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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

After another lengthy discussion with Rogers this morning, they again assured me that exchanging boxes wouldn't make a difference.  I asked for the old format back but they said that was impossible but I was really going to like the new Navigator whenever I get the cable back. 

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@lategreat wrote:

Anyone else been experiencing a crazy amount of random automatic reboots?  My NB2 has been randomly rebooting for the past week a few times to several times per day.  Manual resets or reauthorizing from myrogers account have sorted this out.  I just haven't been bothered to spend and hour waiting for tech support, for them to tell me to do another reset.  Is this an issue any else is having with Navigatr?


Also last night watching a recorded program, controls got excessively laggy, fast forwarded way past commercials - like 45 minutes through a movie.  Kinda spoils the plot - "oh so I guess that guy dies..." 


And of course many of the same complaints others have with navigatr.

The NB2 used to drive me batty, It often would go back to the start of a program if I FFed too qucikly for its tiny CPU.  Maybe we have the first documeted real upgrade for Navigatr, it leaps forward, rather back to the start ;). 

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

So, who has had the misfortune of being upgraded to the new Navigatr?  It has got to be 200 steps backward.  Every feature that the how-to videos refer to doesn't seem to be implemented.  When looking at my recorded content, there are no more folders - each identical show is listed as a separate show.  Try finding something based on date - incredibly cumbersome.  You need to check the date on an individual show to determine where you are.  Selecting the search function while in "list" mode (looking at your recorded content) simple lists all shows that are in the guide when it should be rectricted to your saved content.  The page down function doesn't exist anymore - you need to scroll line by line.  The touted new improved guide is a disaster.  Closed captioning used to be extremely easy to turn on and off -  no more.  Give me my old guide back until this new iteration has been fully tested and vetted by a focus group!!!!

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



"You're really going to like the new Navigatr" could become a new "great lie",

maybe something to replace "the cheques in the mail" now that most payments are electronic and the government of Canada is phasing out cheques.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

With the lobotomy performed on 8642 boxes, all the bugs, totally incomprehensible user interface design, and lack of essential features to manage recordings and scheduled recordings Navigatr certainly doesn't allow you to "Get to what you want to watch sooner by searching and sorting your shows quickly with redesigned PVR menus." (Direct quote from the Navigatr FAQ web page).


Then I remembered the excuse (explanation) on the same page claiming this to be "As a result of human error", and I think I've put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5 (that's an in joke for those of you who now have to set your Power On Channel one higher than the one you really want to get the correct result).


Maybe the "explanation" we're going to hear (eventually, assuming Rogers deems thousands of angry paying customers to be worthy of an explanation for this debacle) is that someone accidentally rolled out a Beta test version of the new Navigatr (RTN 5.2) code instead of the proper tested (& debugged) version, because it's blatantly obvious that this code could not possibly have been tested by anyone who has used RTN code on a NextBox for more than 5 minutes.

Actually I should amend that theory.  Beta code isn't even this bad, must have been an Alpha code version that got pushed out.  One question now is who is going to fall on their sword for this?  Or if they don't go quietly, who is going to be thrown under the bus for this?


We, as paying customers, are certainly owed more than "human error" as an explanation for this disaster.

As soon as Rogers completes an internal investigation of what exactly caused this (though I suspect they already know) we deserve to know the truth.  And yes, we CAN handle the truth !

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Rogers needs to address a few issues regarding their Navigatr and the Navigatr FAQ web page.

These are answers we, as your paying customers, deserve to know.


First item:


I’ve gotten used to the previous software — can I stay with the older version? If not, will this new version be more difficult to navigate?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to revert to your old guide,...


This implies that once you have updated to Navigatr (RTN there is no way to roll back the update to a version with a lower number (the previous RTN   This appears to be just a UI redesign, as those with the Rogers AnyPlace TV Home Edition App report they can still manage their PVRs through the app, so the basic underlying RTN code is still the same.

SO, can Rogers not take the previous code and repackage it as, and roll that out to get the Nextboxes back to a working version of RTN ?


SIDE NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: iPad/iPhone users should have no problem with the Rogers AnyPlace TV app, but if you have Android 5/Lollipop the Anyplace TV Home Edition app will not work, despite the fact Lollipop has been out for months and months, and Rogers has known about this for months and months, it STILL will not work on Lollipop.  Previously customers with Android 5 (or anyone who found it simply too difficult to work on a small phone/tablet screen) could use the Web Based Anyplace TV available at - BUT, Rogers rolled out the redesigned web site several weeks ago and dropped that function we previously had.  Note the similarity with rolling out Navigatr and dropping function we  previously had, or rolling something out before it's ready.



Second item:


Are there some regions in Ontario that will not receive these upgrades?

Customers in Compton, Ontario, and Kincardine, Ontario, will not receive these upgrades. Neither will customers of Mountain Cable or Source Cable, which are located in Hamilton.


Now if we AREN'T lucky enough to live in one of those towns, note that in the answer above (Unfortunately, you won’t be able to revert to your old guide,...) I highlighted the word revert.

For those customers who do not yet have the Navigatr/RTN 5.2 code, you need to provide the ability internally within Rogers to flag a box to NOT receive RTN 5.2

We know this is possible because for ages you could call Rogers and have them designate that your Nextbox should NOT be updated from SARA to RTN.  So find a way to make this work by allowing a box to be designated as NOT to be updated to RTN 5.2 if a customer calls in to "opt out" of the "upgrade".

In fact the federal government does not like it when big companies force customers to "opt out" of something, so the CORRECT way to do this is to ONLY roll out Navigatr to customers who specifically "opt in" to receive it.



Third item:


Will this upgrade cost anything?

No, this upgrade will not cost you anything....


It has (or will) cost many of your customers a LOT of lost time.

As we all know, time is money.

Therefore it has (or will) cost us something.

Therefore that statement is NOT true.

Please remove it.



And finally, Fourth item. 

This one is not on the Navigatr FAQ page but on the Community Forums Blog, entitled:

The New Navigatr Guide for your NextBox


At the bottom there is a rollout schedule for Navigatr:


When will I see NAVIGATR roll out to my NextBox?
Starting July 28th - Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga and Milton
Starting August 4th - Ottawa, Grand River area, London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Strathroy and Tillsonburg
Starting August 6th - Toronto and Etobicoke
Starting August 11th - Scarborough, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Barrie, Borden, Orillia, Keswick, Orangeville, Caledon, Grand Valley, Bolton, Collingwood, Elmvale, Midland and Owend Sound
The fact this still shows dates for a continued rollout makes a lot of your customers very nervous.
Has the Navigatr rollout been stopped (paused, suspended, placed on hiatus, whatever) or hasn't it?
If it HAS, correct that page and remove the upcoming dates for now.
If it HASN'T, we need to be told the truth, now.
Oh and by the way, it's Owen Sound, NOT Owend Sound.
We know that no one checks Navigatr code before it's released, at least have someone proofread the web pages before they are posted.
Respectfully yours,
Neil Palmer





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator


1) My wife, who is slightly nearsighted, now needs to get her glasses to read anything in Navigatr.  Readability is a function of size, font, and colour contrast.  This needs to be optimized to be useful for those of us with less than perfect vision, and the new interface is a step backward.  I would recommend that the interface be tested to the same standard as road signage, which I believe is to be readable with 20/40 vision.


2) We have about 10 episodes of a show recorded.  After watching an episode, Navigatr highlights a different episode than the one you were watching.  We accidentally deleted this different episode, and then realized that the one we had watched is further down the list.


3) Search is now useless.  It does not show future episodes or other channels. 


4) Search is harder to use.  The alphabet should be arranged in as square a matrix as possible, to minimize the number of arrow pushes to get to another letter.  Two long rows of letters require more key presses to get to the next letter.


5) I don't want to see a description jumping up and down because it is in a window that is too small for the content.  Make the window big enough for the content, or let us use our arrows to scroll up and down.


6) The time watched counter was relative to the show start time.  This was good.  Now it's relative to the end of the recording, which is not as useful.  Also, it's smaller and therefore harder to read.


7) Speaking as an Engineering Manager, I can't believe this user interface was actually delivered in this state.  If this was my project I would have been fired, and very rightly so.  I am annoyed and quite frankly insulted.  Paying customers are not to be used for Alpha testing without notice and permission, and Alpha testers should be 100% surveyed for feedback.


😎 Speaking as a long-time Rogers customer, I am very dissatisfied with this interface, and I hereby request that the prior user interface be reinstalled.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Could not agree more. Thank you for mentioning some items that I had missed. What were they thinking? Have they heard about focus groups or beta tests before launching?
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



The time watched counter now being relative to the end of the recording means it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS when you are viewing (sorry, watching) a program that is still recording as this is a moving target.

If I'm watching a 3 hour race while it's still recording the time remaining is absolutely meaningless.


I've designed applications and programmed them, and Navigatr has all ths signs of a project dreamed up by someone who never bothered to consult ANY end users regarding the design, and certainly had no concern whatsoever for the visually impaired, yet alone those with old eyes, or anything smaller than an 80" 4K screen to watch this on.

Just because someone knows how to PROGRAM an application, doesn't mean the know how to DESIGN an application.

And with the number of bugs and glitches in this code I have my doubts about the ability to program too.

If I turned out code this bad I would expect to be fired.  Heck, I'd have the decency to quit !

I'm not even sure this code is mature enogh to be considered Alpha code.  Looks more like something someone whipped together one afternoon from smeared notes on a wet paper napkin after a 10 martini lunch.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



They may POSSIBLY have HEARD about focus groups and beta tests, but they obviously don't actually USE them.