New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

we've waited this long for a change to the ipg and this is the best you've got?  what a joke!!!  you are **bleep**!!!!!


going by the image of the new ipg, the grid is still 5 x 3 and half height.  it's just stretched out.  what's the point?  if you can't give us user customization, then at least give us an alternate ipg screen, say 10 x 5 and full screen.  eyes can scan faster than fingers flipping buttons, put the data on the screen so we can see it. 

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

Not only that, but if you have the 8300 PVR, there is no improvement at all to the IPG. Yet I have seen much better IPGs on the 8300 model in the U.S. so I know the technology is out there if Rogers really cared about their customers!

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

Lack of is really hurting Canadian consumers.....

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

@digitalterry wrote:

It is not clear from the communicatons on how this works.


I have one of the 8642 units, one 8300 HD PVRs and then an older SD digital box (non PVR).


Will having the one 8642 units allow viewing recorded programs on the 8300 HD and the older SD box at all or must all units be the newer HD/digital boxes?



According to this link, you can only connect enhanced units which would restrict anyone without 8642 or 4642 models. You would need one 8642 HD PVR model and then up to 3 HD 4642 models could be connected thereby allowing you to watch the same recorded program in up to 4 rooms at once.

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

Wow, so this is going to be useless for the majority of homes that have the older equipment.


I assume Rogers won't let you swap an 8300 HD rental for an 8642 HD rental will they?  


I see that to purchase an HD receiver (not PVR) is over $300.


It could be very expensive for cable subscribers to take advantage of this feature.

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

I do believe that you could swap an older rental unit (8300) for a newer one (8642). 


Yes, it could get quite expensive. For example, if you were to purchase the units it could cost around $1500 for one 8642 model and three 4642 models, if you needed that many. If you go the rental route, the cost for the same 4 boxes would run about $800 per year! Granted, not everyone would have 4 TVs but something tells me that there are megabucks to be made by Rogers in all of this!


The only saving grace is that many people have been able to negotiate retention deals which give them 30% off cable with a free rental unit included. But without one of these deals, you better be prepared to mortgage your house to Rogers!!

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Will It Work in an Apartment/Condo Building? (Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!)


Silly question perhaps, but will the Whole Home PVR work for people in apartments/condos? i.e. Will Rogers be able to install the filters on a per unit basis, or do they have to contact the Property Manager?

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Re: Will It Work in an Apartment/Condo Building? (Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!)

of course they will be able to install them in an appartment building and/or condo.   rogers installer does the install, justlike they do for hooking up additional outlets or any existing service to your suite, not the landlord

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

So, has anyone actually experienced the update yet?  The email indicated it would roll out betwen Jan 15 - Feb luck here yet.


I'm glad they're doing something, even if it's not perfect.  The current IPG couldn't be's basically the same as it has been since i can remember having digital cable (10+ years ago?) + the lousy PVR features added over time.  The whole home integration has no value to me so I am indifferent to that.


Also, i feel so bad for any people who have actually bought a PVR for $400+ or pay the rental of $25/month....whenever my free rental expires I just call up and remind our friends in Customer Service are happy to match whatever free PVR offer Bell has in market.  The idea of paying for a box from Rogers to watch the TV I am already paying them almost $100 per month seems criminal.  Plus by renting (even if you get suckered into paying the monthly fee) allows you to go trade it in every time a new model comes out.


....still wishes TiVO HD would work here 😞

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

How cool would it be if all your neighbours removed their filters and everyone could share recordings? If you forgot to record something you could hit up your neighbours pvr and watch.. Yeah Yeah privacy concerns aside... There are ways to solve that.

Just limit deleting to be done through the device that recorded it. Don't put any identifying information on who recorded it. This would be awesome!