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Network outage for HTC Raider and possibly other LTE Devices

I Plan to Stick Around

I just wanted to start a thread about the network issue that a lot of us HTC Raider customers are experiencing. Yesterday afternoon our data service went down and after several of us have gotten hours of technical support, there has still not been a solution. A few have gotten the issue escalated, but there has been no word from Rogers why this has happened. It has affected people in all different service areas across the country, ones within the LTE service network and ones outside of it. If anyone else who possibly has a Galaxy S2 or LTE device please let us know if you have had issues or if you haven't.


So far most of the tech support has been fairly lack luster, with no one at Rogers knowing of any network difficulties. This were working just fine until yesterday afternoon when numerous Raider owners were affected at the same time, so it seems very unlikely its an issue with the device.


Hopefully we can get some help on whats going on, cause this is becoming quite frustrating, and I know I'm getting tired of what seems like it might be the start of another run around. Hopefully Rogers confirms they are having issues soon.



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Re: Network outage for HTC Raider and possibly other LTE Devices

I'm Here A Lot

I have the issue. For sure it is network related.


My Ticket has been escalated.


HTC Raider

None LTE SIM Card.

Halton Area, just outside the LTE network.

Re: Network outage for HTC Raider and possibly other LTE Devices

I Plan to Stick Around
As do I. I won't be keeping this phone long though now that my SGS2 LTE is on it's way.

I hope Rogers figures it all out for all the people activating SGS2's over the next few days.

Re: Network outage for HTC Raider and possibly other LTE Devices

I Plan to Stick Around

THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST RETARDED response you guys have heard yet.



I just called into Rogers and the rep said I NEED AN LTE plan.

She said originally everyone was told we didn't need an LTE plan.


But she spoke to her supervisor and was told that apparently they have new documentation that they are changing the rules where we MUST get an LTE plan.


She recommends i return the phone for an hspa phone or upgrade to a lte flex plan, in which case i kindly said no thank you and I will return the phone.


I am extremely disturbed by this response. I asked her why your website still says that we can use the LTE phone without an LTE plan and she said, the new rules have not been put up onto the web yet. she said she's not suprised as rogers frequently changes the rules.




Does anyone out there WITH AN LTE plan have this same outage?

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