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New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

My wife was just moving through the new navigator and has the following questions, concerns.


The first screens for the guide are fine, but the fonts are a bit small, even on a 46 inch TV. We are all getting old, let's not forget us.


In the section for listing and managing recordings, the boxes cut off the full names of the shows, don't show dates, would rather have option of old list style with all details right in one spot.


When looking at multiple shows, you have to go to each listed show recorded, but there is no reference to the date until you highlight the show. Then this highlighted information on the show is even smaller and I have almost perfect vision after my cataract surgury, and I can barely read it. My wife can't read it at all. You do have the date on the top right that is in a bigger font, but the show information is almost unreadable and my 24 year old daughter who just came in also comment that it is almost unreadable.


Is there an option for increasing font size and changing to a list view rather than the boxes on the list of the recordings page. Don't like the box feature or the way the contents view at all for the above reasons. See little or benefit for this change.


Otherwise, I am kind of indifferent to the new layout, but do like some features.  I will probably turn off the banner across the bottom off in settings. I can get the same information from the guide.


Yes, there is a bit of getting used to change, but some of this change seems to be change for the sake of change. I do like that it takes less clicking to move around though, it just the display formats and font sizes that are creating legitimate problems for my family.




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

How do I watch a program which is being recorded ?


I like to start watching a program a few minutes after it actually starts.

Then fast-forward thru useless stuff and get to end at the same time the progam actually ends, live.


This new NAVIGATR makes that very difficult to do.


From what I can figure out, it does not let "play" a recording till after its finished and its BOX gets listed.  


Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Reliable Contributor
@krap wrote:

How do I watch a program which is being recorded ?
This new NAVIGATR makes that very difficult to do.

From what I can figure out, it does not let "play" a recording till after its finished and its BOX gets listed. 


There are a number of bugs involved with the display of recording items (the folder things), but as it is, it is pretty straight forward:

- [LIST] -> look for an item with a red dot.

- Navigate to it, [OK|SELECT]

- "Watch" (on right side) should be selected. [OK|SELECT] to start watching.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

The new Navigatr looks nice-ish.  There  has been some thoughtful UI changes that I like ... like a semi-transparent banner page and a recording progress bar that is slim.  However, PLEASE add some needed UI changes ASAP:


Recorded shows - Allow us to sort by Name, Date, Unwatched


Record progress bar on playback - nice to show on the right how much time is left, but on a 3 hour show (like the Today show), I like to see above the progress "dot" how long into the show the playback is at --- like 1:15 tells me the marker is at 8:15 am (from a 7am start) -- better yet, offer an option to show the actual recording time??


Appearance - could you provide more options as to what and where things should appear on the screen?  For example, the progress bar at the bottom ... perhaps others may want at the top or even up/down one side -- it sometimes interferes with the viewing when you have a freeze frame or slow-mo of action where the bar is.  Having an option to select how LONG a to display  banners , bars would be nice -- having to press exit to kill a banner/bar is annoying.


We like the new look, but the UI really needs some emergency fixupps before the rest of the Rogers subscribers get it .. else you are gonna tick off a LOT of users ... you cannot afford that.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around

The new guide is a study in how to screw up something that worked fine!


Aside from the cosmetic changes of the progress bar, the entire UI is far worse - in every respect - than the previous one, at least how I use my PVR.


Let's see, daily routine:


1. As I cannot trust that my scheduled recordings will actually record a program on a given night, I used to press List twice and see what will be recorded today. Nice list with complete title, day of the week, time, length and so on. Page down to see 6 more lines. Easy as pie.


So, how do I achieve this with the "Enhanced" UI ??


2. I then usually set one-time recordings for the night, such as movies. So, press Favorites, go right to 8:30 and see prime time. This is the same with the EUI, but not having the old one any more, I can't put my finger on it, but the EUI just looks like a wall of text and I am not seeing the titles and program length as clearly as before. I see no improvement in this guide.


3. Next logical thing is to press List once to get back to my recorded down to the oldest program I have not watched yet (I often leave movies for when I have enough time to watch them), press Select and Play.


So, how do I achieve this with the "Enhanced" UI ??


The new and "improved" Search:


In the old UI, we entered letters on a 6x5 grid - I think. So to go to any letter from the center was much closer.

Now we have two rows, A-M and N-Z. To go from A to M it takes 12 key presses.


Care to count how many key presses it takes to enter Amazon ?


Of course, the result list still contains entries that I have no idea why they are there. The title sure does not match what I typed in.


This UI will put a sour taste in my mouth every night I sit down to watch TV. One day it may make me puke and Rogers can then say goodbye to the $200/month that I pay for services.


PS: Before someone tries to explain to me how to do the above things, the questions were rhetorical, as I know it can be done - it will just take forever. 😉

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

I have noticed that there are a lot of users speaking up on common issues, there has been a few comments by community experts, but moderators, and any feedback from Roger's itself except for reference to the issues with the Nextbox 2.0 deletion of recordings and holding back on the rollout, we are hearing nothing so far that our concerns are legitimate, that someone is looking at them.


There has been limited presentation of step by step workarounds on how to do things in the new model, in particular around listing recordings and future recordings that are highlighting that there are some ways to do what we could do before, but they are very awkward, and in some cases important steps of the past are not even available.


Just an observation.  I can live with what is there, it is awkward, but it has made the PVR feature almost unusable in terms of playback, managing future recordings, and easily finding our recordings and recordings of series versus individual recordings.


This absolutely has to be taken care of.