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I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@theClubHopper wrote:

As we'd had to find lost series recordings online, we'd been catching up using a console-based media player ever since Launch Day and hadn't had the opportunity to experience many of the Navigatr bugs that had been identified here. On Thursday, we'd caught up to the first of the series' recordings on the PVR (dated Tuesday 28th). I was especially wary of the issue you described, so when the epidode finished, I did my utmost to avoid it. I saw exactly what everyone had been talking about, and exercised caution and hit [DOWN] repeatedly to get the recording that said "Watched" by it, then hit "Delete" and "Yes".


It STILL deleted the wrong one! It deleted the Wed 29th episode.

Despite calls of "You deleted the wrong one!" from around the room, I was able to prove I was not crazy by showing them that none of the Recordings still present said "Watched" beside them.



All that care and it STILL deleted the wrong episode ?

Who did Roger have test this abomination - a barrel of drunken monkeys ?????

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Just got of the phone with a very nice and polite supervisor in tech support department who agreed with me that she does not like the interface either and was very convincing when explaining the process that they will  use to take customers feedback into account and  fix issues:

1)Each ticket is filed as a separate problem report to the engineering responsible for updates for the Navigatr

2)There is no timeline for fixes/upgrades for missing or broken functionality

3)There will be no reverting back to the old version 

4)The compensation of 6 movies and $15 off is available to all affected by default

As I don't believe in coincidences, much less in the individual freedom to respond from within a corporate umbrella, it feels as if there is a change in how Rogers decided to respond to the widespread dissatisfaction.

I personally infer the following: they know that on the long run they will lose more business to digital content providers than to satellite/cable TV competition ( the main reason I am still here is that after 15 years of being Bell customer I have no illusions that I would be treated any better there). Hence they are putting the effort and money where they predict they revenue will come from in the future.

This Navigatr rollout is  just a collateral damage in that process - likely anticipated and the cost already calculated in, including benefits of QA that does not have to be paid for and included in the development cycle.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator


1. Do we all have report a problem or are they reading the issues on the forum? (And creating various tickets themselves)

2. Re compensation, are they going to advise us when?

3. Are they going to send e-mails or letters to affected customers stating all this info?
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

You'll probably get nothing if you don't call in and complain.

Try starting off with "I'm one of the Navigatr victims and I'm calling in for compensation".

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I honestly don't care about compensation as I have 3800+ points to use. My real concern is the font size and the lack of consideration about fixing it. I am a senior and the font size is almost impossible for me to read from 8 feet away.  I see that a few things have been fixed and I have managed to find my way around the new interface. Upon reading that Rogers expects that each of us is to call and they will prepare a service ticket is beyond ridiculous when it is happening to everyone, not just a few! 


Here is something of interest regarding font size for users:


"The purpose of any text on your website or app is to help your users accomplish their goals."


"Older users or folks with visual impairments especially struggle with small text. Even people with perfect vision experience eye fatigue from staring at screens for too long—and get irritated when they have to squint or zoom in to read text."  (or are having to walk across a room to read the text)

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

This morning I recorded 5 different soccer games, each starting and finishing at roughly the same time. Now I go into Recordings and there are 5 boxes, each with the title "Barclays Premie..." at the top and NEW at the bottom. There is no way to identify which is which without opening each box until I see the one I want to watch first.

With the previous firmware, each game would have been listed in a table which would have had a title which identified at least part of the names of the teams involved, as well as date, start time and duration, thus  allowing selection of the desired recording immediately.

It is absolutely beyond comprehension how anyone could have designed such inadequate functionality, how anyone could have tested it and given it thumbs up and how any manager could have approved its roll-out.

The areas which have had this inflicted on them need to have the previous firmware restored ASAP. There can be no technical reason this cannot be done - only upper management's refusal to allow it because they are unwilling to admit how big a disaster they have foisted on their unsuspecting customers.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Cap07 said:  "I just now accidentally deleted an episode of a series I've been recording because when I hit delete it took me back to the most recently recorded episode instead of the oldest. Why can't it just recognize which episode you've been watching as the one you want deleted? This was on the PBS station and won't be broadcast again so it's totally gone. I can't believe that someone who actually uses a PVR designed this User Interface. It's bloody horrible. Time to hit social media and complain to the world."


I can't believe that the management is SO STUPID as to take away MORE FUNCTIONALITY from a very buggy and unreliable PVR - after they took away about 15 features I liked and relied upon with the change from SARA (SA 8300) to NB2, NB3.  Many of you may have forgotten about SARA, but it did many things that the RTN interface does NOT do.


And this all makes me start to wonder:  is Rogers INTENTIONALLY crippling the PVR in order to coerce us into watching more live TV, and more On Demand programming - because doing so earns more money for them?


Remember, Rogers owns many TV stations, and other revenue streams, and they have had to negotiate deals with TV show creators who do NOT want us skipping commercials - because that is how they earn their money - so it almost seems that Rogers is conspiring with other TV station owners and content providers to cripple the PVR so that we cannot get into the habit of skipping commercials, and archiving our favorite shows. 


What do you think?  I think it's about time to start a separate website where ripped off customers can start to list their complaints. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Rogers and Bell have only one thing going for them.


It is certainly not the price of their bundles that only contain a few channels that we watch. Not the wide selection of their on-demand services. Not the quality of the movies on TMN and such. Not the reliability of billing systems etc ad nauseum.


The one thing is convenience. The convenience to watch what we want, when we want and to skip the commercials, if we want - all from one source.


When this convenience is taken away, the other less convenient, but far less expensive alternatives start to look much better:


OTA channels, Netflix, Free channels on smart devices, Roku services etc.


The TV watching landscape is changing. Rogers can stay on top of it or get buried by their own ineptitude.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Attila:  Yes, I have been spending hours researching 'cutting the cord' because I'm not going to contnue to pay $240 a month for home phone, internet and cable when I can get VOIP phone basically for free, and there are lots of choices of ISP's to give me internet - and my PVR has not been working properly for 7 weeks.  As described in another thread - my PVR developed some sort of corruption, and I am OFTEN not able to play recordings - and in order to hobble the machine back into working again, I have to reboot, and reboot - and some days, I have to reboot a dozen times - just in order to watch programs.


Rogers has no solution to this problem.  The only "fix" - is to do a complete return to factory settings - which means I lose all my recorded programs, and scheduled programs, and favorite channels.  This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.


But, as a result, I've been watching valued stored programs on my PVR, and I'm down to 30% full on my drive - and when I get to zero I may be saying goodbye to Rogers forever.


It's now possible to get almost all TV shows off the internet (especially since I don't watch sports) - so I'll spend a tiny bit on Netflix (the US version), and a few other streaming services - and Rogers can cry all the way to the bank as I join the thousands who abandon their thieving monopoly.


Rogers - your days are numbered.  You've been taking advantage of us for too long.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Agreed This tile system is useless. Worse than useless because it now seems to have its own internal logic I have given up resorting by alpha becauase it stubbornly reverts to what it calls recording date order But But But Even then it seems to move things around in seemingly random order Something i recorded today will be three rows of tiles down.

Seriously Was there a big protest against the simple list system? Did rogers think they were solving a problem that didnt exist?