New Samsung Galaxy S4 Pure Google announced.

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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Pure Google announced.

Samsung and Google today announced the Nexus-like pure Google Samsung Galaxy S4 to arrive on Google Play on June 26th for $649.99. I am hoping that since Rogers has carried most of the Nexus phones that they will also carry this one.


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Re: New Samsung Galaxy S4 Pure Google announced.

Hello kingsclear

As much as i like the idea of that, Rogers or any other carrier most likely will not carry it. Why? Because then the sales for the original S4 will drop and will cost Rogers money and S4's stuck in inventory. Also that is ONLY being sold on Google Play but its compatible with ATT and T-Mobile. Also if you read its ONLY available in the US. No where else. It may come later on in the Canadian Google Play store but not most likely a few weeks or month later. 


Anyways great idea but i doubt any carrier in Canada will carry it mostly because the S4 sales will drop and may hurt Samsung / carriers that way. This is WHY its being sold for $649 on the US Google Play store