Never dialed calls

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Never dialed calls

Did anyone receive charges for a third party call to a phone number you don't know?

I am going through a headache for a call made from my number and going through a third party operator(Triton Global) . The number is in USA and made on a day nobody was home; the funny thing is the third part operator is sure I dialed the option 1 to a 888 number  and was warned of the charges. The problem rises when Rogers says the third part has to withdraw the charges and the third part says it's Rogers. But I have no clue of any of the numbers because they gave me different numbers. Searching on internet, several Bell customers had the same problem and Bell just refunded the overcharge.  It seems a scam but how is that even possible?



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Re: Never dialed calls

Rogers SHOULD refund these sorts of charges, at least on a one time basis (IE if it happens many times repeatedly, could be someone trying to scam the system)..

When any of these sorts of services, much like text based ones for cellular happen, the company on the far end, CHARGE rogers, rogers pays them, then you pay rogers back.  Rogers has no real way of really knowing if they are legit or not.. that is where the problem comes in 😞


So generaly, yes, its up to us to dispute the charges, with the place who did them.. some people have had luck with different companies (one recently said her got a 9.99 cheque from one of them in the mail).  This is on the 3rd partys side to do the refund (even if its back to rogers).