New PVR interface garbling closed captions

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Re: New PVR interface garbling closed captions

I highly doubt they will go back to the old interface.. the company that developed it, no longer is around, etc. 😞

The most we can hope for, is for the fix on the current.

From the reps i have talked with, they ARE passing this information along.  

I personally have tried to stress to them, that CC is one of the most important things.  

-No realy way (other than the work around) to turn on for recording.

-Recordings CC garbled some times

-No CC on shomi or RoD


The problem is that it then need to go to the developer.. find the fix? (if its not an easy one click type of fix) implement it.. then roll it out.

It is not likely going to be an instantanious fix/roll a round 😞


Best we can do it keep putting pressure on them for a fix.

If anyone is part of any of the Deaf Community oranizations (CHS?) or similar... perhaps see if you can get THEM to try and issue a complaint towards Rogers.  Pressure from those types of organizations may be able to PRESS the priority on a fix on these things.

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Re: New PVR interface garbling closed captions

For Reference: I have NB3 with new Navigator from Jan/16 in Toronto. Basic Cable (channels 2-28 and equivalent HD). I use CC all the time. Live and Recorded. Works perfectly EXCEPT on CTV feeds!!

So, here's another quirk that showed up from last night. I set my box to record Super Bowl 50 on CTV (Cable 8). Now, I also set it to record Legends of Tomorrow on the same CTV (Cable 😎 that followed right after.

Guess what? When I went to watch them later on, CC worked perfectly on the Super Bowl recording. I was amazed.

Then, I went to watch the recording of Legends and because it was scheduled to record at 8:00pm, Super Bowl had not ended yet and so recorded the last 40 minutes of Super Bowl. But, this time when I watched the same last minutes of the game CC was garbled again like it usually always is on CTV! Wierd or what?

Is there somehow a difference of US feed to canada feed?

Take care everyone.


This post was originally posted to another CC Topic Board - I don't understand why there are multiple boards with the same topic (CC).