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New corporate plan customer - Data overage 5GB without notification

I've Been Here Awhile



I signed a new 2 year corporate plan last month with Rogers($75 unlimited call + 5GB data).

On Nov 24 or Nov 25, I called in to check data usage, told by one customer representative  that I should try to use the remaining 4GB data since I only used 1 GB and billing cycle data is the 1 day of each month.

On Nov 30, five days later, I received one text from Rogers saying my data is blocked to protect me from over usage, link provided to reactivate data. Then I called in on Dec 1 to check data status and I was totally shocked that I was over 5GB, which means that I used 9GB in 5 days! I have wifi at home and I don't think that I used that much.


The customer service representative told me that she could not do anything for me because the bill didn't come out yet. It made me feel like it was just an excuse, it simply meant she didn't want to take responsiblity and asked me call back. I asked to speak with customer care manager, she refused. Then I asked her how much it's going to be for the usage, she told me approximately $90. That's rediculous, I won't pay for this.


Why didn't I get a data block when I was over, let's say 1GB? When I was with FIDO, merged by Rogers, I was on 400MB monthly plan and always received alert.


It is contract owner's responsibility to track usage, but I won't pay for $90 over usage. WHY? 

Though I am on a corporate plan, I am an individual customer.

According to Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission wireless code, the limit of monthly overage data charge must not be over $50.


I am not happy and not satisfied with this issue.

I need a detail breakdown of data usage, when and how I used 9GB in 5 days.

An alert and block needs to be added to my account.

Lastly, I am not going to pay addtional $90 on top of my plan bill.


I hope someone can look into this matter and get back to me.


Thank you for your consideration.



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Re: New corporate plan customer - Data overage 5GB without notification

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee



I'm an employee, but I don't speak on behalf of Rogers. But I can give you some insight on your situation.


You may not think you used that much, but if you got the data block that means you did use it. Whatever data was transmitted from the network to your phone was over 9GB. Most of the time it has to do with something on the phone downloading updates or an app not properly closed, etc.  A breakdown of your usage would be on the bill when it arrives. It would show you how much data was used every day during the bill cycle. You'll just have to wait for it.


The rep wasn't making an excuse. You were asking to take care of a charge that hadn't actually been billed to you yet; it can't be done. That's the same thing I would say to any other customer because no action could be taken on something that hasn't been billed. Although I'll admit she should not have refused your request for a manager; no matter the situation a rep is not supposed to deny a request to escalate a call.


Finally, unless i'm mistaken, I don't believe the $50.00 block on overage applies to corporate accounts. I could be wrong but I'm 90% certain I'm correct. It only applies to individuals with personal, non-corporate plans.


Hopefully you can get the issue resolved to your satisfaction.

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