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New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Just noticed the 3 new HD channels today. They are Teletoon, CTV News Channel, and BNN. I don't know about the first 2, but BNN is a Shaw-owned channel. Maybe AMC is next?



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Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Great news!. Hopefully they bring out AMC HD soon as well before Halloween.

Honestly its time Rogers caught up & brought out more HD channels. Customers complained Day & night about this & i am glad to see Rogers stepping up & doing it.

Now all they need it AMC HD & ABC Spark in which i hope they bring out soon!.

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I've Been Here Awhile

Ya would be sweet to get Walking Dead in HD..........Come on Rogers!

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I've Been Around

I just found the forums and was about to ask about having a HD channel for CTV News Channel. Nice find, thanks for sharing. 

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I Plan to Stick Around

AMC HD is still not available on rogers??? wow rogers really needs to give you customers what you been waiting for, for so long... why does it take rogers forever to get what everyone else is already offering for almost a year now....

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

As has been said many times before Joey...

Just because a channel is out there, does not mean that everyone can get it no matter what. 
Channels are owned by specific other companies (rogers owns some channels, bell owns some, shaw owns some, etc).

There are legal things that need to be drawn up to get channels.  Sometimes a channel will be an exclusive to that broadcaster (though this is not the case with AMC).  Other times, it could just be, the channel owner, is wanting WAAAAAY too much money for rogers to pay for it, so hence why they are not yet.

And even when/if they do agree to it, its not a flip the switch and its there.. there is all the legal stuff to be worked out and signed over it.. then to provision the feed to rogers, then provision it out to the boxes, etc. 

I have no doubt, in time, we will have it and other.  In the last 2 months rogers has added 6 HD channels we didnt have before.

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I'm a Trusted Contributor
Now I see a bunch more multicultural channels added as of today, but Joe Pesci forbid they add AMC in HD. I'm pretty sure the Bollywood versions of Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead will not be quite so satisfying.

Re: New HD channels (493, 494, 495)

I Plan to Stick Around

How about the NHL Network in HD? Half of the content is cut off like it is an original HD feed.

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