New Cable Line installed by Rogers 06042014

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New Cable Line installed by Rogers 06042014

I had a "temporary" line put in yesterday by Rogers, the cable line to my home was damaged. My area is relatively new, first house, newer development etc. 

Since moving into the new home in 2009, I have had issues with all my services for years until someone finally came out and found the problem. The cable man told me the line will be buried in 4 to 6 weeks - no problem. I was wondering since I live in a town home with landscaping done in the front yard where the cable enters in the home, is there any way to map out how the new cable new will be buried? I kind of do not want to destroy the front area just to bury a cable line that was faulty to begin with. It will cost me thousands to replace the front yard if they need to dig it up and bury the line. Any suggestions?


Also, I am looking into getting compensated for the years experiencing these issues. Do i call the retentions or billings for that?




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Re: New Cable Line installed by Rogers 06042014

Best bet if someone was home.. they might be able to direct where it goes... problem is they dont really tell you which day it is.. they just come..

I had a line burried last year or so ago.
My front porch, goes to about less than a foot from the property line on that side.. it goes actually WIDER than the house.  DIRECT line from the box (which is on the boulevard infront of my property), would be up the yard, straight line, and THROUGH the porch to the box.
But when they did it.. they sort of arced it..  goes kinda straight, then arced around where the patio is.  They actually went maybe a foot onto the neibours property there, before curving to where it ends.


Usually they wont 'dig it up'.. even the original line, is often not PROPERLY burried how it should be in my opinion, with a small tube/channel.  Its usually just cable in the ground.  New one will likely be the same.  They litteraly will use a big trowel or similar device, make a big wedge in the ground, push it down in. (i think they try to go 1+ ft deep) and re push the grass together.
I could barely tell where they did it, had to really look.  ONly area that was kinda disturbed was right where the box was on the outside of the house.

Only time i could see any real disturbance, would be if they say had to go UNDER a brick walkway, etc.. that there was no way to avoid it.


You can try giving them a call.. talk to billing first, then get passed on to retentions.
I was able to get a deal for my troubles.

Mind you though.. i had a real track record on file, for them to base on giving it to me for.
Durring the problem time, MADE them send out probably at least 20 or more tech visits.. called EVERY night with a problem.

Your milage for what deal, may varry. 
That you did not have a tech out before now.. might hinder stuff.
Remember.. as long as there is nothing that YOU introduced to cause a problem (cut a line yourself, introduced your own splitter, etc), a tech visit will always be free... get them out as many times as is needed.