New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

sneaky rogers! they downgraded oasis hd channel 539 from 720p to 1080i !


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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

It and it's companion channels have always been 720p.   However with the new firmware the default output of the box is 720p which can be misleading.


With the new IPG Settings you have the option to tell the box to always output 1080i if you wish.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

Have had the new guide and WHPVR for about a week now, while there are still a few things that bug me with the new setup, all in all, for my 3 boxes, everything is working great (one PVR, 2 normal HD boxes). We are able to watch all our PVR content the other two boxes without any issues on playback. The installer showed up, put all the filters in my basement, cleaned up the cables and left once he made the calls to get the codes put on my account. I waited about 2-3hours, and the little house icon showed up on the front of my boxes and I was good to go.


Few issues that i can live with that i hope gets fixed:

- Galaxy music channels, can't see whats playing, but all the channels work ok so i just turn the TV off and leave the channel on

- From time to time, guide lags out a bit, but, i had that on the old guide as well so i am used to that.

- I have one show i record at 1am once a week, and for some reason, the recording doesn't stop and keeps going till we get up at 5am and i have to stop it (dam HD shows take a lot of space lol)

- When stopping playback of a recorded show, sometimes it exits all the way out of the list of shows and I have to scroll through my list, find it, to delete it (this happens on the PVR and the remote boxes as well).



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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

I've had quite a few experiences now with WHPVR to be able to comment on my findings.  I am a AV System Integrator and 7 of my clients have now signed up and gone through the installation process and now have working setups (sort of).  I say sort of because the system is by no means perfect.  I'll start with the installation process:


Rogers was not able to set up the WHPVR in ANY of my clients homes the first time.  One client was lucky enough to have it up and running after the second technician visit but the other 6 took a minimum of 3 visits.  On more than one occasion, the tech showed up and did nothing which has been extremely frustrating for my clients as well as me whom they often pay to be there when Rogers is showing up.  On two occasions, a tech showed up to a working setup (non-WHPVR) and knocked the cable out.  One technician left one of my clients without cable all weekend.  He went outside to "install a filter", never returned to the house to ensure it was working and actually shut off all digital cable.  I was only able to get analog stations by connecting the cable directly to the TV.  An extremely frustrating ordeal.  I was on the phone immediately to CS and they told me there was nothing they could do for 3 days (the following Monday).  These multiple visits have cost my clients a pretty penny.


Once set up, this is my feedback (also gathered from my clients praises and complaints):


  • The whole home PVR is a nice feature.  They like the convenience of not having to have multiple PVR's around the home.  What is especially good is not having to have a PVR in a bedroom.  PVR's make a lot of noise as they spin up at all hours of the night
  • The guide, while it looks nice, it is very slow, does not respond to commands right away, then all of a sudden goes nuts.  This is a deal breaker and one that I hope gets fixed asap or quite a few of my clients who have signed up say they will switch back
  • The guide is nice and clear, but does not display enough information on one screen at a time and the font sizes are smaller - something 2 of my clients said was a problem for them (both wear glasses).  There is tons of real estate there but it is taken up primarily by the TV show.  Given the guides slow response, this is a big issue.  One of my clients who upgraded the guide only (no WHPVR), switched back within 24 hours.  The guide drove him crazy.  He said the responsiveness of Rogers old guide was the reason he switched from Expressvu.
  • Upgrading the guide only (no whole home PVR) tends to slow down the guides of other boxes in the home - even if they are not upgraded to the new guide.  I have seen two instances of this (and have heard complaints).  The PVR has an upgraded guide and the other Non-PVR boxes in the home (4250's) have not been upgraded.  Now navigating their guides shows a lag.  Not sure why this is happening but it definitely is.  I'm not sure if this is an issue with the filter or the software on the PVR itself but it is very annoying.
  • Navigating through the new PVR functions for recording programs etc. has taken some getting used to and does not feel as intuitive as it could.  The strange thing about this that most of the complaints around this has come from my female clients and less so from their husbands- it could be because I do find that Women are more likely to use the PVR functions than men.
  • Homes with more than one PVR - You cannot tell which PVR you are accessing as there does not appear to be the ability to name each PVR so that it is intuitive from the other boxes which PVR you are using.  This is a major issue in larger homes or larger families where often more than one PVR is required
  • The PVR extenders do not appear to be given to existing clients.  NONE of my clients have had one installed when this is set up.  I've heard they are on backorder while others are told they must pay for it.
  • A MAJOR issue with the new software is that it has killed the ability to turn on the PVR by pressing any remote button such as Channel Up etc.  The setting that enabled "Power and Others" or "Power and Numberic" for Power On keys has killed the ability of a discrete power on or Power Off macro in a Universal remote.  So my clients who have spent good money to have a single remote that reliably works the system has now been broken by the inability to turn on the box by pressing something other than the power button (which is simply a power toggle - the code is the same for power on and off).
  • Rogers has quite a few bugs to work out and it is in my opinion that this product was brough to market far too soon.  The installation team is nowhere near prepared to handle the new complexity NOR is the call centre.  Calling in can often take quite a few transfers or misinformation is being given to clients. 
  • I have spoken with a few of my colleagues in the industry and we have all come to the same conclusion and that is that until Rogers fixes these issues - primarily the guide lag and lack of powering on the box with keys other than the power key on the remote (or releasing a discrete IR code for each Power on and Power Off), we are reaching out to all of our clients and STRONGLY suggesting they hold off installing Rogers WHPVR setup AND especially AVOID UPGRADING TO THE NEW GUIDE.  Upgrading the guide alone will wreak havoc on their Universal Remote Controls.


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Resident Expert
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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!



Sounds like most of them ran into technician problems.. they all in the same area?? may be a bad set of technicians there.
Most people have had decent service from the technicians, its been the rogers back end problems with getting it activated there..


As for your knowing which PVR is which, there is the option to re-name each of the boxes (both the PVRs and the HD boxex) you can program a manual name, or choose from a list.   Settings > System > Box name.. instead of the default letters/number value.


The pvr extenders were never part of this package.. that i knew of.. unless there were specials that i missed.


I have not had an issue with my universal remote with the new one.. but it may varry from one remote to the next.


Not saying to not sugest it or not, thats your choice 🙂

In the end, regardless of the whole home PVR, i can potentialy see the new IPG being almost manditory.  It looks like they are phasing out the 8300pvr.  For the change over for some of the things like the callerID, etc.. there needs to be changes that its sent across digital.. and things like the 8300 may not support it under the new way without the new IPG.etc.


I beleive they are not pushing out the new IPG unless its asked for currently, so they are safe for now.


Im sorry to hear that they didnt like it overall.. i myself, even for the downfalls, feel the other one was worse (Im the other way.. i found the text on the old one  SOO big and SOO pixilated, on my 50" LED, it gave me a headache :P)

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

The PVR Extenders are ONLY when you sign up for a new year or 2 year term for Cable & internet with the new Nextbox...

They do not give free extenders to anyone that already had the HD PVR or HD box. We just got the upgrade for free & such.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

i have learned my lesson about whole home pvr. it seems rogers is having another "rogers @home moment" ( their disastrous internet service from the past ) i have successfully gone back to the old system. i will not consider getting whole home pvr until i can physically go to a rogers or stereo/tv shop and see for myself that the following features work. ( currently they do not );


able to see on cable box screen 480i, 1080i, or 720p,

able to see titles on galaxie music channels

able to see lobby channel

able to see who is phoning or who has phoned me on screen

able to delete multiple episodes of show without cursor jumping to top of alphabetical list after deleting one only

able to simultaneously watch a recorded show on multiple tv sets throughout home like putting on a live channel on different tv's so no delay between sets,

able to see the duration of a show by pushing the info button like on old ipg ( only possible with guide on new setup ),

able to select one channel from mix channels such as 179.

able to set cable box to turn on and off automatically

fonts on guide should be at least as large as on old guide

playback was so unstable on whole home pvr, often the show would stop playing with no option to resume playing from where left off, 

those are the items on my checklist before i ever get this service again. buyer beware!!


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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

We got the Whole Home PVR set up last week with one 8642 and one 4642 and up until now, it's been working great. The new guide is a major improvement, even though at times it is slow, as others have mentioned.


The issue we're having this morning is that on the 4642 box, we're unable to watch some seemingly random recordings from the PVR. We can browse the list, and everything shows up, but when you try to play certain shows it comes up with a message saying the show can't be played because it may have been deleted, or a lack of resources. Any of the recordings work fine on the PVR box


We haven't got a ton of stuff recorded yet to test it, but it's probably somewhere around 30% of the recordings that do this.. Anyone else having the same problem?

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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

I just got the new IPG couple of days ago. It's much better than the old one but once in while it turns my TV screen purple. The only way to make go back to normal is re boot the PVR. Which takes much longer time than older IPG. Anyone else has this problem? I really like the new IPG but if this problem doesn't go away I have go back to the older IPG unfortunately. I am using Cisco 8642 PVR.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New IPG and Whole Home PVR!

try getting a description of a recorded show. you'll find it cut off. on a live tv channel the description scrolls but it won't do that on recorded shows and just cuts off part of the description.