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New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

My wife was just moving through the new navigator and has the following questions, concerns.


The first screens for the guide are fine, but the fonts are a bit small, even on a 46 inch TV. We are all getting old, let's not forget us.


In the section for listing and managing recordings, the boxes cut off the full names of the shows, don't show dates, would rather have option of old list style with all details right in one spot.


When looking at multiple shows, you have to go to each listed show recorded, but there is no reference to the date until you highlight the show. Then this highlighted information on the show is even smaller and I have almost perfect vision after my cataract surgury, and I can barely read it. My wife can't read it at all. You do have the date on the top right that is in a bigger font, but the show information is almost unreadable and my 24 year old daughter who just came in also comment that it is almost unreadable.


Is there an option for increasing font size and changing to a list view rather than the boxes on the list of the recordings page. Don't like the box feature or the way the contents view at all for the above reasons. See little or benefit for this change.


Otherwise, I am kind of indifferent to the new layout, but do like some features.  I will probably turn off the banner across the bottom off in settings. I can get the same information from the guide.


Yes, there is a bit of getting used to change, but some of this change seems to be change for the sake of change. I do like that it takes less clicking to move around though, it just the display formats and font sizes that are creating legitimate problems for my family.




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Navigatr: list of recordings

I've Been Here Awhile

I just got the new Navigatr on my Nextbox. When I press the LIST key I get a list of all the recordings; HOWEVER, the only way to know if it is a recorded program or a scheduled recording is to select the recording. This is a wasted effort. There should be a visual cue to show whether it is recorded or not OR keep the recorded and scheduled recordings separate.

Also, the page forward and back keys are disabled.

And, I keep setting the option to list the recordings alphabetically but it keeps resetting itself to "most recently recorded".



Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I've Been Here Awhile
I agree wholeheartedly. I don't think the software was tested at all with real consumers! Hopefully Rogers (or whoever programmed this) will either give us back the old version until they fix all these issues OR they fix the issues very quickly ... Like within a few days.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around
Hasn't been rolled out to me yet, but now I'm dreading when it does happen. The font issue sounds like the developers never tested it on actual TVs and lonely tested with their monitors where they're only a foot away from the screen.

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I Plan to Stick Around

While we are at the topic of "hard to resolve  issues" - it feels like the quality of the "Navigator" will be such issue, and with that in mind I will reiterate the comments that I posted in my deleted posts, organized as per standards I am using when acting in my professional life:


System: NextBox 3.0 HD PVR, Software: New Navigatr Guide 

1. Deployment Issues: 

   1.1. About half of my future recording based created by  "Record as Series" entries were deleted by the upgrade - some future recordings are kept

    1.2 According to the Support Representative, clicking List button twice is supposed to display defined "Record as Series" entries; this does not work on my box and I was told that the reason for it may be an incomplete deployment.


2. General Product Bugs 

   2.1. Settings > System > Channel to Start Up  : the actual value used will be one less than set in the System Settings e.g. setting the starting channel to 24 will cause the receiver to "wake up" in channel 23. This is tested with values 24 and 25.


3. Poor Design and Features of User Interface

 3.1. Exceptionally small and hard-to-read font for all descriptions  - this is complemented by a lack of any ability to change fonts in the interface

3.2 No visual cues which "recordings" entries are actually folders and which are single recordings - augmented by the fact that some existing recordings with multiple entries are displayed both in the folder and scattered individually throughout the list

3.3 With recording selected, the Watch and Delete buttons are right beside one another - making accidental deletes very easy to happen  - made worse by lack of refresh after the recording is deleted; you can press watch button over and over again for the already deleted recording

3.4 List of recording items shown within big empty gray boxes - supposedly designed to accommodate pictures in some future release -  this is a pure waste of screen real estate and makes scrolling and visual searching left and right at same time as up and down mandatory - opposite to GUI design best practices

3.5 Rogers on Demand Search on a show displays limited list of episodes - no interface to check available seasons and/or more episodes than the arbitrary selection


Please note that the above list is what I compiled within 1 hour of having a chance to work with this upgrade.


In my original post, I called on Rogers to remove the "upgrade" and think more carefully before making highly advertised and frankly - poorly thought through and tested  - changes. As I now see that there is a serious effort to push the Natvigatr through at all cost ( A Quote from the Rogers FAQ section - highlights are mine: "Unfortunately, you won’t be able to revert to your old guide, but we’ve made these changes to improve your experience with your NextBox. We understand they might be hard to get used to, so we’ve put together these videos to help you out. We believe that once you get used to the new version, you’ll love it), I will not repeat that call.


I will simply state that the question of usability will be high on my priority list when deciding  to stay with Rogers or go elsewhere for TV content 




Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I'm a Senior Advisor

I just want to say that I like most of the new changes, they do make it easier and quicker in many places. I haven't decided about the banner. It produces a delay in changes between channels. The banner has to come up, then the picture comes up. Reminds me of what I hated about satellite tv boxes, the great delay in navigating. I tried turning it off, but problem then is that your channel is no longer on screen. You can't get it from menu, or information. It does not show the channel, you have to go to the menu, or until the screen switches back to time on the box, you can see the channel momentarily.  I want it for the channel, but really don't like the delay. I have driven my family nuts testing every feature.


Left with the concern around how listing of recordings and future recordings work - want them separate, not mixed together, like a list view, not this folder view, but like the options to work with recording, setting, and managing that is on the right side.  The font issue absolutely has to be dealt with, and I don't know the answer to the banner. But one thing I have learned if you push the play button for a moment, it will go to slow speed, but you will see the channel at the top, and hit it again and you get the normal speed back. Kind of a weird work around if you choose to turn the banner option off.


Maybe if you could set it to choose to not have banner come up, have the channel come up at the top corner as with vcr controls, then use the menu to bring it up momentarily when you choose to see it.


Just suggestions, no it costs money and time, but I am beginning to get a feeling that there is limited testing and feedback with the "real" consumers and a wide representation of consumers. You will pay for it in advance by expanding the user pool involved in the process, but you will have more happy customers and you have committed the company to improving customer satisfaction and support.  This is not a new problem in development. System designers, software and hardware engineers, network engineers, external support companies, the developers, the testers, the redesign and quality teams, the support teams and most importantly the users (we pay for it all and use it), all think differently and it is critical that we are included early in development, not to find problems and then debug the user interface due to incomplete design to cover a full range of users.  It has existed in the field for years. Ever tried as a user to talk to a techie who does not have people skills and a techie trying to talk to a user.  But it can be done, there are excellent models and it looks like your notice on the new resident expert team and their private communication board may be a good example of how they can link us to the development and implementation teams.


Well, retired as I am, I don't have to deal with this everyday, but I can be sympathetic of all the players, but it doesn't relinquish the importance of finding a forum to get all these players working together. Reduced frustration and greater satisfaction for users and employess, support teams, alike. We all come away more happy.


Keep up the feedback and hard work everybody.