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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Hi @park,


With regards to your question about digital boxes that are returned, they are brought back, repaired and tested before use again. What type of repair or test all depends on what the issue is. I wouldn't have any further information about this. 




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@beaches wrote:

I absolutely HATE the new Navigator software!!! Instead of being an upgrade, it's actually a downgrade as many previous features are no longer available while the new options are confusing and require more steps.


<snip list of unresolved Navigatr deficiencies>


I am seriously considering switching over to Bell or doing away with cable altogether. Navigatr is a joke.

@beaches we feel your pain.  We have been trying for months to impress upon Rogers that their paying customers are totally unhappy with this, but they don't seem to care.  They have decided that this is what we are getting, and if we don't like it we can cancel our service.  It blows my mind that they don't care if we leave, but that is the reality of the situation.  I'm still with Rogers only because I'm locked into a bulk package in a condo, so I have no viable alternative.  I guess they count that as a win, and they clearly don't care that we are are dissatisfied customers.  I turned down their offer of two free movies as compensation, and I am on record as having an unresolved issue.  We will have to make the best of this sad excuse for a software product, but I will continue to express our dissatisfaction.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@beaches wrote:

Yes NeilPalmer400, I live in the Beaches in Toronto. Navigatr was downloaded into my box a couple of days ago.


You have our sympathies for your recent unfortunate infection with the dreaded Navigatr virus.

Unfortunately the only know "vaccination" against your PVR becoming infected is to disconnect it from the Rogers cable.

The good news is that a Nextbox disconnected from Rogers cable (or even from a power source) is still strangely about as functional as one that is connected and powered on but infected with Navigatr

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



Welcome to the world of Navigatr - didn't notice, but have you experienced the life of Navigatr - where you lose all your recordings, as if they dumped into a garbage disposal unit.


I am curious about a couple of things - have a look at the FAQ's

They suggest that we can do the following with our recordings and future recordings - 


Some others I will present one by one:  


Can I hide unsubscribed channels?

With the new Navigatr guide, you can use the C button on your remote to apply the following filters to your channels: Subscribed, Pay Per View, Favourites and Music.  You can also hide individual channels in the Settings menu by navigating to Channel Setup and selecting Hide Channels.


This did not save as a default before, is it now still session by session of the guide, or does it save the default.


Where can I find my scheduled and recorded shows?

The new Navigatr guide groups all scheduled and series recordings together in a single tile. If you’d like to view your scheduled recordings separately, simply filter them by selecting theFilter/Sort options on your list.


This suggests that we can use the filter/sort options on the list to separate - is this true, and is it useful to work with, intuitive, and not labourious with many clicks, opening tiles and so forth.


How can I filter my recordings?

You can now manage recordings by pressing the C button on your remote and selecting the option to filter in alphabetical order or date.


This was true in Navigatr version 1, but it didn't save your preferences.  You had to do it everytime you went into the guide.


How do I see the number of recorded and scheduled shows I have?

Within Navigatr, each tile shows the total of recorded and scheduled shows, with more information visible when selecting each tile. The main page also shows total recorded and scheduled shows.

With Navigatr you’ll also be able to view the exact number of scheduled shows by selecting theFilter/Sort options in your list.


Here we see again the ability to filter sort to see our schedule shows (or at least the exact number, what ever that means, the videos show non of this.  How does it work.


Is it possible to see the dates of recorded programs in the list?

With the Navigatr guide, you can open each recording to see the date and time of the recorded show. 


True, by looking at every individual tile and listings in the tile, shows that they were not really listening, or understanding the design based upon user preferences.  


And it is disappointing to hear that the issue of deleting after watching a show, that it pops up the latest recording, leading to frequent mistakes by users to delete the new show, not the one they just watched, and who ever thought it was sensible to put the newest on top, rather than oldest.  Who watches the most recent one and then works backward through their older shows.  Uh duhh.


So this is what they said was fixed in this build, curious if they did or not.


If you find any of these things that still don't work as we requested like the deleting issue, or any of the things that they say were put there, if they are not there, you have the right to escalate very fast past front line technical support, and move to managers, and OOP, and CCTC or ombudsman first, then CCTC, (note CCTC does not have ability to work with cable issues right now - so it may best to go directly to CRTC, advising them you did so because CCTC doesn't have authority to deal with these issues.  Ask for generous compensation, for both your hastles, and for not living up to what they said they would do (if the things they said they fixed do not do so), and emphasizing why they were referring to tutorials that referenced the July implementation and not the new changes they claim are there.


So welcome - it doesn't appear that Rogers has leanred on this second attempt from the first attempt, and their statement that they are improving our viewing experience and listening, is just marketing as far as I am concerned.  There are just too many outstanding implementation and programming issues that demonstrate that their words sound good, but their actions don't match their words.


Ellen Goodman has already wished us luck on twitter - wonder if we can pull her back in on this one. There are other media sources that deal with poor services out there, TV and paper media, use the facebook, facebook messenger, and twitter, along with forums, community helps, and phone, or chat with tech and csr staff and up through the escalations.


I so wish that you guys in Bramptom and other areas hadn't got hit with this same mess we are dealing with for 5 months now.  Keep up the good fight, fight for recognition of your issues, and compensations, and if need be, just move on to other providers.


Most of us stick around because of long histories, and a reluctance to move from one devil to another, or we have contracts in place that we are waiting out.


Have a good holiday and hope your viewing experience isn't too negatively impacted.  There are many of us here who can answer questions as they come.  We have been through it all for a long time now, and some have been through it on various boxes over many years of experience.




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Has anyone who has the "new rollout of Navigatr 2.0" used the settings to try to turn off more like this.  Does it actually turn it off now since we have all said that generally,none of us want it anyway because it usually is just an advertisement for all the paid shows and paid stations.


There are so many other bugs in the original version, that I can't even remember them all, but I find little reference to all the stated issues with saving settings, filter choices, and so forth, that I wonder if they bothered, and will stick to their line of "give us your feedback, and we will continue to listen to improve you viewing experience".  For the new people who just got the rollouts, you are going to begin to hate hearing these phrases - and sorry for any inconvience you may be experiencing.


Does anyone know of people who are happy with either the last rollout, or the most recent ones?

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Er, Ron Perrotta ?
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Is he still kicking around, or was he just a figment of Roger's imagination. Ron who?


But then again, we haven't tried that route for a while, wonder if he is still there.


For the newer people taking on this problem, Ron is the advertising and marketing VP who sent out the flyers and emails to everybody telling us just how wonderful this piece of garbage was.  Then he became impossible to find.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@BS Bruce - Navigatr, the garburator PVR is Rogers most glaring example of the fact that a company can become SUCCESSFUL - NOT by providing the customer with good, competent, reliable service, but by spending MORE on ADVERTISING and PROMOTION and false promises of HOW GREAT THEIR PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS - and then NOT following through on this promise.


Rogers spends A LOT on advertising to con new gullible customers into naively signing up for their services with dishonest advertising campaigns that CLEARLY promise something that customers never get.  There are MANY examples of this that happen again and again and again.  Including blatantly false promises from sales people when you sign up for a cell phone of deals you are going to get - and then when you get your bill these PROMISES turn out to be lies.  The deals are absent - and when you call in you are told there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO.  You have to pay WHAT ROGERS WANTS TO CHARGE YOU - and it doesn't matter that you were clearly told you would be getting specific services for a stated fee.


The latest advertising blitz about how 'wonderful' the Navigatr interface is - is another one of these nausiating examples.


Why am I obviously so PEEVED?  Because Rogers DOESN'T DELIVER on these dishonest promises.  It's all just smoke and mirrors to con gullible consumers.


One example that I'm reminded of frequently is the little box of advertising flyers that sits in the lobby of my apartment building that promotes their TV services.   At the bottom of the page is the catchy "Live like never before" slogan.  (And it's only us poor enlightened aware customers that know this is code for you'll spend HOURS trying to get your PVR to work - and hours more complaining to friends and family and pulling your hair out when your PVR gives out and erases all the programs you've spent hours selecting it to record (and save for when you want to watch them.) )


But the advertising 'spin' on the back of this flyer is even more galling (for those of us who've spent countless hours trying to get their service to work) - when Rogers has clearly made the CHOICE not to do what they need to do in order to provide us with reliable service.

They promote their home phone that is 'perfect for you' - and you might even believe it if you didn't know you could get the same product from Ooma for $4 a month rather than the $50 a month that Rogers charges.


And they 'spin' their internet name by calling it Hybrid Fibre to take away from the success Bell is having with their Fibe internet.  It's just verbal trickery to come up with a name for their service to try to stop their customers leaving to go with Bell.


But what makes me a little sick to my stomach is the thought that a few newbie customers might fall for Rogers claims of  - and I quote them: "...get more than just TV.  Get all the channels you want, exclusive programming, and innovative features and technology including Rogers On Demand and Anyplace TV(tm)  Plus!  Get our New Recommendation App - spend more time watching and less time searching.  Just another reason to love your Nextbox."

And how is anybody new to Rogers to know how false these promises are?  It's only after you've foolishly signed on that you discover the truth about what a 'nightmare' their service is.


And the bright white sticker glued onto the front of this flyer is what takes the cake!  It says (in big bold type) $15.99


Who - in the history of Rogers - has EVER paid such a small amount to get TV service?  Especially the 'all the channels you want' con misleading advertising.


This is all hype and smoke and mirrors to pull in new customers who don't know better.  And it bugs me because I know the nightmare people face when they get a NB PVR. 


And Rogers has the NERVE to promote their "innovative features and technology" - when, in reality, they're giving us broken down, pathetically poorly designed, unreliable junk.


And Anyplace TV?  They're promoting that when it completely disappeared for 6 months and you couldn't use it - and now that it's back it works EXACTLY as unreliably as before.  Sometimes you can get it to work.  Sometimes it doesn't.  It's like playing the lottery.  Maybe it will work for you today.  Maybe it won't.


And then, to make me queasy for a week is the end of their screed:  "Plus!  Get our New Recommendation App - spend more time watching and less time searching.  Just another reason to love your Nextbox."


They ACTUALLY promote their Recommendation App - AS A FEATURE!  Like this is something you would actually WANT!  We've been through it a bit here - and in the post in this forum or on Digital Home with the LAUGHABLE suggestions Rogers promotes that you are supposed to like.  This 'feature' is blatant advertising for their paid Video on Demand services, and they list shows on channels you don't subscribe to so that you have to pay more to sign up for that channel.  But - hey - at least you can now order that channel on your remote.  You no longer need to call in (to pay them more.)


And it's rather obvious that Rogers is copying the ACTUALLY USEFUL recommendation feature on the TIVO - a feature that really does work with TIVO - but Rogers has distorted this function to make it all about their blatantly obvious true purpose - and that's to constantly be trying to find new ways to suck more money out of each of their remaining gullible customers.

This wouldn't be so troublesome if they ACTUALLY CAME THROUGH with their promises of providing us with these wonderful products and 'improved viewing experience.'


Rogers reminds me of the massive US drug companies who charge exorbinant moola for many useless and over-prescribed drugs - many of which have terrible side effects - and questionable benefits - and many of them are marketed for 'made up diseases' - and what is most troubling about these 'drug pushers' - is they spend MORE ON ADVERTISING than they do on research.


These pervasive drug companies are the TRUE drug pushers in America.  Their prescription medications kill 50 times more people than heroin.


And Rogers is similar.  We are addicted to TV.  Rogers is our 'drug pusher.'  They've got us hooked.  And they know it.  They don't need to give us good drugs.  They can keep pushing garbage down our throats because we are tied to them for many reasons - such as contract commitments that we naively signed on for, or rent to own on our PVR's - which trick us into staying until the end of the three years - or because there really ISN'T any real competition.  


Many of us have absolutely no ability to sign on with an alternative.  Rogers signs exclusive deals with condos and 'locks in' customers with no ability to change to another company.

This is all because the CRTC or whatever consumer protection agency is supposed to protect the consmumer - HASN'T.  It's obvious that the CRTC was co-opted by politicians with the previous federal government who wanted to keep their friends who own these big companies continuing to rake in massive profits.  Harper and Mulroney didn't care about us - the little customers.  Their golf buddies and rich friends needed to be protected so they could keep fleecing us because we've never been given the REAL choice to choose who we get our TV from. 


Rogers OWNS the cable that brings us our TV - and now internet, home phone, TV shows and TV channels and programming and more.   We don't have free choice to go with another company - because if we did - we sure as HECK wouldn't stay with a company who disrespects us so massively that they keep shoving a garbage PVR down our throats - and they keep telling us how wonderful it is.


Anybody else feel like throwing up?


But - on a hopeful note - if Rogers REALLY DOES force this abomination of an infection on the whole of Ontario - and if they haven't fixed most of the abominable user interface handcuffing that we've seen with the initial rollout of this monstrosity - then I think there finally WILL be a big enough outcry that consumer protection journalists finally will start taking notice and writing articles about this lump of coal - and attention to WHY Rogers has been able to keep foisting this garbage on us may bring light to the fact that Rogers is clearly an oligopoly. 


Ron P. - who tried to push profits at Rogers without consideration of the user experience - may end up costing Rogers many, many millions of dollars - because customers may FINALLY have had enough - to do SOMETHING.  And to become aware of how royally they are being hosed - and to finally speak up and demand better.  And real choice.


We've been treated too badly for too long.




I'm angry and I'm not going to take it anymore.


I wonder if Rogers has Network on VOD? 


OMG.  I really am addicted. 


I think I'll start a 12 step support group for former Rogers addicts. 


Meetings held in front of Rogers head offices Monday mornings at 9 am.  Bring your signs.  Tell your friends.)


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Not that this will really help much, but...I just received this email from VisionCritical, a marketing research company, asking me to give feedback on the Navigator software. While I suspect that the only reason Rogers hired them is to help them better manage customer complaints about our "new and improved viewing experience,"I thought I'd post the survey link here and encourage people to take it. There's no option to provide additional comments, questions are of the yes/no agree/disagree variety, but I figure it can't hurt to let the powers that be know how many of us really really dislike the current Navigator interface.


Here is some of the text from my email along with the link to the survey. I've posted this elsewhere on the forum but figure it'll get more views here.


As part of the ongoing efforts to better serve your needs, you are invited to participate in a survey and provide feedback on your Rogers TV products/services. Rogers has contracted Vision Critical, a professional market research firm, to conduct this survey.

Your answers are extremely important and will be used to help improve your TV viewing experience. Your answers will be sent directly to Vision Critical, where they will be tabulated and aggregated with those of other respondents. All data collected will be free of any identifying information, entirely anonymous, and confidential.

The survey will be open until midnight on Monday, December 28th, 2015. To take the survey now, please click on the link below:

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@beaches thanks.


The link is onetime use. So we cant see the survey.

Nice that Rogers is checking. When they get the results, wonder if it will make any difference ??


I hope at least one question is about 4k TV.  Expect that's the reason for the  navigatr software. 

Ii expect most of us have no desire to even consider buying a 4k TV till our current one dies.


So making our boxes 4k ready is jumping the gun,and costing Rogers many customers.


Rogers : Please rethink your approach. Give us RTN back and give the early adopters their 4k nonstop hockey games some other way.