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Re: New Nextbox Navigator


you are correct
Fixed the post to reflect the correct time.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

And the saga continues.  I could see that the third party company (probably not Cisco or the new company or may have been a bunch of them) may have completely messed things up. Only 5 bugs - really big ones that cascade through the whole system then.  I have personally been through this once in a major implementation of a new database and user interface, servers, and user interface with changes in OS at the same time.  Sure I could have blamed the mess on the third party provider we contracted for the implemntation, but when it came down to it, deal with the legal issues, and grovel to my users and upper management as I tried to fix it as fast as possible.  No one cared that it was a third party company - that was my problem - just fix it.


So I say the same to Rogers - I don't care who caused it - just fix it.  At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to fix it, to answer to the customer (we hear you are doing the first, you haven't done the second), and bend over backwards to satisfy the customer and don't repeat it again.


In the last few months, I unfortunately watched Rogers blow the first run at the new billing structure, blow it on the management of the pvr from computer, blow it on the upcoming issues with rogers one number, and now navigatr.  Your track record is very poor at the moment, and when general day to day issues come up that have to be repaired calmly, I find that I cannot give you a break because I just don't trust Rogers anymore. I don't feel listened to, I don't believe much of what I am told, and I can't trust them to get my billing and service changes correct, let alone the programming messes.


You have a major public relations issue on your hands right now, and I do hope you take it seriously and demonstrate it by communicating, dropping the silence, let us know what your plans are and where you are going.


I think I have said enough, I have said that before, but the silence is defining, and the result is tons of rumours, conspiracy theories, and just plain frustration.  Yes all of the company from the bottom to the top get to hear this, but that is what happens when things screw up very bad.  I know I have been personally through it, and you humbly eat cake, fix it, and make sure it doesn't happen again.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@Jack22 wrote:

Well, I thought I had lived through all of the things the new Nextbox Navigatr had thrown at us.


Today I recorded a slew of programs to watch this evening.  I even double checked them before we went out this afternoon.  Can you imagine having to do that - but with this piece of junk you have to.


Sat down after dinner and guess what?  Nothing there.  Furious to say the least.


Went downstairs and discovered that the programs only recorded on the tv where the "master box" is located and all of the satellites received nothing!


What the HECK (I had to edit this myself before the lovely moderator did it for me)????


Moderator - how can I get these programs up onto the satellites?


Sounds like this has nothing to do with Navigatr, and everything to do with WHPVR (Whole Home PVR) problems we've had for ages (and yet another problem that Rogers decided to ignore and instead directed money/time/programming effort on the useless Navigatr interface instead - so I guess there's the link to this thread).


Your "master box" sounds like you are referring to the PVR (Nextbox 2 8642 or Nextbox 3 9865) where your recordings reside.

Your "satellites" sound like 4642 Digital Terminals (or they could be other PVR's, just not the one the program was recorded on).  There is a long standing WHPVR problem where you delete a recording from a box other than the one it was recorded on, and the program is deleted, it sometimes remains in the list of My Recordings on the box you were using to delete the recording.


The other side of this problem is that new recordings are made on the PVR, but the list of My Recordings doesn't always update on the other boxes in the WHPVR setup.  This is down to lousy programming (no surprise there then) of the two way communications between WHPVR boxes (and seems to be far worse between a 9865 & 8642 than it does between an 8642 and 4642).


There's only one solution, reboot the box that is still showing recordings that have actually been deleted, or that isn't showing new recordings made on a PVR. 

Also with WHPVR when it appears the reboot is done (clock reappears) don't waste your time trying to use the box for about 10-15 minutes while the update between boxes in the WHPVR setup occurs, otherwise you will be measuring remote response time in minutes instead of seconds while the tiny little underpowerred brains in these boxes try their best to talk to each other and update the Scheduled Recordings and My Recordings lists between themselves.  Honestly it would probably be quicker if they exchanged the information between themselves via carrier pigeon.


Well, actually there SHOULD be another solution - for Rogers to fix the communications bug between boxes in WHPVR, but as we all know there's no point holding your breath for Rogers to fix problems AND have the fix work correctly.

Case in point - the "deep linking" on their web site was finally implemented about 4 days ago (where, when you are logged out of this forum and have to sign in again it didn't used to take you back to the page you were on - they FINALLY got that working).

Surprise, a few days later and now often when I Sign In again it takes me back to the correct page, BUT it shows I am not signed in because Sign In is there again.  So you click to Sign In, and it just redisplays the same page, with Sign In there yet again.

OR - it repeatedly loads the same page with no user intervention (great entertainment just sitting there watching the same page load over and over again).

The only way I found out of those Sign In bugs was go to the main web page, where it shows you are Signed In.  Click to Sign Out.  Then Sign In again.  Then go back to the Community Forum page you were on originally.  Gee - that's even slower than BEFORE they implemented the "deep linking".


Honestly, who are Rogers hiring as programmers?

Are they so overworked fixing all the bugs that they can't stay awake long enough to test the code they write?

Though maybe THAT'S the problem, they are forced to test their own code instead of having someone else test it, because it's blatanly obvious Rogers has no Quality Assurance team to check anything.     Smiley Mad



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Re Deep Linking..


Just did it to me tonight, singedon off on off loading loading etc. 

Turned computer off and watched a bit of COAST live (12AM viewing slot)


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@krap wrote:

Wonder if Rogers is still using us as lab-rats?

Rogers please review and respond to this problem.


@ON the NB3 that Rogers swapped, saw that COAS T was to be on @ 8 PM tonite.

So I selected it off the guide and set it to record.  A bit later I decided to record the series.

Found it in the pile-of-tiles and tried to modify. After I clicked on record series and did the awkward exit,

It IGNORED WHAT I ASKED IT TO DO.  Tried a couple times more, no dice.

Checked the diag pages, that machine was rebooted on SEPT 1.


Tried the same on my other NB3. first select record once. Then set up as a series.

It did as I asked.  COAST was set as a series with one episode scheduled.

That machine was last rebooted on Aug 25 around the time Rogers did an unannounced download here in Mississauga.


So why the different behaviours ?  Is Rogers fiddling with things and testing it out on us ?

Or did I get a flakey machine when they swaped out machines ?

Already had to do a factory reset and wipe everthingout on per Rogers request to fix another issue.

Before you ask both NB3 show the same version #s of all the software. 


I ended up having to erase the scheduled single recording to be able then set up the series on the swap machine.


AFTER COAST WAS RECORDED I had a series with one recorded episode and no scheduled. 

Tried to erase the recording.  It did nothing.... no response.... exited and the series now appears gone,. even though it did not say that it had erased the recorded program  (old problem,.. wanted to see if has been fixed ... NOT)

Same behaviour on both machines.. Tomorrow the series will likely will show as one scheduled.


Come on Rogers.. you've had long enough to do something about Navigatr's PVR features or give it a decent burial.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I still can't believe the PVR problems have not been fixed yet.  I know someone with a Rogers PVR and they are not happy at all.   I was thinking of getting a PVR at some point but I never will after reading and keeping up with this thread.


I feel sorry for the poor CSRs that have to deal with this.  


The font is still terrible.  I always have to get up and read up close to read the description.  Isn't the font situation an easy fix?  



Terrible service.   Bell is a joke too and more expensive overall.   Canada really needs 5 or 6 major cable companies to compete and bring quality up.  


Rogers makes over a billion dollars in profit a year, that should be illegal to do for a company their size.   Rogers has a monopoly on all their services and they know it.   

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Not to take anything from all the dissatisfaction with the new interface - which is without the shadow of the doubt, poorly designed, implemented and tested, needs to be replaced because it makes the user experience miserable - I just discovered the first good news since it all started: the access to the guide and the PVR from the tablet now works for me and in fact is allowing the workaround through some issues - for example it makes it much easier to check if the recording for an upcoming episode of a series is, in fact, scheduled.


I am using the same iTunes app that i have installed on my iPad for a long time. I believe I tried to connect it unsuccessfully  at the beginning of The Navigatr disaster.


I am hoping posting this will not "jinx" it, and other people here will get some relief from Navigatr font strained  eyes too 🙂

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail!

I have just gone from room to room re-booting all the 4642's and lo and behold the missing little devils and all future scheduled programs have reappeared.

Hopefully, there will not be another television viewing fiasco tonight.

Once again, THANK YOU!

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

the above reply from Jack22 was directed to Neilpalmer400 for his assistance.
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Hi @Jack22  You can edit your posts by clicking on the round symbol on the top right of the screen (but you can only edit them for an hour or two or so after writing them) - and you can notify a specific person in the thread so your comment catches their attention by typing the @   symbol and then selecting their name from the list.