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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@hoodlum1 wrote:

Since the upgrade my hard drive has been constantly chirping while the box is turned off.  Is there any way to stop this?  


You are probably hearing the disk rattle away runing Media Shrink sessions.  These run in the background to compress the recordings further to save disk space.  It only occurs on 9865 boxes (Nextbox 3) and actually started with the previous major RTN update (prior to Navigatr) and usually (not always) start when you are finished with recording/viewing - so often when you turn the box "off".   If you check the diagnostics you can see statistics on Media Shrink sessions.

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New Nextbox Navigator

I have not received the upgrade yet. May I know when my Netbox will be upgraded to the new Navigator.

The Guide now is useless. Formerly, the channels that I did not subscribe to were grayed out, not now. Which is really inconvenient.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Navigatr will be deployed to the rest of Ontario after the bugs are fixed. You really don't want it before that.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Hi @khigal  Nobody knows when Navigatr will be rolled out to the rest of Toronto.  Rogers hasn't said yet - and the tech people you can reach on the phone haven't been told either.


But please don't be confused - Navigatr is NOT an upgrade.  It IS a DOWNGRADE.  You lose a bunch of features that you were accustomed to using - and many things you do every day with your PVR become MUCH MORE DIFFICULT and inconvenient to do when the Navigatr 'virus' 'infects' your PVR.


But the problem you are talking about is something YOU can fix yourself, by going into Settings, Channel Setup, Hide Channels, Show All/Hide All Options, Hide All Unsubscribed Channels.  Voilà .  Problem solved.


But - sadly, khigal, you CANNOT hide the On Demand channels.  I haven't heard ANYBODY else here complain about this design choice by Rogers - but it is CLEARLY designed this way because Rogers wants to push us into watching more On Demand programing - because they CHARGE EXTRA FOR (some of) IT.  And they are all about making changes to our PVR's that will earn them MORE MONEY.  (They're not so much about fixing bugs and idiotic menu design choices that have haunted this pathetic PVR since Rogers foisted it on us.)  Mad?  Me?  You betcha!

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I will give you the same advice @billmcintyre as others have given me - chill out, take a walk, have a drink, whatever works for you.  But I relate to all you say, and I will be the first to say that it is quite ok for you to be, "Mad?  Me?  You betcha!"  I am with you. Like my common response am I mad, yes, am I frustrated, yes, do I have trouble be patient, yes, I only ask you one thing - until you get this monster fixed, if you insist it is an upgrade - admit it is a completely failed upgrade where the bugs outweight any benefits it may have given us. And my best message, give me back the old one until you fix the "upgrade" and get it right.


But you are right to tell these people who ask - this is not an upgrade - it is an abysmal failure, and like so many of the other failures, "they are aware of it, they have stopped it, "how about pull it completely like they have done with other failures", and they are working hard to improve our viewing experience, but have no implementation date.


Standard message - unless you are worried about what you are getting, is be glad you don't have it.


Glad there are workaround - see the PVR management app thread - because I can no longer manage close to 50 tiles of recordings and scheduled recordings, and now the ghosts of shows no longer on the air have been popping up ready to record when the new shows come our way - but no way to know they are there, or to permanently delete them.  Just another tile to ignore.


For now, I would like to see them roll back, or at least come up with some fixes and roll them out to us guinea pigs who got to be the beta testers who give feedback and hear nothing and receive no changes.  So don't be in any hurry.  And if you know people who may be thinking of moving to the bundles and getting them, point out to them that the ads actually show the old menu and box and confirm what you are going to get.  If you are getting the new Navigatr, walk away.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

khigal - Don't take too lightly what billmacintyre told you about the new Navigatr system. It is a DOWNGRADE of the highest degree. Many useful features from the previous system have been completely erased and not only not replaced with something better, but not replaced with anything at all.


And like he also said, many things that you used to be able to do with 1 or 2 clicks of the remote can still be done but it will take you way more clicks of the remote to do them.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Was looking back at some of the thousands of posts in various places in the threads that deal with the New Navigator.


First comment is the confirmation of the consistent lack of silence on this whole issue and the absolute stubborness to consider any possibility of at least rolling back, while we wait for it to be fixed.  I loved the analogy of being told to lift out hood in order to put our car into reverse.  It said it so well.


Other than early fanfare about the coming rollout, and a few videos, and some tutorials, along with the standard, reboot, maybe it is this, maybe it is that, maybe, maybe, maybe, and then some messages of the delay in the rollout, and the message that the rollout will go forward to all locations "unabated" once the initial problems are worked out, there has been generally no message to us the users from Rogers upper levels.


There was a message about the delay being announced on the my rogers page under the announcement of the new Navigtr - it was in yellow, that has now been stripped, and you will be hard pressed to find any reference to this whole issue on the Rogers public website.  There are some links to FAQ's where we hear the standard, we are working hard to improve your viewing experience on each of the items that had been highlighted in Ellen Roseman's article, and oddly enough, if you watch their recent ads on TV you will see their old interface of red and black rather than our new grey being shown, and no reference to the new Navigatr.  But new comers to Rogers get to see the giant view of the wonders of the new Navigatr and what it can do for us.


Interestingly early in the process it is highligted by @theClubHopper all the problems he had picked up just from viewing the videos, which he elequently documented before ever seeing the real thing, and he was pretty much dead on with most of them.


Naively, individuals like myself posted looking to give advice on things that didn't work well, and a large emphasis on the font size.  I suspect that one becomes a priority because that one alone can lead to a human rights complaint under the requirements of the OADA.



I think we can see the clear message that Rogers is going forward in the following on the shopping page for TV items.

"The new NavigatrTM guide and PVR enhancements on your NextBoxTM make searching, managing, and recording your favourites faster and easier! Enjoy fewer clicks and a new mini guide that let you search without missing a minute of the show you're watching. Watch for these and other exciting enhancements to your NextBox in the coming months!

Find out how to use the new NAVIGATR for NextBox here"  This is where they used to have the yellow message about delays in rollout due to ....  Now, if you were coming to Rogers for the first time, you would think this was all wonderful and look what we are getting, and why come to Rogers - one of the reasons is Navigtr. So is it any surprise that they intend to go forward, but that doesn't excuse them from refusing to consider rolling us back while they fixed it.



But one thing I did love as I went through the sections, was the wonderful humour that has flowed. Lots of it has been "kill them all scarcasm, as has been politely mentioned to me on one occasion", but some has been just plain fun.  There is lots of frustration, anger, every emotion under the sun, but there is a clear message, in particular when I review the older discussions about the earlier boxes and the issues people had, along with all the other programming issues that come along - Rogers does listen, they do try to fix it, but they are selective and if they decide to not do anything about a concern, it appears that it is neither a topic for discussion, nor will we be advised of the decision.


This is from the FAQ's


I find it hard to read the font with the new background on the guide. Can I change the font size or background colour?

Options to change your font and background aren’t available right now, but we’re always working hard to try and improve your TV experience. We’ve done a ton of research to improve the user interface of your NextBox, but we understand the changes might be hard to get used to.


Comment - oops, forgot to research standard practice for visual accuity issues, font size, colour, background, kearning, and the responsibilities of the OADA. And the words, we understand the changes might be hard to get used to suggests that they may not commit to the change in font and its is our problem (we have to get used to it - tell that to someone with limited visual accuity to their face and be prepared to get an earful) - keep in mind, I am only responding to the words of Rogers public representation of the issue, much like when they raised the issue with Ellen that the loss of recordings was a user configuration issue on a few boxes. No acknowledgement that they must have missed that in testing, which we have generally learned that testing is always in house, with employees, and doesn't even include the experts on the board.


Is it possible to navigate by pressing page up/down on the recorded list?

That function isn’t currently available, but we’re always working on improving your TV experience so keep checking back for more updates.


Notice the consistent repetition of the phrase at the end of that one - It generally says, you are getting it the way it is, and we will send out updates.


They did stop the rollouts "I refuse to call them updates" at best these should now be called "fixes" or service releases.


So I may be in a dream world, but wouldn't it be nice if Rogers higher levels would admit that this is a mess, agree to roll us back. I know that may mean that we may have to lose recordings to do that, but just tell us if that is true.  The can'ts seem more like won'ts to all of us, and others have said much better and with wonderful humour and sarcasm in other places.


So do keep raising your voices, but I took a break earlier this week from it, and will do it again for a while. I don't need to have Rogers drive me crazy, I can do that quite well on my own. Smiley Very Happy  


But in closing, as I said elsewhere, I am very pleased that I have my first correct bill in months, no errors, all credits for errors in place, and in general, I am a happy long term customer - I just wish I didn't have to work so hard to get things right.  But I guess that is just the reality of big business and oligopolies.  


Have a good weekend and week everybody.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I hope and pray that they never complete the rollout.  From what I have read here it sounds all too complicted for me.  Heavens, it took my husband and me two days on the phone with the very patient  Rogers customer help people to get my first  and only HD-PVR box set up and working, so symplicity is a must for me.  Also, unless Rogers is handing out new perscription glasses, a readable font for my aged eyes is a must. 


The guide and guide and PVR system I have now is easy to use and with just a little squinting readable.  At present,  I can set up my daily recordings, check for any time conflicts in one or two minutes then get on with life.  Why would I want to give that up, 

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I totally agree Rogers missed the boat on this more like a downgrade than a upgrade the new Navigator SUCKS

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

This post is going to cover so many areas, I wasn't sure which thread was appropriate, but I think the root issue is Navigatr.


This morning, I was reviewing my recordings for tonight in the guide on my downstairs 9865.  I had set everything up earlier, and was just checking that everything was still OK.  In the guide, it showed that I was not recording Blindspot on channel 8 at 9:00 or NCIS: LA on channel 3 at 10:00.  If I tried to re-schedule the series,  I was told that it was already scheduled.  If I checked the tiles, there was a tile for each series and it showed that tonight's episode were scheduled.


I wanted to compare the guide for the upstairs and downstairs 9865's, so I brought up the rogersondemand site on my laptop and the Rogers app on my (non-lollipop) tablet.  There was no Manage PVR icon on the web site, and the tablet app could not find my PVR's.


I signed off the web site and went to the Rogers site, signed on, and went through More -> Explore and got to the page which this time did have a Manage PVR icon.  I then stopped the tablet app and restarted it and was able to sign on and connect to my PVR's.  


When I compared the two lists of scheduled recordings for the two 9865's, both lists showed that I was scheduled to record both shows.  I went upstairs and brought up the guide, and it showed that the two shows were not scheduled.


I went back downstairs and rebooted the 9865.   After the reboot, both shows appeared in the guide as scheduled to record.


I am going to leave the upstairs 9865 without a reboot and see what it records tonight.  That is why I have two boxes - so I have redundancy, and so I can experiment with two different strategies for recording to improve my chances of actually recording what I want.


It may seem like a lot of work, but when the results across different accesses are inconsistent, how can you know which one is accurate?


So then I try to post this reply and I get:


Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource
does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.


I go back to the Rogers main page, sign out, sign in and try again using Firefox instead of Chrome and can post again.