New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

 We  received the Hitron CDE-30364 when we changed from a 40 Gig/ month to 80 Gig/ month plan.

My spouse was told we could no longer use the modem and wireless router we owned because it wasnt big enough to download 80 Gig a month.

Good salesmanship.

Rogers should sell cars, with their logic I would have to purchase a used Cadillac if I wanted to travel 80 km because a used volkswagon can only travel up to 40 km.

The modem is crap by the way, I can only receive a wireless connection in the same room as the Hitron.

We have given Rogers our 30 days notice to cancel our internet account.

Oh, and all of the sudden our overages for the month on their ridiculous 80 Gig cap has gone from 1 or 2 gig over a month to 25 gig over our cap in the last three days.

Shame on you Rogers, you are liceanced crooks.

We will be closing our cable TV account with Rogers as soon as our new ISP is up and running and streaming our entertainment into the home.

Our new ISP is giving us unlimited bandwidth at half the cost of Rogers using Rogers cable lines.

The CRTC should shut thes criminals right down!



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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

That some of the the sales people say.. that the old modems, can not download 80g... yes, is completely wrong (i wish that they would stop saying it)


While the cap, and some of the speeds would have been capable on your own modem.. there are reasons for a modem switch.
(and not just to make money, etc).
MANY people with the old modem you would have had, suffered from congestion issues.  Durring PEAK times, internet would slow down as more people in the area, would get on the net.  This is due to it being a SINGLE channel modem. (think of a 1 lane road)


The new modems, in the case of  your new one, is an 8 channel.  That then changes your single lane road, to an 8 lane road.  Eliviates all the congestion.


As for the wireless range on the modems, etc.. its quite well documented 😞
BUT.. there is nothing stoping you from still using a 3rd party router with them still... there are TONS of people, myself included on here who do it.

Hopefully you have better luck with your other ISP.
I would be interested in knowing WHICH one you went with.  I have yet to find a TPIA provider who has unlimited for cable.  Most of all of them have caps... higher than rogers, but still caps. (and usually only about $10 less).
Only ones i have seen which are about 1/2 the price and unlimited are DSL.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

 I seem to remember from my networking course (I may be wrong, i have forgotten more than I retained)

channels on modems are dedicated anyway, you dont use more than one channel at a time and you can direct the modem as to which channel to use. As far as using another router...why should a consumer have to bridge a connection to get a better signal when you are paying Rogers for a wireless modem/router that is supposed to be doing the job?

 And tell my why, if you dont work for Rogers...Why do you have over 9000 replies on this site defending Rogers ?

Are you paid for each responce you write ? are you on a stipend ?

You take extra time on your responces to attach a signature stating you are not a Rogers employee...

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"




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Resident Expert
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

Correct, they generally only use ONE channel at a time. 
But all the channels bonded, are available.    Its like driving down a highway. You only can use the one lane at a time... BUT, if one lane is busy with cars, you can change to another lane which is not as congested. 
This is suposed to be done automatically... no you can not change it yourself.

Proof of this generally working, is when the switch from the D2 to the D3 modems happened.. just on this forum alone.. congestion complaints pretty much disapeared, as people switched to the D3s.




Not all 9000 of my replies 'defend' rogers.. there are many posts where you can see i complain about things just as much as others.
Most of the time, i am stating FACT.  Weither that fact is PRO or CON to the consumer... doesnt change the fact that that is the way that things are/work at this time.

Most of those replies, are providing technical support, work arounds, or just even little tweeks to help other users having issues.
If you look at 'solutions', i have helped ALOT of people fix their problems.

But i am NOT a rogers employee.  Never have been EVER.
I have just been a rogers customer, who has had their products, since most of them came out. (family had one of the first car cellphones on the market the size of a shoebox before rogers cellular was rogers... i was in the beta for the high speed internet.. etc).  Thus i am well versed in their products.
I DO NOT get paid... heck it would be nice 😛  But no.

ALL of the RE's here.. dont get paid.   We are all doing it of our own FREE WILL, nothing from it, other than the satisfaction that perhaps you were able to help someone fix their problem that day... or at minimum, arm them with more information than they had the day before.
There are people out there, which are just NICE, and try to help people, without expecting compenstation in return for it.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364



"There are people out there, which are just NICE, and try to help people, without expecting compenstation in return for it"


Negativity comes easy these days as you dont see the above too often.

Thanxs for your feedback


Changing the wireless modem/router channel can be done on the Hitron setup page

login and under the wireless heading take the channel setting off of auto and designate a channel.

Most modem/routers have a setup page.

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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

Ok, issue one, the modems that Rogers uses and which will soon be mandated for TPIAs are simultaneous multi-frequency (multi-channel if you want) devices which do enable higher aggregated data speeds. If you weren’t using more than one frequency at a time, you wouldn’t be able to transmit the same amount of data, not without ripping apart the North American tv/cable standard of 6 Mhz channel widths that have been in operation for a very long time. Simultaneous multi-frequency data communications have been around, in operation for at least 40 years if not longer.


If you read through the forums for the TPIAs in question you will see that they do not have the higher speed modems approved for use. There are a number of people who are upset with the prospect of buying a modem or who have bought a modem recently, only to have to turn around in the near future to buy another one in order to get to higher speeds. Having reviewed 2 of the TPIAs I can tell you that 1 in 9 devices listed for them is actually a modem / router which is 802.11n capable. All of the remainder in that group are modems only, one of which has reached the End Of Life point with the manufacturer. So, depending on which TPIA you have selected, you have a very high probability of having to buy a wifi router after all, despite your posted objections. If you don’t need wifi, that won’t be a problem. When you do go out to buy a wifi router, you will have a choice, buy cheap, or spend more money and buy one that has better performance. You will also see that the grass is not necessarily greener on the TPIA side either. If you read the fine print you will see that yes, you do indeed get unlimited usage, between the hours of 2:00 AM and 8:00 AM that is. If you do go over your allocated maximum download outside of those hours you will be charged for the overage, and in at least one case, network hogs will have their network priority “adjusted”.


As far as why would you buy another router, why do you buy anything that supersedes the performance of a baseline model? Because you as a consumer have that ability and choice. If you go computer shopping these days you can buy one that does a reasonable job, where everything is on the motherboard. So why would you choose to install a video card, or an ethernet card, or an SSD? Because you’re not satisfied with the company’s product and you want better performance. That’s your choice to make. I’m not defending Rogers decision to use the devices that it does and the performance that they provide, or don’t provide, but, you do have a choice when it comes to using a better firewall, or router in conjunction with anything that Rogers or any other ISP provides.


As GKitty indicated, REs are volunteers who are not paid and are simply here to give fellow forum members assistance in resolving issues. Why? Because we don’t mind spending the time to help people. As for the signature for REs, its automatic, and it’s there to remind readers that we are not Rogers employees. Therefore, while we are able to provide assistance to a certain level, we can’t resolve issues that require access to user accounts or online access to user devices. But we can, and do help out when able.

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Resident Expert
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

Yes, why you CAN select the specific channel... when you are in a multi channel environment.. where it CAN choose the least congested channel for you ... why would you?

There are times where certain things setting a specific channel.. like your wireless channel, etc.. is a good idea.

In the case of the modems though.. NO.

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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

@Wyatt52 wrote:

As far as using another router...why should a consumer have to bridge a connection to get a better signal when you are paying Rogers for a wireless modem/router that is supposed to be doing the job?


I would consider myself a power user.  I will always want to use a third party router because:  (1) There are some bugs/shortcomings in the router functionality of the Rogers router (such as poor speeds for non-gigabit devices, inability to forward port 8080, . up VOIP); (2) I want functionality that is not available in the Rogers gatweay like running OpenVPN on my router; and (3) I don't want Rogers to have control over my LAN which they do if they can change settings on my router - if I call in with a problem a less knowledagable CSR could do something like change my port forwarding.  This (arguably) presents a security risk as someone at Rogers could find out or change my wifi password.

But this brings up a whole other issue regarding whether Rogers should optoinally provide Modem only devices to their customers which should be a bit cheaper than Gateways that combine a modem and router.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

all said and done, and there are very good points made...

I am done with Rogers...

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Rogers Gateway: Hitron CDE-30364

I think you raise a few valid points.  While I have no desire to highly re-configure my own network, I have become very frustrated dealing with Rogers Tech support who end up messing up part of the LAN configuration while they are supposed to be trying to resolve WAN/Internet issues - several times they've blown away configuration parameters, resulting in extensive rework.


As well, isn't it spooky that they can read our passwords and reenter them - who in corproate security ever though that was an acceptable way to do business without customer permission?  You essentially have a bunch of rogers tech support reps (current and former) who might just know more about your internal network configuration and how to use your own lassword to get into your system than you do.  That just doesn't seem right.  If Rogers wants to give access to their staff for your wifi password and other security parameters, shouldn't they be required to get your consent first - but, they just take it as fine, very spooky.