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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 14

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Do you know if anyone has complained to the CRTC. As far as I know the areas that were hit with the initial roll out of navigatr are still the only guinea pigs with navigatr. I know Ottawa is still on the previous software. Is that not discrimination?! How can they be allowed to charge us the same for an inferior product?

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 14

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

More venting about bad Navigator interface. Complaining to Rogers over the phone useless, since their stock answer to everything is to reboot the box.


Major complaint: having a single tab for "recordings" pointless since there's nothing to indicate at a glance which shows have actually been recorded.  Lots of additional steps need to be taken to figure out something that used to be readily available before. The sort/filter function doesn't sort recorded shows from those scheduled to be recorded. That is something I pray those programming fools will reinstate.


Related complaint: The silly "new" icon only adds to the confusion. It doesn't mean "new" show, since it appears for reruns. It doesn't mean "newly recorded, ready to be watched" since it appears for both recorded and to-be-recorded shows. What's the point of having it there? Get rid of it or change the icon name to something meaningful.


What I've also noticed lately is when scheduling series, despite having set it to record new programs, it doesn't schedule all new programs in a series. Lots of shows returning from the Xmas break are running two new shows back to back. Yet only the first of the shows is programmed to record. This has happened to me with 5 shows so far. So it's another make-work project for me since I can't trust the series scheduling feature to do its job.  I now have to manually go into the guide, for each date and each channel, check to see if the little red recording dot is set, and if not, then manually program the second show to record. 


ROGERS: Navigator is unbelievably flawed. Shame on you for releasing something so poorly thought out and having paying customers be unwitting guinea pigs while you sort out this mess. Fix it or scrap it!

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Or flakey push of software onto a stable box, that wasn't designed to deal with any corruption that may have been in the box. But here is one you have to wonder - Did they offer 1000 boxes out to people and take their used boxes, leave them set as they were with all the configuration changes, and failed boots lying under the works, and then push the Navigtr and other updates onto these boxes and see what happens. That would be a real test. Any box that received NB3 with Navigatr and then had reboot or other problems arise, and a factory reset means that you cleared the box of all corruptions that had been created over time, and I will still suggest that very little testing was done on any boxes in the real world - except for the beta test on the guinea pigs (us). And yes if a box works well after a factory wipe, same as if a computer works properly after you do a factory reinstall and clean install of the OS, it is almost always symptomatic of a software problem, taking us back to the suggestion so many have made - the rollout was poorly tested on "live" boxes. If it was tested internally, is there a possibility that it was set up on clean factory rest boxes? you know, something that no one will have in their own home with a couple of hours after you get a new box because a bunch of updates and reboots will occur within the first day of getting it. Oh well, we see in the next couple of weeks, do they roll it out on everybody, or freeze it and just give up on it, factory reset everybody's box and end the rollout to all areas, call it a day, and back to the drawing board.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



Just received an e-mail saying the new updated Navigator would be coming to us in the next several weeks.

Included in the e-mail was a tutorial and pictures of what we can expect.  No-no-no-ooooooooooooo.


This today after rebooting all 3 tv's once again is too much for my heart.  Start binge watching.


Have to sleep now before I faint.


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 55

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Just received this e-mail from Rogers:


You had feedback. We listened. Introducing an improved
Navigatr guide.
You were one of the first customers to try out our new NavigatrTM guide and, thanks to your feedback, we've made some improvements to make the experience better:
• Program images in the menu to make finding what you love to watch even easier
• A new layout with better background contrast
• Easier to read fonts
This upgrade will come to your NextBoxTM automatically over the next few weeks. It’s just one of the many great things to happen to your TV experience in the near future.


Seriously?! That's what they heard from us over the last 6 months? That we wanted pictures in the tiles and more contrast? Wow! At least they've increased the font size so we can see  from the couch.


As much as it's going to hurt us, I think this Ontario rollout is going to be <expletive>-ing hilarious! I can't wait for it to blow up in their face and for us to finally be vindicated.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
Posts: 202

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

For our sake, and Rogers sake, they had BETTER have fixed MUCH MORE than the 3 things they mention.  The WHOLE idea behind Navigatr needs to be rethought.


When they say they've changed to a "new layout" - that had better mean a way to SIMPLY see what programs are SCHEDULED - and MORE information visible at a glance - such as when the program was recorded, etc - because we should not have to click on a program to see information that WAS CLEARLY VISIBLE in the previous almost working user interface.


It's funny - Rogers treats us so badly that we'll be grateful if they stop kicking us.  By this I mean that we had a reliable fast PVR with the Scientific Atlanta 8300 - and when they 'improved' our user expeience with the NB2 - they took away about 15 useful features and gave us a massively underpowered buggy unreliable box - and then one that was at least fast enough to be useful with the NB3 - but they still DIDN'T BOTHER to fix at least a dozen significant bugs in the firmware that HAVE EXISTED FOR AT LEAST SEVERAL YEARS NOW - and then they had the stunningly poor lack of sense to inflict the worst user interface on us that anybody has EVER seen - and some have suffered and suffered with this for FAR TOO LONG - and now we're going to be 'happy' if they slightly lessen the torture they're inflicting upon us.


And I don't think torture is too strong a word in describing the 'user experience' with Navigatr.


Now that I've got a 4K TV I've been spending about 30 hours a week for several weeks now researching alternative ways to get TV programming to my screen - and there are SO MANY ALTERNATIVES now to standard cable that Rogers is going to lose millions of dollars if the 'new Navigatr' is anything like the old monstrosity.


Rogers will lose thousands of customers when Navigatr rolls out all across Ontario.  There TV landscape has changed massively in the last few years - and online streaming and smart TV's and streaming boxes provide many very attractive alternatives to standard cable TV.


And many of these alternatives are BETTER than Rogers.  I'm considering getting an over the air antenna - and getting 20 to 25 FREE channels that look BETTER than Rogers because their signal is NOT compressed - and I'm currently typing this page on a 75 inch 4K TV that is hooked up to the internet and allows me to surf the web in 4K resolution.  I have this TV right beside my 1080p TV, and when I finish repainting my entertainment wall and have both TV's back in service - I'm going to be a little disappointed that I have to go back to surfing the internet in 1080p OR I can keep using this TV as a huge computer monitor (with cordless keyboard and cordless trackball) - but I have to go back to watching TV in 1080p.


As soon as I can afford to replace my 'old' 1080p TV with a second 4K TV - then I won't have to choose which form of info gets the higher resolution.


And I've mentioned it before - even current 1080p source material looks SO MUCH BETTER on a 4K TV because of the great upscaling job the TV does.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 26

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I am furious.


I sit down to watch TV and the NB3 again goes into the infinite loop of rebooting, probably requiring a factory reset AGAIN. Tomorrow will be a letter writing campaign to every news organization about this junk of Rogers's PVR software closely followed by the company's attitude to the problem.



I'm a Trusted Contributor
Posts: 519

Re: New Nextbox Navigator


As customers, we have the right to be upset! The fact that Rogers has so little disregard for its customers is incomprehensible! The fact that they are still promoting Navigatr as "The new Navigatr guide and PVR enhancements on your NextBox make searching, managing, and recording your favourites faster and easier! Enjoy fewer clicks and a new mini guide that let you search without missing a minute of the show you're watching" boggles my mind. It is like they have no shame and actually think they have done something good! Haha! It is pretty obvious that Rogers has no intention whatsoever of listening to their customers. What good is a survey only to be ignored? Don't forget Espial's role in all of this! They need to keep being told how much disdain Rogers customers have for them. Their review ratings on Facebook keep going down! I urge everyone here, on this thread to go here and voice their displeasure with Espial as well as Rogers on this thread!

I'm an Advisor
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

BTW: We also got the Rogers "we listened" email a few days back. 

You were one of the first customers to try out our new NavigatrTM guide and, thanks to your feedback, we've made some improvements to make the experience better:
Program images in the menu to make finding what you love to watch even easier
A new layout with better background contrast
Easier to read fonts


Looks like all Rogers did was add pictures to a few of the tiles making them even more unreadable, put more contrast into the 50 shades of grey, and change the fonts (to fool the CRTC that they did something about unreadable text).


Suggest Rogers send their execs for sight and hearing tests.  They must be deaf or blind or both if that's all they did.


Nothing about making the PVR work like PVR should (i.e. how they did pre Navigatr)

My other half still can't understand why Rogers made it so difficult to find and watch a program being recorded.

No mention of a myriad of small irritants, like the cc on/off function in a recorded program.



I'm a Senior Contributor
Posts: 196

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Well I only got my "Navigatr, the garburator PVR" (that is a GREAT name for it and it is not false advertising it is TRUE advertising! You should patent the name and $ell it to Roger$!! It is the truth and Rogers should put this in its adds)

2weeks ago last night - On December 18th, 2015 and I remember that night well.


I am too disorganized right now to leave Rogers but I cannot pay for something I cannot watch - TV which I am told was even controllable in the 1950's!

For decades You turned on a button and when you were finished, YOU turned it off - one was master over the TV.


Until 2 weeks ago!


I am still trying to find out how many people were targeted for this entertainment - ending catatsrophe?


"I think I'll start a 12 step support group for former Rogers addicts. 


Meetings held in front of Rogers head offices Monday mornings at 9 am.  Bring your signs.  Tell your friends.)"

I think any large number of people anywhere near any Rogers office would likely be MISINTERPRETED AS ROGERS SUPPORTERS by Rogers especially when the judgement there is lacking to the point of dumping this on end-users. (In my opinion).