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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@User2014 wrote:
Agreed This tile system is useless. .......

Seriously Was there a big protest against the simple list system? Did rogers think they were solving a problem that didnt exist?

Sad to say, Rogers has now CREATED a probem that did not exist. 

There are fundamantal design flaws in the new system.It truncates names. it mixes recorded and scheduled progams, text is too small etc. etc. This makes it more difficult to retrieve and watch program and to check/confirn what is going to be recorded, plus the new system make it too easy to delete the wrong program in a series !  Not to mention zapping NB2 harddrives.


Rogers has yet to figure out that its most interested and involved cable/TV customers are those those with PVRS.

We have invested in a PVR (or 2 or 3) because we value TV more. 


Rogers spent muchos $$ to shoot itself in the foot ! 



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

theClubHopper wrote:

In my case, having refused the original ROD movie/token bill credit, and having not yet accepted the re-negotiated package I'd had to fight with E-Management for, I was pleasantly surprised when the O of the P person did the right thing and just came out and said "Here's what I'm going to do for you..". I was happy with what was offered (and it wasn't a NB3), and I don't "happy" easily, but I added, "That's me happy but what about everyone else?".

So were you sworn to secrecy as to what the compensation was?

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Neil's right.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

It just irks me that every customer has to haggle and broker their own compensation deal with Rogers.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Got the new navigator, but doesn't work now. No movies or tv shows in Shomi, says no videos.  Trying to turn off discriptive video and navigator settings won't work. Now have to make a trip back to the store with my nextbox to get a new one, because updates screwed it up.  Not happy.  And we lost all our recorded shows, because we got no notice this was happening....

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I said to myself that I would never send another reply to this forum.

No one at Rogers appears to be listening to any of our comments.

Two weeks later and not one single reply from HQ as to when any type of fix might occur.



Why should we have to call individually to receive any kind of compensation?   It should automatically be "rolled out" as was their abominable mess.

99 % of the people want the old system back.  How hard can that be?  If you cannot figure out how to fix it - how hard can it be to put back what the majority want?

Totally, totally disgusted wasting my time every day trying to watch a recorded program without having apoplexia.

That is not how tv should be watched.


Good Evening all

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



This Navigator interface is the worst Rogers upgrade I have had in years. By the end of this contract, in December, I am going to cut all my dealings (TV, Internet, 5 cell phones) with Rogers. I am paying a ridiculously huge bill only to get more headaches.


How does this upgrade make my tv-watching experience better?  Rethorical question, of course. We all know the answer. So I'll vote with my money.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@Jack22 Please don't let this drive you  into an apoplexy - for people who don't know it, it is also known as a stroke, and usually preceded by the actual organ or part of the internal organs and systems where it occurs. High blood pressure can cause it.  So please don't let this insanity drive you to that level - take a break, watch some netflix or online shomi if you have it, or watch tv shows and networks on your computer using VPN's where needed.


You can begin to research where you are going once your contracts run out.


I have to agree though, this whole mess along with others led to a major incident with my PTSD - I just had enough. I have got it back under control, but I don't need these headaches and triggers.  My wife and I have agreed that we are looking at new options when our plans terms run out, and our two daughters have already decided that when their phone committments run out in December, they are porting out their numbers, unlocking their phones and moving on.  This will also be the opportunity for me to make a decision on my home phone options - do I really need it anymore, or do I look at VOIP, or just go cell phones (note I said cell phones, not smart phones - Rogers can't get it through their thick skulls that some of us just want very small number of minutes of voice (phone) per month, and text, so give me basic plans with an add on where needed (you know like the old days) - you can do this at Fido - bring your own phone and get a basic phone plan 29.00, limited talk, but we don't talk that much on phones anymore, and I am more than happy to work with VOIP options for longer calls from home. And that I do want a smartphone for the many apps that benefit my health, reminding me of med changes, etc, but I don't need data for this, I use WIFI strictly for data at home, and there is barely a restaurant, coffee shop, theatre, even my doctor's office that don't need WIFI.  I use my cell phone for emergencies, texting rather than calling, and now buy my phones outright - I put 30.00 per month away in a bank account to buy the next phone. Two years and I have made interest on my money, and no economic incentives required.  I could even use my line of credit at 3 percent if there was an emergency.  I refuse to take these big phone plans just to allow me to buy a phone on monthly installment over two years.  You are still paying the full price for the phone, just being forced into more expensive services I don't need.  There is a sucker born every day, but I am not one of them.


I wait to see what they will do with this mess.  There are lots of task steps of screen clips to walk us through how to work with the horribly designed interface.  I notice they haven't done one on sorting recorded shows, or how to get to see our series easily.  They make it look real easy, pulling a show from the top set of tiles in their presentations.  They don't show the difficulty of dealing with actually finding shows, once you find that there are 5 seperate tiles of each show, and one with a scheduled showing of series in it.  I would love to post a step by step version of how I have to work with my screens and contrast them to this simplified, very minimal complexity of the task steps that one of the reps did.


For a 22 year customer, the absolutely deafining silence as described is driving me nuts too.  I write comment after comment, and nothing official is said, we each tend to solve each other's problems with workarounds, and my wife is now at the point where she doesn't even want to here the word Navigatr ever again, so to get her to buy into it is time to move on is quite an accomplishment.  She is one of the primary reasons why we have never moved - happy with the ease of the services she uses, a common email address for years, a home phone number she is happy with price and chosen options, and cell phones at a price we are happy with to meet our basic needs - nothing extra.  So be proud of yourself Rogers people who decided to go down this road of trying hard to move us from grandfathered plans on cell phones to your new share everything and rolling out this mess on Navigatr, and before, all the bugs related to the new billing options and deliberately taking away features like talk detail without fully understand what people use that for, and then us having to keep saying over and over again, put it back.  They did do it, but we pay for service, not headaches.  So like I said, after 22 years, I am seriously thinking of looking at other options - cut the cord, satellite, bell fibre, over the air digital, Internet options are a dime a dozen, and cell plans for our specific needs are easily found without having to spend so much time making sure that each time they suggestion this new package that will give us so much more for less money, only to find out that we have actually lost services that we have carefully chosen to meet our basic needs, then making poorly informed decisions about package offers without the reps communicating the impact on our services clearly, even when we have asked them to do it.  I feel like they are so busy telling us that they are listening and making changes, that once they make the change, they forget to see if we really wanted it or not and giving us options.  I know there are business decisions in the development of all these models to maximize profit, but they need to remember that there are consumer decisions that can be made.


When so many people who are long term customers are saying on these forums that they are ready to call it a day, either they really don't want to keep us, or they are not fully thinking of us when making decisions.  I know I have never been asked what I would like to see in products, packages, etc.


Life goeson, no apoplexy going on here (I hope), and fortunately, I have therapeutic support for my own disability to deal with frustration.  If I didn't, this stuff would have probably ended me up in hospital in crisis.  And I not overblowing this at all.  When you have PTSD, severe depression and anxiety disorder, it is a real challenge to work with significant challenges and frustration that has been created totally by Rogers implemenation and staff.  I have managed, but one of the other solutions to keep me healthy and not set me back is just to say goodbye.  I personally have dealt with too much in 5 weeks, as have every member of my family.


We shall see.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I feel your frustration. Now I realized that the previous interface was soooo good 

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator


Thank you for your well thought out discussion of why so many of us are feeling as frustrated as we do with Rogers. Like you, I am in 100% agreement with you about the expensive Share Everything wireless plans. When our last contract expired, and tired of being "upsold" by Rogers to a plan we did not want, we finally made the move to a competitor. Currently, we pay less for 2 phones than one phone would cost us with a Share Everything plan and we still got a subsidized phone at no extra cost, plus a data plan, albeit a small one. You are correct - WiFi is prevalent in so many places, even more so in the U.S. where we travel a great deal that we in no way need all the bells and whistles at an extravagant price. Sadly, customers like you and I do not seem to be as important to Rogers anymore.


One item you could have added to your discussion is the fact that when Rogers revamped the MyRogers page last April, they removed the ability to program our PVRs via the MyRogers Website. Based on some of your comments, I suspect you are no spring chicken any more. Neither are we. We spend a good deal of time in Florida every winter (as well as other travel) and the ability to program our PVR from there to have lots of programs available when we get home is priceless. That function is no longer there, despite the fact that is was working well most of the time up until the MyRogers Website was revamped. Here it is August and the function still has not returned. First, we were told it should be back in mid-July. The next thing we were told is that it is now another couple of months away from returning. Will it ever return? On top of that, we are told to use the app instead. What if we do not have the app or do not want to use the app on a 4.5" screen? Or what if we have an Android device where the app does not work? It gets very discouraging too when you cannot get any real answers from Rogers.


As for Navigatr, we are fortunate to have not received this "upgrade" yet. Everything I have read has both my wife and I dreading the day when we get it. Once again, there seem to be no answers from Rogers. We are told they are working on the issues. We are told there is no turning back. We were told there would be a revised rollout schedule published last week. If there was, I cannot find it. You are correct when you say "the absolutely deafening silence as described is driving me nuts too". This thread is now up to 29 pages long in just 2 short weeks and I am sure that the "deafening silence" is driving every single poster here nuts as well. In fairness, Rogers has listened to their customers before. A few years ago they introduced the now infamous Quick Start Guide. This replaced the normal guide when you hit the "guide" button on your remote. From what I remember, it was nothing but promos hyping Rogers. In order to see the real guide, you then had to hit the "guide" button twice. What a furor this created. Customers were up in arms just over having to hit the "guide" button twice. Do you know what though? Rogers listened and gave us the option to change things and to have the real guide show up on the first click of the "guide" button. Will they listen again? As you mentioned, "We shall see." We shall see too if like you, my wife and I seriously consider switching our services as well. We still have home phone, Internet and Cable with Rogers. We would like to stay with Rogers but..................will Rogers finally make it impossible for us to do so?