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Re: New TV Packages

Definitely, clear as mud and as you add in another comparison, or different mix, they get more confused and lost in their own marketing - they simplified the straight comparison of products, but didn't consider what happens with the VIP plan members and the impact on them.


Premium, not popular is closest to VIP.

Premium is best at bell

Popular is not similiar to VIP, although it also is not that far down from it - when I did the same with Bell's better, I lost about 3 channels we like to watch, but the price difference was cheaper to do better and just add the channels with Bell - maybe similiar with Rogers, must of the things we lose, are now bonuses on popular, or premium, although some are not in popular and there is no stated pricing strategy for adding things that are not bonuses.  That is the pick and pay to come.


Basic from bell and Select from Rogers are basically the same.  There are some very small price differences between Rogers and Bell in Rogers favour, but on the two bottom ones, there is promo pricing for 3 months, although the pricing on bell side is slightly deceptive - you have to dig in to see correct prices outside of bundles - beware of hidden details - click for pricing details and terms, and tiny little numbers on the main pages for both companies.; Again, makes comarison very difficult.


So thank you very much for letting us know your experience - it doesn't surprise me, when I hvae checked out of curiousity three times, I have heard three different things, and the information on the web site for rogers still does not include details on theme packages or speciality packages (maybe they are the same as those in the starter bottom packages).  


Key detail about those bottom packages is that you can't include them in bundles, so can't get free rentals on equipment, but it looks like both compaines do not give free rentals an;ymore except in bundles and contracts.


Ahh so much fun.


I just get to watch until end of next year, and besides, I am likely moving out of Rogers area in a ;year anyway, so who knows what I will be using.  Maybe just nice walks in the sun as my wife and I are now both at home, and lots of time to get to know each other again.  Put up a digital antenna, and have slow internet, and just enjoy the slower pace and save money for travelling.


Keep the information coming - it will all change in 3 months anyway.



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Re: New TV Packages

I can certainly appreciate the OTA digital antenna option, whether it's by force (out of coverage area like your situation) or by choice. If you don't watch much tv, or if most of your live tv watching patterns are limited to local channels, going free OTA really is te best option. Plus there are a plethora of great streaming services for other tv content (movies, specialty channels, etc). Of course, you'll need a decent Internet plan, which isn't hard to come by these days, unless you're very rural with no land-line high speed...then again, there's always the wireless internet options (e.g. Xplornet)...a bit pricier than cable/DSL/fibre, but if it's the only Telecom service you're paying for, it's still likely far cheaper than what you're paying Rogers now 🙂
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Re: New TV Packages

Thanks for the suggestions = as my wife and I are playing with options of how to live on significantly reduced income due to layoff in later working years and disability for me, we are assessing options of how to bundle differently, reduce cable or eliminate cable use altogether, how much Internet do we really use and need, do I really need a home phone, etc and all the realted options of alternatives versus just reducing usage to minimum - I lived in Germany for three years as a child - no tv, just a radio and shortwave - still available as an option, and we still have video rentals in a few small stores with recent releases - they buy two copies, and rent them out for a year, more than make their money back.  Just have to call and see what they have.


and thanks for the rural options too. Probably belongs in a different thread, so I will stop here, but definitely thanks for the ideas. As I get closer to decision making, I will be looking more deeply and hitting the threads discussing alternatives.



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Re: New TV Packages

I'm trying to change my bonus channel for my tv account but it just directs me to a help page. I'm not liking MyRogers account app it's very confusing!

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Re: New TV Packages

Your best bet would be to call rogers or use the online chat. How nice it it would be if a simple change could be made via myrogers, but alas, myrogers has never been user friendly with respect to making changes on your account. 

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Re: New TV Packages

I think its a total rip off. Blaming the crtc or whatever is not right. Adding channels or theme packs only Jack up the price of these new packs. I'm really thinking of cutting the cord.
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Re: New TV Packages

I agree with you @Mojoo2  The CRTC made a great attempt after feedback from customers in a year long activity listening to Canadians, and then discussing with the companies.  Then on the first attempt, all sort of things were done by companies including making the starter with pick and pay basically the same cost as their basic channel theme pak - all to encourage us to get all those channels more - many of which we don't watch.


Theme paks are the same way - individual prices, it is often cheaper to pick the theme pak, if you happen to have two that you want - I currently have one theme pak and one single add on with my popular plan or whatever they call it.  The bundle versus the TV package are not the same.


Comparison can be done, but try it some time - you basically need to write it all down to make sense of it and it only covers 1/3 of the bottom of my screen and there is 1000 channels to go through and compare, and then compare the bonus channels, and the theme pak prices, and individual prices. 


I now when I call in, I tell them the channels we watch all the time, the ones some of the time and the ones I could live without and ask them to build the cheapest deal first for the first choice, then add in the second choice, and if possible, get rid of the last choice.  Then I can make an educated decision, but sorry, due to cognitive disability, I can't work much detail at the same time, so I can't do the work, so I make them do it - about 1 hour each time and a few calls to get to the package I am on now.


And have to do it again as it was one year only (fixed discount, not fixed price, prices change with retail price changes, and the discount disappears in one year), so one more thing to try to figure out.


I don't personally believe that the companies, all of them have any desire to make it easy to do - the information is all there online, but not what we as current customers can get, that we have to call in, and these days wait.


You can also interact with community helps, facebook chat, twitter chat, chat and phone call - benefit of the first four is you have it all in writing if you get a transcript, on the phone, you may get surprises, and good luck getting it fixed after you learn of the surprises.  If you are lucky, you get exactly what you were told. I am running at about 10% accuracy at the moment - and they won't send you a quote to think over - you have to write it all down, or if you forget, call in with the ID number and ask for it again.


So no, don't blame the CRTC, they try to make it more transparent and make choice for us (they did achieve that for me - I was able to get rid of some of the useless stuff off the old VIP package, go to a lower priced package and then add back a theme pak, TMN and a single channel - saved thirty dollars in my case.  But in July, I have to do it again.


I too am looking at cutting the cord - I have better things I like to do with my time than sit on a phone for hours, then get frustrated when miscommunication/or misunderstanding occurs - it takes two to communincate effectively, and yes, you can get smaller packages, but when you are done putting back what you want to watch, it ends up usually pushing the price up, and you can't just do the package on up often, because there are still things missing, so add another theme pak or channel.


The CRTC actually only mandated over the air available channels from Canada (US ones were optional), French channels, international channels, the parliment channels and not much more - I don' think that when they said 25.00 for the bottom that the companies would then remove options availalbe in the other packages, charge for extra outlets, and not provide bundling discounts, thereby discouraging you from getting all your services and saving on a bundled service package if you choose starter, or say the mandated lowest tier Internet.  It is actually leading me to think that I may just get a starter package until I get my antenna installed, and get my internet and home phone from third party wholesale distributors, who will provide the lower end levels I desire with no caps for less - I just have to pay the equipment cost, but look at the cost breakdown, you pay for the service, and the rental as two lines.  Unless you own your own equipment that they will support on their services, you have to rent their modems and boxes.


This is what lack of competition does - look at cell phone costs - cheapest places in Canada - saskatchewan and manitoba if i recall - why - they have four major providers, the rest of the country has three.  It seems that four is the major number - kind of like gas stations too.


Shop around, there are other options, and it takes a lot of time to understand, so just be prepared to patiently work with them to get your best offer.  Once you get them, generally, they will stay with you until you are done, but I have found 1 hour to be the max where they start to cut you off and that is fair, there are others waiting too.  And that is probably enough info in one call for me to digest, then I call back again.  I fortunately can do that, I am home alone a lot and pretty much confined to home due to disability.


I don't think the CRTC was hoping for this complexity - but they can't say how the companies provide choice and priciing or how they want to provide the information.  They do on their site provide tools and tips to guide you on how to get your best choice for your wishes.


The discussion that never ends.  Comes up everytime mass numbers of people have to renew, which with the 1 year and 2 year frozen discounts (once was price - not now), they can count on getting people having to come back around the period of time when the new package was implemented.



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Re: New TV Packages

I went through all the VIP channels I USE to have and the ones I have now with the Popular Pack , plus a Theme pack and one bonus channel. I've lost quite a few and the main ones are about 10 or more. I dont' think that this is fair seeing I paid for the darn channels already and now cant get them at all.

Regardless of how you go about dealing with Rogers these days, they just do not seem to care. In my honest opinion, the big conglomerates are robbing the poor and lining their own pocket books.

I've been with Rogers for years and just have had my fill with them. I tried to deal with this new change, yet again and like you, I was going back to them every year trying to get a decent promo or discount on my Cable TV pack. Every year for the past 10 or more, its been chaos. At one time my VIP was only 50.00 per mth and then after that I was never able to get it that low again.

They up their prices every year, in late winter, as do all the other companies for TV, Internet or Cell Phone plans. 

I dont have internet or home phone with Rogers anymore but  with Teksavvy. I joined them way back when they only had around 30 employees and I am still getting the same price as I did then, albeit a tad more because Bell upped their prices, still I find Teksavvy much cheaper and their staff are really good people.

As for the Cable TV, If I could move over to Cogeco I would but I think they;re all the same now. Many people are just moving to buying media streamers like Roku and Chromecast , plus antenna's. There are a lot of good antenna's out there, Best Buy sells some decent ones. Depending on where you live, you may get quite a few channels. I know for a fact that Rogers, Bell and the like were told by the CRTC to STOP scrambling those channels and the digital channels were open again. I havent tried this area yet but my son has. He gets plenty of channels locally and maybe a few U.S. networks. He also streams live TV from other stations on the internet.

I think eventually most will start going this route and Rogers/Bell or what have you will need to dig deep and lower those packages or lose their jobs. can happen to anyone. They already laid off what, 200 plus employees to date or was I dreaming? LOL!

Hope everyone finds their options out there. If I go IPTV or streaming  , I'll let you know. OH and BTW, VMedia was another choice but their packs are just as bad and their internet is worse. 😕

If your interested in Teksavvy for internet, home phone, etc ( they havent got internet TV yet but I'm hoping) you can give them a buzz and see what they have to offer. I am assuming I cant put links here so just google Teksavvy.

Cheers 😉

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Re: New TV Packages

Thanks for your input and comments - I can't agree more - fortunately, in my area, an antenna gets all of the local over the air channels from Toronto, Peterborough, Rochester, Fort Erie and Buffalo area and Hamilton too.  42 of them altogeher, and represents every major network, plus some very interesting small stations from the US like a "crime station", a comody station, not the one we get on cable, their own from a small town. The US has lots of little stations out there doing all sorts of speciality stations - there is a sports station or two as well.  So only thing I would lose would be things like TMN which I like and HBO, but crave carries a lot of HBO stuff now, and I have used Netflix, I turn it on and off about once every few months - can't do that with Rogers or any provider - you get it all year or not at all for the ones in the packages - you can change channels and themes, once per month and the bonus once per month.

I have also used Amazon Prime, which I get as I use Amazon Prime services when buying from them, the video side was a small additional price.


There are also lots of free stuff out there.  And I am only speaking to all the legally available services.  I too looked at Vmedia - no better on the pricing - I was raised on first no TV, then hey wow, we got black and white with an antenna that had three antennas pointing three directions, and a three way switch to get better reception. Sure you got snow some days and poor reception once in a while, but you just found something else to do.


Then we got cable - same stuff we already watched, but it was free in the apartment we moved into.  Then back to antenna in university and bunny ears antennas, then back to cable for about a decade no decoder, just the basic channel set, and bought my own tuner when they became available to stop paying Rogers for the tuner, and then TV's came with the tuners built in.  I started making more money and added to the basic cable when they offered it free, got to like it and kept it and could afford to keep paying for it.


Then I became ill, no income but fixed disability, then my wife lost her job, and now we have to cut back.  We are on a deal still, they really came through last year to keep me from going and maybe a bit of sympathy, because I told them I had to go just because I could no longer afford it, and could get comparable Internet and phone elsewhere, and since if I drop TV, the others go up, they just weren't competive, so they came through, one year only.  Runs out at end of August - I have called a few times, looks like I won't be getting the similiar deal without significantly cutting internet, or the extras on the phone which we do use, but are available from a local provider of VOIP - their own system supporting the whole region and companies - give residential deals as they make most of their money from the business side and just want to be good corporate citizens, plus lots of their customers heard about them from their employers.  They do TV, security systems, VOIP, reseller of Internet, and service response (if you want to add a contract), and deal with Rogers or Bell if your service is down and it is their side - it would still be Rogers pipe, I just don't work with them at all.  Their techs are highly qualified, available within 24 hours always, typically can be there in a few hours, will design and setup the best configurartion for your home, solve the problem of wifi throughout the home by wiring or alternative means, do not use gateways, period, don't use Hitron gateways ever, and only recently began using the most recent Hitron high end modem (not the gateway) for speeds over 100, and you get choices of modems no matter what speed you choose to go, and they sell customized set up routers with high end open source firmware, custom set up for your own home. Yes, you have to pay for the equipment, and their time, but you can be assured of quality service and response always - they aim for 100% satisfaction - their business depends upon it.


So, I may stay with Rogers depending upon what happens in August, but I can assure you I won't be spending much time on the phone.  I will tell them my wishes from Rogers, and price I am willing to pay, can you do it or not.


Period, stop, end.


Fortunately, in some areas of the country, we do have choices - means a different lifestyle, but you know what, I have lived without 1000 channels on a tuner, I have lived with 3 stations, I have without any at all, I can learn to live without all that TV and still enjoy life - maybe I will actually find more joy in life if I get myself off my but and work on improving my health and just turn the TV off - savings if I do that - almost 150.00 per month - pays for medications and other necessities.  Sorry, but for me anyway, all the companies are pricing me out of business.  And I agree, local stations should not be scrambled.  They can be obtained free, what cable and fibe does is give a more reliable signal, which as I learned over the years, sometimes I could pay for it, sometimes I couldn't.  This is one of those times.


Thanks very much for your discussion and feedback.  It helps to get me back on track of the decisions I have to make, and that talking to Rogers these days after 30 minute waits aren't worth the damage to my mental health. Other than it provides me a chance to practice my patience skills and communication skills and dealing with frustration skills which I learn in therapy.  That really is the only benefit out of calling Rogers these days, although they have been good to me for years, if I have to give up services and pay more, no thank you, I might as go the whole distance.


Great thoughts you have given me - this is why I love the forum.