some work phones on Rogers do have it.