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New Rogers advanced Wi-Fi modem!

I Plan to Stick Around

It appears to be another Hitron gateway.

Has anyone switched to this new gateway?
It also has a higher monthly rental cost.



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Re: New Rogers advanced Wi-Fi modem!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Any of the new plans you would have had to move from the smc. It's only a 4 channel modem and quite possibly would start noticing congestion issues with it as time goes on.

For the 60 plan you can still now use the 8 channel ones. The cgn2 and the cisco.

One hing to check on your current. What wireless are you connecting to? The 2.4 or the 5? The 5 which often will have less interfearance, does have a shorter range. Interfearance as a whole might be an issue if you are on a different channel than before.
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