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New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

My wife was just moving through the new navigator and has the following questions, concerns.


The first screens for the guide are fine, but the fonts are a bit small, even on a 46 inch TV. We are all getting old, let's not forget us.


In the section for listing and managing recordings, the boxes cut off the full names of the shows, don't show dates, would rather have option of old list style with all details right in one spot.


When looking at multiple shows, you have to go to each listed show recorded, but there is no reference to the date until you highlight the show. Then this highlighted information on the show is even smaller and I have almost perfect vision after my cataract surgury, and I can barely read it. My wife can't read it at all. You do have the date on the top right that is in a bigger font, but the show information is almost unreadable and my 24 year old daughter who just came in also comment that it is almost unreadable.


Is there an option for increasing font size and changing to a list view rather than the boxes on the list of the recordings page. Don't like the box feature or the way the contents view at all for the above reasons. See little or benefit for this change.


Otherwise, I am kind of indifferent to the new layout, but do like some features.  I will probably turn off the banner across the bottom off in settings. I can get the same information from the guide.


Yes, there is a bit of getting used to change, but some of this change seems to be change for the sake of change. I do like that it takes less clicking to move around though, it just the display formats and font sizes that are creating legitimate problems for my family.




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm an Advisor

The new NAVIGTR seems to be almost unusable in the one area area where its supposedly targeted.


Namely - NEXTBOX PVRs and manging recording and recording shows.


It is extemely challenging and confusing to find ones recordings.

Mingling recorded and future scheduled recordings is a BAD idea.

NAVIGATR wastes a lot of screen-space by putting each in its  own BOX,

It seems there are only 2 ways to scan through to find ones recordings (alpha and chrono, sort of, maybe )

with very nonintutieve way to flip-flop between methods. 

And there is no info about which channel it reecorded from.


I often have 70+ shows recorded or saved, so navigating easily through them is important.


Please give us a guide or tutorial showing how to things the old way and how to do the same with new NAVIGATR.


PLUS : I checked earlier tonight to see if a progam (Amazing Race) was scheduled to be recorded. It was.

But when the time came it did not record it. Guess I'll have to check out all scheduled recordings.




Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I have just received the new Navigatr Guide and it is the absolute worst thing Rogers has ever forced us to use. It is not at all user friendly, it is twice the work to see your recordings, there does not appear to be any way to see upcoming scheduled recordings, I have repeatedly set it to list recordings alphabetically and it does not hold that setting, I have to reset every time I go into Recordings. Where you have multiple episodes recorded and you click into that show, you cannot see at a glance the date of the recordings. You have to go into each individual recording, one at a time. The list of recordings won't "page up or page down"; you no longer have the option of listing recordings by title or by channel or by PVR; in fact you no longer have ANY options.


Seriously, put the old guide back! This is so unuser friendly I seriously would rather switch to Bell than continue with this guide!

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around
I thought the Nextbox 3.0 was the worst thing ever invented by Rogers. This new Navigator tops all of their crazy ideas. The font is to small - you cannot read it. All of the programs that were previously in folders have escaped and are everywhere. No idea of what order they were recorded in. Can't see what is scheduled to be recorded by date. When you alphabetize the recorded programs it will not save and you have to re-organize every time. Programs will not delete after watching. Absolute junk. I do believe it is time to move on to another service provider. Someone was actually paid to develop this mess???

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around

If you cannot see what is recorded by date and you have more than the 4 alloted programs scheduled how do you know which one the system will delete if you are not home or cannot previously check?

There must be a fix added for this.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Reliable Contributor

ipalrosic wrote:  
2.1. Settings > System > Channel to Start Up  : the actual value used will be one less than set in the System Settings e.g. setting the starting channel to 24 will cause the receiver to "wake up" in channel 23. This is tested with values 24 and 25.

3.3 With recording selected, the Watch and Delete buttons are right beside one another - making accidental deletes very easy to happen  - made worse by lack of refresh after the recording is deleted; you can press watch button over and over again for the already deleted recording

Regarding your 2.1: on my 8642HD w Navigatr, "System" -> "Power On Channel" is what I see. I had mine set to "Last Channel Viewed", but just tested it by changing the selection to a channel (inc 23, 24, 25) and then hitting [EXIT][EXIT][POWER] to back out and turn off the box. Then [POWER] to turn on, and it turns on to the channel I just set.

Try rebooting and see if it still has the issue, perhaps?


Regarding your 3.3: althoug "Delete" is directly below "Watch", clicking on "Watch" will immediately start playback of the recording while clicking on "Delete" brings up a prompt that says "Are you sure you want to delete this episode of ______?" [YES | NO] -- making accidental deletions considerably more involved than I thought when reading your complaint. I will concede that "YES" is selected by default --- which is poor UI design because the default selection is a destructing & irreversable action [I mentioned this back in 2013 and again in Jan 2015, see here - although my Idea Box idea was implemented in January (and carried over to Navigatr, when [REC][REC] is pressed), the safeguard was ignored, much to my dismay].


Also regarding 3.3: I tested this by pressing [REC] on live tv to create a recording, then after a few seconds, pressing [LIST], navigating to the folder, [OK][DOWN][DOWN] "Stop Recording" [OK] [OK](on "Yes"), [DOWN](to "Delete")[OK], [OK](on "Yes"), and the white banner saying "Deleting.." appeared and then it kicked me back out to the main Saved screen.
I was going to post "works for me", but I then changed channels and repeated the test. This time, it did as you described: said it was deleted but stayed on the Episode Folder screen, with "Delete" still selected. I could go [UP][OK](to "Watch"] and watch the episode. I then tried Deleting again, and it deleted properly. I then repeated the experiement and it worked properly. So verified glitch, but inconsistent replication.