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New channel guide

I would just like someone at Rogers to know that the new channel guide setup for nextbox absolutley sucks. I had to dig out an old Explorer HD box I had kicking around. If you don't make changes to allow me to view shows by program type (i.e., documentaries, drama, etc.) without having to type in the entire name in the so-called search box, I can assure you I will be switching carriers. 2 of my daughters also have Rogers and will be doing the same, and one has already called to cancel.





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Re: New channel guide

Hello papaclaude

Sadly Rogers will not just change it for u. In order for Rogers to change this, almost if not all customer will have to have the same opinion and ask for a change. That is when Rogers will change it. A few posts on another board have asked for this but nothing yet. It may change but not anytime soon as i see it. Hopefully they do tho f
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Re: New channel guide

Just make sure that the other carrier offers it, before you switch.
Remember that their guides will not be the same as the older boxes guides either

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Re: New channel guide

Totally agree.


The more upgrades they make the worse it gets.


Just like Apple.


Leave stuff alone.