New WP7 mango phones?

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I've Been Around
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New WP7 mango phones?

With the recent announcement of new WP7 (Windows Phone 7) mango phones in the US by AT&T, is there any timeline for when Rogers will also be offering new WP7 mango phones?


The ones announced by AT&T were the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Flash.  I'm also interested to know if WP7 phones from Nokia will be coming soon.


Also, can we expect a better selection of WP7 phones in the future?  Currently, only the Samsung Focus is offered.


I know the details of the phones can't really be said right now, but even if I knew when, I could decide if I want to purchase what is available now or wait for the new phones.


Thanks for any insight.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New WP7 mango phones?

I don't think Rogers is going to support Windows Phone 7.  They have currently shown zero support for the OS.  I doubt if they will get any new hardware till late 2012.


To be honest they have a lousy selection of Android phones as well.  They only seem to care about the Iphone and Blackberry which will be relegated as an afterthought by the end of the year.  What will Rogers do then?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New WP7 mango phones?

If Rogers current WP7 support doesn't improve I will be going to a different carrier as soon as it is economical.