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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@RogersStrick wrote:

@BS the issues are two fold, some concerns surround the function of the new guide and how to use some of the new features, while other concerns are about the bugs that exist with the new giude.


With regards to the bugs that have caused issues like lost PVR recordings or the constant requirements of the parental control PIN; we are working very hard to come up with fixes for these issues.


With regards to the features of the guide and how to use them we are in the midst of creating how to tutorials to demonstrate how to best use the guide features.


And some revolve around functions which no longer exist in the new guide !

Seems whoever designed it did not understand how people actually use a PVR that can store hundreds of hours and programs while recording upto 8 things at once !


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Well said. Give me back my old format
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I am not going to say much more on this topic from my perspective, unless my wife and family point other things that I feel need to be said.


I get the impression that Rogers developers have two major things in front of them - one is bugs, major and small, in particular the Nextbox 2 issue of losing recorded shows and other related ones like the PIN issue. I do know that when I first reviewed the nextbox settings, parental controls were now turned on. I have never turned them on. It seems that they are now on by default and my own guess is that the people with the problem of it coming up every time is that it has been set to have parental control over the use of the box - i.e., only if you have the PIN for parental access, can you even get into the box.


The other issue is one that they seem to be taking an approach that we just need to learn how to do what we used to do in a different way. Whether it is easier and faster (the whole marketing pitch for many of the new changes), does not seem to be a consideration.  So we are going to get a lot of tutorials on how to do all the things that we have done before in ease and usually very quickly.


I also think that the developers have forgotten to break down the development based upon the reality that the box has three functions with many subfunctions.  The basic functions is to provide navigation for the purpose of viewing channels, a PVR function which has two key functions - first to provide easy ways to record shows, and the second to play back and manage these recordings.


I think they did a very good job of the first two functions - the three current videos show us how to navigate to find channels, through navigation (the video available is very useful to figuring out how to do this), the second video tells us how to search (the search returns and recommended shows features can often be very useless, but that is not new), but there has been some progress in that area.  In the videos, we also learn how to record shows, which is beneficial, but there is very little reference to the whole process of managing recordings and listing our series of recordings, which is the most common concern (aside from the font size, which doesn't meet the AODO recommendations for supporting people will visual acuity problems, and on a basic level, we are seeing a lot of sarcasm rolling out over the font size. it is so bad it has now become a joke).


It is great that more tutorials will come. They need to be developed for all of the most common usages of our boxes, and I think for many we may get used to it, but may not forget it the next time a major problem arises.


But I do think there is a major rethink on the whole design for the PVR playback and management side of the device. By design, these boxes have the ability to record about 5 days of recording, which is not unrealistic - if you decide to go on vacation, you may be recording many shows which you then need to find time to watch and would like to watch in your preferred choices, not alphabetical, or most current. I may want to start with a show in the middle of three weeks of shows, then watch a movie, then back to a series and so forth.  As an example, sometimes we end up with a whole season's shows waiting for us to watch, because there were 4 shows we wanted to watch at the same time. That is where the 8 decoders came into play, it was designed that we now could record more than two shows at a time or one while we watched another.  The result is that you can have a huge number of shows and episodes to search through and the current new design is extremely cumbersome to work with. The old model worked very well. As my wife said, it seems that some of this design is form (looks) over function.


I do strongly recommend as one other said that when you go back to trying to fix some of this stuff that you do a comparison of old versus new and get some user feedback and compare functionality, speed, ease of use.


I can live with it for now and for now, I am out of here - Rogers has taken over my life as of late with bills not coming, tons of bugs in the new billing on line, hours on line on chat, here, and on phone all the way to president's office to deal with the billing stuff, and now we throw in this navigator stuff which is impacting my whole family, not just me as I am the one who deals with bills, and also learning that one number does not run on some browsers as of September due to changes in standards related to JAVA and other app designs.


This is all in one month. Am I angry, no, am I leaving, no, am I frustrated, absolutely, do I like some of the changes, yes, do I wonder about the thinking process of some of these implementations, definitely, am I happy in general with the responsiveness of Rogers and the board to the issues as they came, yes, am I frustrated with the delays and poor communication on some issues, yes.  So as you can see, Rogers is creating a lot of mixed feelings for a generally happy customer.


good bye for now, I need to get back to life.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I have been trying to navigate your new Navigatr. What were you thinking??
Navigatr is much more difficult to use.
There is less detail when searching PVR saved programs. No running time. No recording date. Huge boxes on screen with absolutely no information. This is wasted space where these details could be shown.
Please go back to the old programming screens. Navigatr is a complete disaster

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

What were you thinking ?
Navigatr is much more difficult to use than the older method of programming.
PVR searches are much more difficult : no details. No run time. No recording date.
Please switch me back to the previous programming screens. This is a disaster.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

My wife commented on run time earlier. Run time is important and although you can find recording date by going deeper, it is no longer available at a glance. Run time is important - it allows you to decide what shows to watch depending upon time.
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

To echo others, this PVR interface is *not* an improvement. The recordings screen shows tiles with zero information about the shows, rather than the horizontal table (as in the old interface, not to mention the ‘new’ channel guide), which showed the title, date, description and running time.


This is a complete failure of the interface design, and I'm speaking as someone who has years of experience designing things (including HMI's -- Human Machine Interfaces) for a living.


1) If tiles were such a bright idea, instead of a fad (see Windows 😎 why not use them for the channel guide also?


2) When looking through my recorded shows, I have *zero* interest in ‘recommendations’ from pay-per-view / on-demand. I want to be able to see my recorded shows and select between them.


3) If I have a half-hour to watch something, I want to see the running times of the recordings without having to select each one individually, and then, since the running time is no longer given on the title screen, have to start to ‘watch’ it to see the duration. (‘Watch’??? Why not ‘play’, like it's always been???)


4) When I’m ‘watch’ing a recording, if I hit the ‘info’ button to see the description, it now kicks me out of the recording and displays the title screen, which is much less user-friendly than the previous info strip across the bottom of the playing recording, although I'd make that a lot more inobtrusive.


5) At the very least, there should be an option to use the old interface if you want to.


This is just poor interface design. The new Navigatr (seriously? Why not Navigatr? *Please note* - Just Kidding!!!) has *serious* design flaws, and I am not the only one who thinks so. 


I understand that there is a significant amount of financial and political investment in this 'new' design, but it is unbelievable that it was tested with any kind of live audience. Not an improvement.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Hello Roger:


It is not a matter of developing new tutorials for the Navigator.  Most of us are intelligent enough to figure out the basics.  The problem is the bugs in the overall system that have to be addressed.  These bugs can make you doubt your sanity!!!

Thank goodness the roll out has been stopped for the fortunate ones.

How on earth did any of this mess pass the final testing - all should be fired.  I know I would have been.

Thanks for your response and are awaiting the fix - hopefully Rogers will keep all updated with bulk e-mails.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

At least you guys have cable.  I've been without since my nextbox crashed on Tuesday.  The message on my tv says, 'The user interface is currently unavailable' (or something close to that).  Rogers is aware and has 'people' working on the issue.  All due to the Navigator upgrade and they are unable to give me a date of when this issue will be resolved. 

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



Call customer service, they will credit you something for NO TV for several days.

Then run, don't walk to the Rogers store to get a repalcement, assuming you don't have

amuch saved.