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New Channel guide

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hi there


well i shure dont like the new guide at all not the way it looks ,i like it ,but the way it works or not ,when i push for the next channel well nothing happend so i push again and again then all of a sutten it JUMPS 3,4,5 chanel ahed ,well what a pc of crap ,somebody should fix it ,then if it works its very slow to change chanels DID ANYBODY TEST IT FIRST BEFORE THEY IMPLEMENTED IT ??????i set it so it shows the time ,and only when changing chanels it should show the chanel number ,well it shows the chanel number so fast its a split second you cant even see it.the rest is not bad ,the layout is good ,better then the old one ,BUT IT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!! any comment's?








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Re: New Channel guide

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
From the sounds of it you are on the 8642 box? (Nextbox 2), but on the old guide until recently.

The hardware on the box really isn't good enough to handle the guide properly which ends up having the issues you describe. 😞

If you are on a rental, I would suggest switching to the nextbox 3.0 then. The unit actually runs the software properly with no lag, etc as you are experiencing.
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