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New Nextbox Navigator

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My wife was just moving through the new navigator and has the following questions, concerns.


The first screens for the guide are fine, but the fonts are a bit small, even on a 46 inch TV. We are all getting old, let's not forget us.


In the section for listing and managing recordings, the boxes cut off the full names of the shows, don't show dates, would rather have option of old list style with all details right in one spot.


When looking at multiple shows, you have to go to each listed show recorded, but there is no reference to the date until you highlight the show. Then this highlighted information on the show is even smaller and I have almost perfect vision after my cataract surgury, and I can barely read it. My wife can't read it at all. You do have the date on the top right that is in a bigger font, but the show information is almost unreadable and my 24 year old daughter who just came in also comment that it is almost unreadable.


Is there an option for increasing font size and changing to a list view rather than the boxes on the list of the recordings page. Don't like the box feature or the way the contents view at all for the above reasons. See little or benefit for this change.


Otherwise, I am kind of indifferent to the new layout, but do like some features.  I will probably turn off the banner across the bottom off in settings. I can get the same information from the guide.


Yes, there is a bit of getting used to change, but some of this change seems to be change for the sake of change. I do like that it takes less clicking to move around though, it just the display formats and font sizes that are creating legitimate problems for my family.




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

Well, thank god for timeshift, because it's on Global BC (568) at midnight. Or will Negator block that too?

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around
Stumbled on another problem tonight:
In my settings I have my default series recording settings as New Episodes, Any Timeslot, Any Day.
Go to the guide, select something, press record series: the settings are New Episodes, Any Timeslot, This Day Only.
Yet another setting that isn't respected. Come on Rogers, we're not even trying to find problems...

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around

I had a similar problem at first but then I found a way to make the setting "stick". Go into settings and change your selection to This Day Only and then exit settings. Now go back into settings and switch it back to Any Day, then exit again. For some reason, this "switch" maintains the new setting and I haven't had a problem since.....and it's been a few weeks. Good luck!

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

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@KWoo - .. until you reboot your box.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

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@shan-man  Yes, the fact that the recording kept defaulting back to same day rather than staying at one day no matter how I set up the savings was driving me nuts.  I had to keep track of shows that have two sessions per week, and always check back to see what I was getting.  I had given up and started to record the shows that like So you think you can dance, The Voice that have two shows per week and recording the one day in series, and the second day as a series.


I used Shan-man's suggestion. It worked.  How did you ever find that?  It is working, but as also said, will it be there on reboot.


Add it to the issue list.


So I am not going to restart my box just to test whether I lose my settings again, that were miraculously found, but make absolutely no logic or sense.  Try documenting that one.


I wasn't planning to say anymore, but this one did impact me and I am glad to have a workaround for now.  Just have to remember to check my series recording settings closely as I set them up.


************* The rest below is a discussion on the whole mess for those who may be interested.  If you just want the solution above, then you can stop here**********************


I have said this before, but I will say it again, I will give the developers and the testing team the benefit of the doubt and suggest that this whole project was rushed.  


I am coming to my own conclusion.


We have had this name game and feature game going on between Rogers and its competitors for quite a while.


One company allows you take your TV anywhere in the house and watch it anywhere.  Rogers has anyplace TV - not quite the same, you can't pick up your 52 inch TV and watch it in the garage with the guys - we all know the ad.  


The other guys now has the feature that you can go back to the start of a show, whether you came in on the middle or not. Rogers doesn't have that.


The other guys have fibre - Rogers brought in Hybrid Fibre - technology the same thing by the way, only difference is that Rogers has coax to the door and in house, the other guy has copper.  Now Rogers has Ignite whatever that means.


By the way, most people probably don't know that the technology has been developed to allow the fastest speeds, comparable to fibre over POTS copper cabling, thereby allowing the life of all that copper to be extended, and allow for getting out to rural areas in the world where Cable is not available.


Our phones have NFC protocol - that is what allows phones to connect to another phone or device to transmit data by touch alone.  All companies have feature sets that allow NFC to be transmitted over the data network for the carriers for banking, and other things.  Rogers calls it "sure tap", other companies probably call it something else. It is all the same thing, just the names are different.


So I see this update as the next step to IPTV (Cisco acknowledges this in their documentation on the box).


Rogers markets the recent changes as a new better experience, but better to what? One would hope this update would have fixed all the previous problems still outstanding in RTN?  Although I will agree that some minor interface changes have made some things faster and easier, but unfortunately at the cost of ease in many other areas, tiny fonts (I guess to make it fit in the boxes) and a whole lot of bugs and absolutely insane workarounds - most of which users have found and documented, like the one above.


The best feature set that the box brought was in the move from 2 to 3 when we got more storage space and the ability to not have conflicts if you tried to record another show beyond 2 channels.  Comparison between the other guys and Rogers on that one was the other guys had 4 channels, but because it is running IP, it also slowed down with Internet usage, both your Internet and TV.  The Cisco box manages to get away with it because it is built using mostly QAM (just another transmission protocol) and prepared to provision towards IP.  The different protocol which is the current foundation of the network model allows the transmission not to interfere with IP transmission over the same cables.


So sure, I can see how you have to have the edge on the competitors, but not at the enjoyment and ease of the use of the box by the user.


I hope Rogers development and marketing teams have learned a lesson. The new and "better" thing often is not better.  Ask Windows, they went through it with Windows 3, fixed in Windows 3.1, finally fixed in Windows 98. Windows ME was a disaster, Windows 2000 was a wonderful enterprise platform, Windows XP built a very stable platform.  Windows Vista was a disaster, Windows 7.1 over years got past it. Windows 8 was a marketing disaster, windows 8.1 tried to fix it, Windows 10 seems to have nailed down the best of both worlds - the desktop and laptop without touch screen, versus the Windows phone and Windows tablets.  Did you know with a monitor, a mouse, and keyboard via bluetooth, and you can run it as a desktop.  Now that is new and improved.


I wait patiently to see what comes next and do hope that it the fixes are well designed and well tested.  I and others on this board are more than willing to be the testers by the way.  And please remember that standard testing protocol is to test every feature set that existed and is to remain, as well as the new features to ensure that there has not been any accidental conflicts created by the new codes.