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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@Mister_A wrote:

I have only one question (for anyone who can answer): What *additional* functionality, or *improved* performance, has this so-called upgrade delivered?


Frankly, I don't see any, so why do it at all, if it's just a fashion statement?



All the best,

Mr. A

Found one !

Try to delete the recorded/watched program inside a series box/tile that has one recorded/watched and one scheduled program, e.g. like your favourite weekly series

Did it delete?  

You don't know cause when you hit delete the boxes get instantly rearranged on the screen and the series gets buried deep down the box/tile list.  Go hunting, and many clicks latrer you may find it again. 


Solution: Have separate sections for recorded and scheduled (like we had before). 


PS: In the new system when boxes/tiles are in shown chrono order, why are the scheduled ones at the very end, just after the oldest recorded program.  The future is ahead, not behind !


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@. wrote:

PS: In the new system when boxes/tiles are in shown chrono order, why are the scheduled ones at the very end, just after the oldest recorded program.  The future is ahead, not behind !


For Rogers it isn't.  Smiley Mad

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Based on everything that I read to date the new Navigator is full of faults and should never be rolled out.  Thank God I don't yet have it.  My #1 suggestion is that the developers look at other vendor products on how to navigate.  I've had several older TIVO PVRs for years and its the best example of what to do. A few examples.

1) When you record a series create a directory of all shows recorded, in date order.  On the existing Rogers system if I record several series shows several weeks apart the oldest may appear off the screen at the bottom.  I recently watched a program and was confused because of the disjointed plot.  Why?  Because several earlier episodes were recorded weeks earlier and I didn't see them listed until I scrolled down.  Group all shows for the same series together, and date sorted within that group.

2) All commercials seem to be multiples of 30 sec.  Buid a 30 sec advance into the system so that I can move quickly through these commercials.  The 2 min advance doesn't make it easy when a commercial is 3.5 minutes.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@khtaylor wrote:

2) All commercials seem to be multiples of 30 sec.  Buid a 30 sec advance into the system so that I can move quickly through these commercials.  The 2 min advance doesn't make it easy when a commercial is 3.5 minutes.

I have that on my DVDR, which I seldom use now. It makes the most sense and I got accustomed to the length of commercial breaks on various stations at various times so I could nail it pretty much all the time. I'm pretty sure there's also a signal embedded in the feed that could be used to skip commercials entirely, but the advertisers would surely prohibit use of that technology. When I FF through commercials, I still "see" them and the sponsors still get their message across. I also see promotional stuff for new or returning programs, so I back up and make sure I have recordings scheduled.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@lensman wrote:

@jinx8910@ - I got the link from @shan-man in message 262. I just took a look again. It is the "Share a Concern" page so not specifically the Office of the President (although it was from them that I received the message). Anyway, here it is:



I used this "share a concern" link to send the following message:



Good Day,

I write this to share with you some of my concerns regarding Rogers products and services.

The first issue is about the new "Navigatr" interface of the digital cable boxes.
It replaced a solid user interface, one that was clear, intuitive and easy to use.
It is a very unprofessionally-made design, very confusing for the user; poorly planned, poorly executed. We lost a lot of neat features with this new "upgrade".

It is obvious that "Navigatr" was forced onto us with very little testing, if any. For those who own or rent-to-own the digital boxes it really diminishes the ownership sense and feeling. They were given no choice and many of them lost their recordings.

The Rogers Community Forum is full of complains and list of software bugs. People are enraged by the lack of response from Rogers management. They need to know what Rogers' intentions are about this fiasco, with a clear plan and milestones. Many of them are asking for a roll-back to the previous user interface. This seems to be the wisest thing to do.
I work in the same telecommunications field and I know a thing or two about software and hardware updates.
Beta-testing the interface on your customers should not be allowed, even though it saves you money.
It should be really embarrassing for the Product Manager that let this half-baked contraption out on the market.

A second issue I have is the "Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition" phone app.
It did work fine initially for Android phones.
It stopped working after the latest Android operating system update (from rev.4 to rev.5).
This phone O.S. update happened 5-6 months ago and nobody at Rogers cared to modify the app to keep up with the O.S. update.
Again, users are very disappointed and enraged about this lack of service. All this negative feedback can be found in PlayStore, where the app can be downloaded and Android users usually add their feedback, evaluations and comments. The number of "stars" is 1 (minimum possible). Again, very embarrassing!

This app played a significant role in deciding to get the new NextBox 3 digital box, because only this box had the ability to be programmed remotely using the phone app. The app is free, but the box is more expensive than a regular one.
Now the phone app can't be used and we all feel that we don't get the maximum benefit from this technology (read: "paid more for nothing")

When I contacted Customer Support to let them know about the app problem, I was transferred up and down, left and right because "it's a phone problem, no, it's a digital box problem, no it's a phone problem, no, it's a cable problem".
It was futile to explain them that my phone works well, my digital box works well and it’s just the app (the software) that must be addressed.

For some reason, I was booked an appointment with a technician to come over and measure the TV signal strength at the hub and in my house, like that's going to fix the app problem. Kafka is alive and works for Rogers!!

I went through 8 (eight!) CS representatives until the last one understood the problem and collected some data from to fill out a form for Technical Support. Then I contacted a Customer Support Manager to let her know (in very civilized terms) about the whole ordeal.


Given the situations exposed above, I cannot wait for my contract to end in December and cancel my cable, internet and 5 (five!) cell phones that I have with Rogers.
My Rogers bill is quite substantial and I was willing to pay that much because, two years ago, Rogers sold me on convenience and a good level of customer service.
Now that the convenience disappeared due to incompetency and customer service is below par, I don't see why I have to keep paying the same.
I can find TV programming, Internet and cell phone services much cheaper from other companies (Canadian or American).

I hope this "concern" message makes it to the highest paid Rogers executives and gives them an idea of what's going on. To me it's obvious they have none.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Dear Rogers Employees,


Please pass this up to th epeople who are creating all those How-to videos:


Please make a video on how to...


1. quickly see what will be recorded tonight

2. quickly see what was recorded in chronological order (ie: news from different stations on different days interlaced)

3. quickly see what recorded shows I can watch now in the 1.5 hours that I have available

4. quickly see where I recorded a single show from (channel, time, day of week, etc)

5. how all this was done on the previous UI and show the developers how-to program a PVR UI

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Untrue! I am one of the unfortunates who HAS had the abominable Navigatr forced on them. Thankfully I still have the sanity of the SARA guide on my 8642.
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

This new system is a HUGE step backwards. It erased everything that I had on the hard drive, both all shows recorded + all shows programmed to record. It is now very cumbersome to watch a recorded show. It used to be that I would hit LIST 1x and there would be the entire list of all my recordings in the order that they were recorded. Now no such list exists. Now when I hit LIST I see a bunch of boxes. I then have to select the series that I want to watch, then scroll to the episode that I want to watch to be able to watch it. Then if I want to stop & delete this episode it opens up a new can of worms. If there are multiple episodes in the queue & I'm not wanting to delete the one at the top of the list then I have many extra steps to take to delete the episode of my choosing.


It also used to be that if I hit LIST 2x that I would see a list of all the shows that I had programmed to record in the order that they were going to be recorded. Once again, no such list exists. 


Then today my PVR was recording a show. It used to be that if I hit LIST when a recording was taking place that it would then show me what was being recorded. Now when I hit LIST there was nothing there to indicate what was being recorded.


Please give me back the old system. It wasn't broken before you touched it. It now is very broken.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Just wait, I'm sure they'll get to you yet.  😉

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

This company absolutely sucks. My next and last communication with this company is to cancel my services. I've never interacted with a company that could care less about their customers, and for that privilege to get to pay excessive amounts of money and get garbage like this navigator. Don't get me wrong I'm certain that there are some fine folk at Rogers however those aren't the people making the decisions. They'll attempt to provide value only if you say you're leaving them. Hey, why should I have to tell you I'm leaving as a customer to actually receive a retention discount on services. Your company sucks.